14 Totally Weird but Useful Things on Kickstarter and Indiegogo Right Now

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It’s all well and good to have a brilliant idea. We all have creative ideas for new inventions from time to time. But, there’s a big difference between having a good idea and acting on it. As much potential as your multi-million dollar invention may have, you will still need quite a bit of cash to make it into a reality and convince people to buy it. If this situation rings true to you, it’s time to step into the world of Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is an online platform which allows people to publicly source funding for creative products they’d like to make a reality. The process relies on crowdfunding, meaning all the money comes from the general public who become “backers” and view the potential ideas of “creators” to decide which ones they’d like to invest in. Since the creation of Kickstarter 10 years ago in 2009, the website has raised more than four billion dollars for weird and wild creations, ranging from hard-hitting movies to adult board games.

Below, we’ve put together a list of our favorite weird and wacky Kickstarter ideas on the website at the moment. From an origami kayak to installation art which brings the universe into your home, there’s an idea for every interest. Take a scroll through and before you know it, you might have signed up as a backer for one of these weird but useful inventions. Alternatively, you may finally convince yourself there’s a way to fund that crazy invention you’ve always dreamed of creating.

1. Oru Kayak Inlet – A Portable Origami Folding Kayak


If you love the idea of owning a kayak but just don’t have the space to store such a big, space-sucking vehicle, the Oru Kayak Inlet was designed with you in mind. Yes, these kayaks really can fold down to the size of a suitcase, weigh less than 20 pounds and be checked in on a plane without a problem. With practice, they can also be assembled in under five minutes, meaning you’ll be ready to hit the flat water for your paddle in no time at all. The compact size also negates the need for a roof rack, saving you money and time from the loading and unloading procedure.

kickstarter projects folding kayak Image courtesy of Kickstarter


2. Glowing Galaxies 2.0 – A Revolution in Glow Printing


On a clear night, it’s hard not to look up at the sky and be awed by our universe. With one of these glowing Glowing Galaxies 2.0 installations in your home, you’ll enjoy that sensation all the time, especially when the lights go out and the glow-in-the-dark paint comes to life. Imagine those glow-in-the-dark stars for kids on your ceiling but made with an adult’s brain in mind. The products available from the company include paintings and large murals based on genuine star data.

kickstarter projects galaxy art Image courtesy of Kickstarter


3. NILS 2.0 – The World’s Fastest Wearable Charging Cable


How often do you find yourself out and about and in need of a charging cable, but either you forgot to bring one or didn’t foresee a “battery low” problem on the horizon? Having the NILS 2.0 around your wrist means you’ve always got a charging cable at hand, no matter where you are. And, until you unclip the two ends to use it, it looks just like any stylish bracelet you might wear anyway.

kickstarter projects charging cord bracelet Image courtesy of Kickstarter


4. Mrs. Claus Does the UNTHINKABLE!


In a world which is constantly working towards equality for all, you have to notice that most Christmas heroes are male. There’s the wise men, Rudolph, Santa, the Grinch and Clark Griswold to name several. However, in the Mrs. Claus Does the UNTHINKABLE! kids’ book, it’s time for Mrs. Claus to step into the spotlight and gain some of the recognition she’s been lacking. Always in the background, she finally gets her chance to be center stage in this enchanting and modern story book.

kickstarter projects kids book Image courtesy of Kickstarter


5. AIR-INK – The World’s First Air Pollution Ink


In a world only continuing to fill with more and more pollution, what is the solution? Well, one idea is to take air pollution out of the air and start making it into AIR-INK. This ink is produced by collecting pollution from cars before it makes it to the sky then purifying it to create ink for use on all kinds of products. The current product line includes a range of markers and 150ml of screen printing ink.

kickstarter projects air ink Image courtesy of Kickstarter


6. M250 – Lightweight Hex Drive Toolkit


With the M250 Toolkit in your pocket, you’ll never find yourself in need of a screwdriver again. This pocket-sized device holds a complete screwdriver set inside, including a two-inch extender. The set also includes a handy holster which ensures your hex bits remain in place until needed. In addition, the holster features a magnetic plate for storage on metal surfaces and a loop for attaching your kit to bags and other items. As an added bonus, the kit is made from an engineering grade composite which won’t scratch phone screens or surfaces when it rubs up against them.

kickstarter projects hex screwdriver Image courtesy of Kickstarter


7. Duet – All In One Floor Cleaning System


The Duet is an all-in-one cleaning system for your floors. The smart device includes a mop, sweep, dustpan and brush, meaning you’ll never get stuck without the tools you need. Switching between each tool is effortless as they are all built into the brush. The microfiber mop can be cleaned in the built-in cleaning device in the dustpan while the brush has durable, silicone bristles for effective floor sweeping. You’ll also find the handle is telescopic for easier storage.

kickstarter projects broom set Image courtesy of Indiegogo


8. AVENSI – The World’s Best Coffee Enhancing Glasses


You drink wine, beer and spirits out of special glasses to enhance flavor, so why aren’t you doing the same thing with your coffee? With an AVENSI glass in your hands, your coffee will have an enhanced flavor, a beautiful taste and more aromas than you’ve ever enjoyed before. The glasses also sport a beautiful design which helps maintain your beverage’s temperature and focus aromas on your nose and palate.

kickstarter projects coffee cups Image courtesy of Kickstarter


9. Wicked Ball – Your Pet’s Joy When Home Alone


Leaving your pet at home alone all day is one of the worst things about being a pet owner and having a full-time job. Thinking about them all alone with no one to play with is sure to make you sad. The Wicked Ball in part solves this problem by offering a 100% automated play companion mode. It moves, spins and keeps your pet interested while also providing time for rest throughout the day so as to not overwork your pet. It features flashing lights, is waterproof and is made from tough materials, giving it a durable build quality.

kickstarter projects pet toy Image courtesy of Indiegogo


10. The Pacific – The Ultimate All Day Shoe


Rather than having a different pair of shoes for every occasion, why not invest in The Pacific and have a shoe fit for every occasion instead? This footwear is constructed entirely from recycled materials, which deliver a microbial, breathable and odor-absorbing experience. The shoes are also lightweight and include a supportive runner’s insole for comfort throughout the day, no matter whether you’re hanging out with friends or running after a bus. The lace-up shoes can be worn with or without socks and are available in a range of colors, making it easy to match your shoes with your favorite outfit.

kickstarter projects eco shoes Image courtesy of Kickstarter


11. Sonny – A Portable Bidet for Eco-Conscious Humans


If you’re not aware, toilet paper is a major strain on the environment. Choosing to use a bidet not only helps save trees and our waste disposal system, it’s more hygienic and also saves you money. Sonny, the portable bidet, is battery-powered and requires no complicated installation, which makes it great for at-home use and use while traveling, too. Simply fill the device with water every time you use the bathroom and enjoy the high-powered spray for easy cleaning.

kickstarter projects travel bidet Image courtesy of Indiegogo


12. UNOBRUSH – Tooth Brushing Reimagined


It’s two times more effective than regular toothbrushes, cleans 99.9% of your teeth and does so in under six seconds. Need we go on? The UNOBRUSH is an award-winning, self-cleaning toothbrush, which uses 360-degree wrapping UNOfoam to deliver pulsing sonic vibrations to clean your mouth, teeth and gums and help prevent the buildup of bacteria. It comes with a docking station, to which you can easily add multiple slots for family use.

kickstarter projects tooth brush Image courtesy of Indiegogo


13. CleanseBot – The World’s First Bacteria Killing Robot


When in its bed cleaning mode, the CleanseBot may look a little like some kind of bed-hugging gremlin. But, what’s going on inside the robot is actually quite brilliant. The patent-pending technology lets the device roam inside your bed for up to an hour at a time, killing bacteria as it goes. It can also be used in handheld mode for treating individual items, too. The lightweight design makes this cleaning tool perfect for traveling and treating hotel beds to help prevent any unwanted post-visit illnesses.

kickstarter projects travel bot Image courtesy of Indiegogo


14. MiniFalcon – The E-Scooter That Fits In A Backpack


If you weren’t aware already, walking is so 2000s. Nowadays everything is about rolling shoes, hover boards (with wheels) and single-wheeled vehicles which negate the need to walk anywhere. Adding to this trend is the MiniFalcon, a handy e-scooter which folds up small enough to fit inside a backpack. It’s perfect for commutes which involve a combination of travel methods as well as cruising beach fronts and popping to the shops. The scooter is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, has three different gears and includes a handy backpack for easy transportation.

kickstarter projects bag scooter Image courtesy of Indiegogo


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