Give Your Favorite Budding Pop Star One of These Karaoke Machines for Kids

kids karaoke machine
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Mention karaoke to the average adult, and it likely conquers up the memories of (often alcohol-fueled) evenings spent with friends having fun and singing away life’s worries. But, it’s not just adults who love to take on the latest Taylor Swift tune; kids love it, too. Add to this equation the fact that you might be inspiring the next generation of Justin Beiber or Beyonce-like performers, and it’s easy to see why investing in one of the best karaoke machines for kids is never going to be a bad decision.

Plus, whether you’re five or 50, karaoke has a number of benefits for everyone involved, far beyond the ability to make millions of dollars if you happen to go on to international stardom. Some of the best reasons to invest in a karaoke machine for you and your kids include:

  • Building confidence
  • Socializing with friends
  • Improving memory
  • Relieving stress
  • Displaying talent
  • Processing emotions
  • Having fun

Below, we’ve put together 10 of the best karaoke machines for kids. There are options for every type of singer and home setup. This includes highly portable mic-only devices as well as bigger more-fixed-in-place machines, too. Scroll down to find the right option to set your favorite kids up for the time of their lives and maybe even discover America’s next big thing.


1. BONAOK Wireless Karaoke Microphone


If you’re after a budget-friendly, well-reviewed and fun way for your kids to enjoy singing, the BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone makes the decision easy. This microphone-only-style machine boasts over 15,000 five-star ratings from users who love the product. It’s compatible with a range of devices and offers both physical and Bluetooth connectivity. The handheld karaoke machine is also available in 11 different colors and features a 2600mAh rechargeable, multi-protect, lithium battery for hours of singing fun.

BONAOK Wireless Karaoke Microphone, kids karaoke machines Courtesy of Amazon


2. BONAOK Wireless LED Karaoke Microphone


The BONAOK Wireless LED Karaoke Microphone is another budget-friendly, well-reviewed, microphone-only-style device. However, this device stands out from the other options on the list thanks to the volume-dependent 48 LED light display built into the microphone’s handle, delivering both an audio and visual experience for listeners. The handle also sports controls for the volume, music and echo level. Additionally, you can choose between seven different colors to ensure your microphone matches your favorite performing outfit.

Bonaok wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone, best karaoke machines for kids Courtesy of Amazon


3. Kidzlane Karaoke Microphone


They may have only recently learned to talk (or even just make noises), but that’s no reason to suggest toddlers and younger kids don’t love karaoke. With this Kidzlane Karaoke Microphone they can make their voices loud and proud with incredible sound quality and Bluetooth-enabled functionality. You can record 100 seconds of your toddler and play it back (just in case they stay their first words) and it comes loaded with 10 nursery rhymes you can sing along to. 

Kidzlane Karaoke Microphone, best karaoke machine for kids Courtesy of Amazon


4. Singing Machine Karaoke System


When in action, the Singing Machine Karaoke System is one of the most visually striking devices on our list. In addition to playing music using the built-in CD player or via the Bluetooth connection using the Singing Machine Free Mobile Karaoke app, both the upper and lower parts of the device house LED lights which synchronize with the music being played. You’ll also be able to enjoy the record and playback functionality and connect the system to your TV for scrolling lyrics. The system is supplied with a single wired microphone and has a second port to support a second microphone should you want to create a duet.

best karaoke machine for kids- Singing Machine Karaoke System Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Croove Karaoke Machine


If you need a device capable of accommodating two singers right out of the box, you may want to consider the Croove Karaoke Machine. It comes with two wired microphones and houses Bluetooth technology which allows you to play music from all your Bluetooth-enabled devices. To accompany your singing, you’ll also find front-mounted disco lights. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy up to four hours of playtime from a single full charge. Finally, the machine comes with a 90-day guarantee with every purchase.

kids karaoke machine croove Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine


The Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine allows your little ones to stand up and sing into a freestanding microphone, just like the professionals. The portable device can also be broken down into the stand, base and microphone for easier transport and storage. There’s also an additional arrangement which is great for desk use. When in place, the stand can be adjusted between 20 and 46 inches, making it ideal for kids between the ages of three and eight. Furthermore, you can connect most devices using the included AUX cable and enjoy two people singing at the same time, as this karaoke machine for kids is supplied with two wired microphones.

kids karaoke machine little pretender Image courtesy of Amazon


7. VTech Kidi Star Karaoke System


The VTech Kidi Star Karaoke System’s music magic mode is capable of lowering the volume of the main singing voice on your musical tracks to let you take center stage. The system includes a stand for your devices, a stand for the device itself and a stand for the microphone, delivering the option of a completely hands-free singing experience. The main unit also includes a range of colorful light effects, along with eight built-in songs, five different voice effects and a number of built-in games to play.

kids karaoke machine vtech Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System


While not every device you’ll find on our list is capable of playing CDs, the Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System definitely is. It comes recommended by over 4,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and also includes Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to stream audio from any compatible device. You’ll find an easy-to-read LED display on the device as well as an eye-catching 54-LED disco light display to ensure every performance really stands out.

kids karaoke machine singing machine Image courtesy of Amazon


9. KIDdesigns Disney Frozen II Karaoke Machine


If you’re a parent whose kids love the Frozen films, you probably already know it’s not humanly possible to have heard “Let It Go” too many times. So, if your children can’t get enough of this Disney classic (including the sequel), the KIDdesigns Disney Frozen II Karaoke Machine is a must. This Elsa, Anna and Olaf-adorned device includes a microphone and even offers echo effects and voice control. For added grandeur, the machine includes built-in flashing LEDs, while the Bluetooth technology offers wireless device connectivity.

KIDdesigns Disney Frozen II Karaoke Machine Image courtesy of Amazon


10. KaraoKing Karaoke Machine


The KaraoKing Karaoke Machine is a versatile device that is ideal for use at home and for taking to friend’s houses, too. The highly-portable design includes built-in wheels, cut-out carrying handles and a telescopic handle for maximum portability. Once you’re ready to sing, the included wireless Bluetooth microphones provide freedom, while the general volume, mic level and echo controls ensure no one’s ears are going to hurt if you hit a bum note. You’ll also find a universal tablet/phone holder that can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientations as well as lights and an integrated disco ball for more eye-catching visuals.

 KaraoKing Karaoke Machine for kids Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Singsation Portable Karaoke Machine


This karaoke machine won’t just amplify your beautiful voice for all to hear — it’ll add in light effects to create a full, multi-sensory LED experience. You can pair this machine with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and sing along to your favorite songs, and it comes with five voice effects built in including echo, baritone and alien. You can also add in sound effects to your performance like air horns, cheers, applause and more. The built-in LED lights also have different modes including part, pulse and chase.

singsation portable karaoke machine, kids karaoke machine Courtesy of Amazon


12. Croove Karaoke Machine for Kids


This is another great karaoke option for kids and comes filled with features including a powerful speaker, two pro-quality mics and a rechargeable battery. You can connect and stream your favorite music via Bluetooth and add in visual effects if you want with whirling disco lights. At a moderate price, it’s a great gift for a birthday party or other special occasion, and it’s made with fun, bright, kid-friendly colors.

Crooke karaoke machine for kids, kids karaoke machine Courtesy of Amazon


13. IROO Kids Karaoke Machine


This karaoke machine is designed for kids and comes with an LED disco ball in the middle for added groovy fun. This machine is lightweight and easy to take anywhere, and the disco ball comes with three different modes you can choose from as you sing. This machine has 70 demo songs your kids can try out as well as drum beats they can jam to. If none of those fit their fancy, they can also sing along to their favorite streamed-in songs via Bluetooth.

IROO kids karaoke machine, kids karaoke machine Courtesy of Amazon


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