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Lego Just Released Its Tallest Set Ever That’ll Take You Right to Paris

LEGO has topped themselves again, no really — the mega toy brand is releasing their tallest build ever with a replication of the Eiffel Tower. The famous Parisian landmark recreation is the flagship model in the new LEGO Travel and History series as well as an extension of their Icons collection.

The massive set stands 149cm (approximately 59 inches) tall, comes in four parts and impressively mirrors the details of the original’s construction. LEGO has introduced brick models of the Eiffel Tower in the past, but none of the previous versions compared in terms of sheer size and grandeur.

And while this is definitely a LEGO set designed for adults, your whole family can help put it together and probably should considering the number of pieces inside the package.

Ready for this? It takes a jaw-dropping 10,001 pieces to build the entire thing. The true-to-life structure includes intricate details such as three observation platforms, elevators, a broadcast tower, landscaping and the French flag at the very top.

LEGO Eiffel Tower: The Details

“We wanted to find the ultimate LEGO expression for the engineering and architectural masterpiece that is the Eiffel tower,” Lego designer Rok Žgalin Kobe said in a press release.

Our SPY team has seen many remarkable LEGO iterations take shape before including the historic Titanic ship as well as Italy’s iconic amphitheater better known as The Colosseum. Both of which are a project in themselves, packed with over 9,000 pieces collectively.

The new buildable design also allows you to redesign the Esplanade — the ground level below the iconic building — capturing the scene of Parisian lamp posts, benches, trees and shrubs. This LEGO offering is an astonishing conversation piece with geometric designs and would make for the perfect Christmas gift during this holiday season.

Whether you wish to gift your friend who has a love for travel and history or challenge someone who genuinely appreciates the art of architecture, the new LEGO set will put their mind and skills to the test.

The Eiffel Tower set, due to be released on November 25 on LEGO’s website, retailing for $629.99.