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Pre-Order LEGO’s Largest Set Ever, a 9,000-Piece Titanic Model, Just in Time for the Holidays

LEGO has released some impressive sets in their day. They’ve got LEGO sets designed for adults, kids, exorbitantly expensive LEGO sets and even an 11,000 piece map of the globe designed to help you track your travel. However, for all of you nautical nerds and history buffs out there, their latest release might become your new favorite. They’ve just announced a brand new, 9,000-piece LEGO Titanic set, and it’s pretty impressive.

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Courtesy of LEGO®


It’s a faithful recreation of the original ship at a 1:200 scale model, and once fully completed, the model measures over 53 inches long, making it the largest LEGO set ever created. It’s designed for dedicated adults who are passionate about LEGOs and investing in building models of this nature. The target age is rated 18+ and it costs over $600.00, making this more of a gift for a loyal hobbyist than a child’s toy.

Whether you can’t get enough of Leo and Kate, have a love for all things sea-worthy or are as obsessed with this particular historical event as I am, this ship is worth checking out. It’s built with 9,090 pieces that bind together to create an authentically detailed ship complete with its bridge, a promenade deck and a swimming pool. You also get a cross-section view of the inside of the ship that includes everything from the boiler room to the grand staircase, smoking lounge and more.

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Courtesy of LEGO

This LEGO model also comes built with working parts for the ship including propellers that power the engine, an anchor that can raise and lower and tension lines between masts you can adjust.

It also comes with a nameplate so you can proudly display the model once it’s done. It’ll be available for pre-order starting on November 1st, 2021 and will ship out starting on November 8th, 2021.