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No Green Thumb? The LEGO Botanical Collection Has Got You Covered

Just because you weren’t born with a green thumb doesn’t mean you can’t have a home full of beautiful plants. Thanks to LEGO’s Botanical collection, you can now create plant replicas that’ll last years and years without worry or maintenance.

That’s right, floral plants from LEGO are a thing — and they are quite beautiful if you ask us. Imagine having floral decor that’s both pretty and fun to play with. And you don’t have to think about watering and making sure it gets proper sunlight and food. Sounds amazing, right?

Earlier this month, LEGO announced the introduction of two new LEGO sets, an Orchid and a Succulent, and the finished results will look downright lovely on your coffee table, mantle or window sill. These new sets will become part of the brand’s sustainably made Botanical collection, which first debuted in 2021. In that release, LEGO featured a Flower Bouquet and a Bonsai Tree made out of ethically sourced sugarcane.

The newest buildable sets, which are available for sale on May 1, make for great conversation pieces and are fun to put together and display in place of real flowers or set alongside any existing indoor plants or artificial plants in your home. And with Mother’s Day around the corner, they serve as a great gift for your mom, wife, girlfriend, aunt or sister. With these sets, you’ll be able to construct plants in your own design and customize them just about any way you’d like. Family and friends won’t believe how realistic they look.

You can check out LEGO’s full Botanical collection here or keep scrolling to see the latest additions to the LEGO Botanical family.


LEGO Orchid

The 608-piece Orchid set, which is suitable for adults 18+, is equipped with everything you need to make a beautiful white and pink flower display. Inspired by a real orchid, the set features five leaves, two air roots and a buildable blue fluted vase that can be filled with brown LEGO elements to create the look of real bark mix. Once completed, you’ll be able to pose your orchid in a variety of ways and create different designs as you wish

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Courtesy of LEGO

LEGO Succulents

Featuring 771 pieces, this LEGO Succulent set is also for those 18 and up. It comes with everything needed to build nine different succulents, each with its own small container. They can be combined to make one arrangement, broken into small groups or placed individually. These designs, made in several shapes, textures and colors, easily capture the essence of a real succulent.

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Courtesy of LEGO


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