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Lite Brite Gets Illuminated With ‘Stranger Things’ Themed Designs

We called it: nostalgic toys and retro game favorites are cycling back around for Christmas 2022. The SPY team predicted these classic games and inventions, which best define our childhood, would be a major gifting trend this holiday season, and we specifically recommended Lite-Brite as one of our top picks. Already, tons of 90s retro toys are causing a serious case of deja vu in the store aisles. While some toys have remained constant with their original design to take you down memory lane, others have seen new iterations over the years like the command-calling Bop It!.

The latest retro toy brand to shake things up with new templates is the illuminated peg-pinning game, Lite Brite.

This go-round, the Hasbro game has partnered with the Netflix original series, Stranger Things, for a special edition Stranger Things Lite-Brite, out now for your Christmas gifting pleasure.

Fans of the show, you’ll get a taste in real life as the new retro set features 12 templates based on all four seasons. Each of the HD designs creatively pulls from themes and icons depicted throughout the series — including the Hellfire Club logo, the Demogorgon, and the Surfer Boy pizza van.

However, consumers are not only limited to recreating those iconic scenes. You have the option to make your own upside-down designs. For just $19.99, this is an affordable collector’s item that fans of retro toys and science fiction are sure to love.

Lite Brite Stranger Things Special Edition

Revamped for more fun and mystery, the inside packaging consists of the Lite Brite grid with 50% more holes and 650 pegs in multiple colors — three times as much as the Ultimate Classic rendition of Lite-Brite. That’s not all. You can light up your creations with four color-changing light modes: white light, all-flash, rotating flash, and alternating flash. Oh, when gaming intimates art.

Whether you’re an avid viewer of sci-fi drama or want to tap into your inner child, it’s a win-win purchase. This too could be your way of sharing a slice of your adolescence with your kids. We’re sure it will brighten up their Christmas.

Lite Brite Stranger Things Special Edition