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Drunk Jenga: The Jenga Drinking Game You Need to Play at Your Next Party

Ah, Jenga. A childhood classic. Probably your first ever experience with anxiety happened a solid 5 minutes into this tower-toppling game, sweat dripping down your 7-year-old forehead, heart beating out of your chest, just because you’re pulling a block out from between a number of other wooden blocks. Oh, the memories.

Now that you’re much older, you occasionally reminisce on Jenga nights with friends and family as a kid, wondering if there’s a way you can bring those childhood moments into your adulthood. Well, if you’re a sucker for a cold one with the boys, we’re here to tell you that you can. Introducing Jenga drinking games. You’ve probably heard of this popular game once or twice but have been too lazy to make a Target run just to snag a set yourself. But if you find yourself in an Airbnb with its own Jenga set, and if you have some booze on hand, then you already have everything you need to enjoy drunk Jenga.

The drunk Jenga drinking game is pretty straightforward and it’s quite literally one of the best drinking games we’ve ever played. You take any old Jenga set laying around the house, grab a couple of permanent markers and tattoo each wooden block with a task the player will have to do when they pull the block. Feel free to make the block look as mundane or as pretty as you’d like, it’s totally up to you. Each block is placed on the tower face down so players aren’t able to see the task before they pull it, making it that much more exciting. All in all, this game is primarily meant to turn one of your go-to games as a child into one of the best adult games for grown-up fun.

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Don’t have Jenga? Get it here:

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Tasks can range from just about anything you want. We suggest that before playing, grab some like-minded friends to write on a couple of blocks, too, so they aren’t only your ideas. Here are a couple of our favorite Jenga drinking game ideas to get you started:

  • Waterfall: a classic, everyone has to begin chugging their drink beginning with the player who pulled the block, you can’t stop drinking until the person to your right does.
  • Text Your Ex: either text your ex or do a shot. The choice is yours.
  • Google It: share your most recent Google search with everyone (must show proof!) or do a shot.
  • Rhyme: beginning with the player who pulled, go around in a circle rhyming with the word the puller chooses. Whoever messes up has to drink.
  • Underwear: the puller has to guess everyone’s underwear that’s playing. For every wrong guess, they have to take a sip of their drink.
  • Touch the Wall: once this one is pulled, everyone has to touch the wall no matter where they are in the room. The last person to touch the wall has to take a drink.
  • Android Users Drink: this one is just because they deserve a little punishment. We all know they’re inferior.
  • Single: everyone that’s single has to drink.
  • No Cursing: next person to curse has to finish their entire drink.
  • British Accent: the puller must talk in a British accent for the rest of the game. Whenever they mess up, they must take a drink.
  • Lose a Layer: the puller has to ditch an article of clothing or take a shot.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors: the first person the puller locks eyes with after taking the block, they must do a game of rock, paper, scissors with. Loser has to do a shot.
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  • Story It: the puller has to allow the group to make a decision on what to post as their Snapchat or Instagram story. If the puller refuses, they have to take a shot.
  • Spin the Bottle: exactly what it sounds like. Puller has to spin the bottle, whoever it lands on, they have to kiss. If one or both parties refuse, they have to take a shot.
  • Eat Bread: you’re welcome. Just go eat some bread. You need it.
  • Damage Control: puller takes two pieces off of the top of the tower and places them back into a lower section.
  • Hot Seat: everyone has to go around the room asking the puller personal questions. If the puller refuses to answer any, they have to take a drink in replacement.
  • Forbidden Like: the puller has to like someone’s photo on Instagram and the group has to decide who. The catch? The post has to be at least 30 weeks old. If the puller refuses, they must do a shot.
  • Flip Cup: puller gets three chances to flip and land a red solo cup. If they can’t, they do a shot.
  • Heaven: everyone must point to the sky, last person to has to take a drink.
  • Hell: everyone must touch the floor, last person to has to take a drink.
  • Mute: puller has to go completely silent until their next term. If they mess up, they take a drink.
  • Degree: everyone collectively has to decide who has the most pointless college degree out of the group. The person chosen has to take a drink. It’s a mean one, but it’s a funny one.
  • Little Man: for the rest of the game, the puller has to pretend there is a little man sitting on the edge of their cup. Whenever they take a drink, they have to take him off and then place him back on again. If they forget, they have to take a second drink.
  • Parental Control: everyone collectively decides who the mom or dad of the group is. That person has to take a shot. Loosen up a little!
  • Two Truths and a Lie: you know it damn well. It’s even a prompt you’ve filled out on your Bumble profile. The puller has to tell two truths and a lie to the group. The group will then collectively decide which is a lie. If they’re wrong, they all drink, if they get it right, you drink.
  • Full Moon: moon all players. If you refuse, take a drink.
  • Old Man: oldest person in the room has to take a drink.
  • Tall Tale: tallest person in the room has to take a drink.
  • Body Count: person with the highest body count has to take a drink.
  • Make a Toast: puller has to make a full-on toast to the group. Depending on how drunk you all are at this point, this can get sentimentally hilarious. Everyone takes a drink!

Don’t take only our ideas, we definitely suggest you get specific. Call some people out if you want. Have a friend with a tongue piercing? Make a Jenga piece for it. Have a couple of friends born outside the state? Make a Jenga piece for it. Your friend Alex slept with a dude missing a leg and didn’t realize until after? Make a Jenga piece for it. The fun is in your own head, my friend.

Drinks don’t necessarily matter either, but it is almost promised you’re going to need some hard stuff to take a couple of shots throughout the game. Whether you’re slugging from a bottle of one of the best whiskey brands money can buy or you and your friends are more into the world of the best cheap vodka under $25, you’re pretty much all set with any liquor bottle.

You can also try to make the game even more exciting by taking it to the next level with a massive Jenga set instead. Because why not?

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At this point, we know what you might be thinking. “Writer at, I’m lazy, I don’t want to write a bunch of my own rules on my Jenga set.” That’s fine, we get it.

We also have to mention that you should absolutely be drinking responsibly. Do NOT drink and drive under any circumstances. It’s 2022, we have more ride-sharing service options than we can count on our fingers. Don’t drink if you’re pregnant, because, duh. And lastly, don’t be an idiot. Here in the United States, drinking culture is often synonymous with binge drinking, and there are better, safer ways to enjoy alcohol.

Now, there are a number of different Jenga-like games (not owned by the Jenga brand) that have pre-printed drinking rules and regulations scattered about. Here are a couple of our favorite drunk Jenga games to get you started.

1. Tipsy Tower

Tipsy Tower is the best Jenga drinking game not actually owned by Jenga, and you can find it on Amazon. Out of all other Jenga drinking games, it has the best reviews we’ve seen, so we’re sure you’ll have a blast. Tasks include double drinking, skipping turns, give a drink to take a drink and more.

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2. Buzzed Blocks

Buzzed Blocks is Jenga drinking game just like the one we listed prior but with a couple of different rules. This is a great one to play at birthday parties, bachelor parties and more. With 54 blocks total with only 40 including rules, players get 14 additional blocks to write in their own.

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3. ArtCreativity Tumbling Tower Drinking Game

With 60 blocks total, this is one of the tallest towers on our list. It comes with four glasses to help you and your pals get tipsy as the tower topples with a number of different tasks listed on each wooden block. Let’s get sipping!

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4. Homeware Deluxe Drunken Tower The Grab A Piece Drinking Game

Lastly, we love this one because it comes with a little something extra: four shot glasses for a fun time. Each block has a hilarious task as expected, so we’re sure you’ll love it.

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5. Six Senses Black Light Tumble Tower

Play under a black light. We dare you. This glowy version of your favorite drunk Jenga game adds a pop of color to any dim-lit room. There are 54 blocks in total for hours of fun — or at least a few minutes before the tower topples. Add a black light to enhance your experience and play in the (almost) dark!

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