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Martha Stewart’s Thirst Trap Era is Our Favorite So Far

Martha Stewart has been a staple of the public eye for decades now, establishing herself as a picture-perfect homemaker with a catering business in the 70’s that quickly acquired celebrity clients and grew into an empire of cookbooks, primetime TV and home goods. After this initial era, she was thoroughly established as one of America’s moms, an aspiration to cooks and party throwers everywhere, and the queen of domestic perfection.

She then entered her bad girl era, spending a brief stint in jail in 2001 after the SEC found her guilty of insider trading. Her heartwarming friendship with Snoop Dog started in 2008 and they’ve collaborated on numerous projects together including Snoop and Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween, a cooking show on Peacock that premieres October 21st.

She’s now entered her golden, spicy viral queen era complete with Instagram thirst traps that are both scandalous and wholesome at the same time, a balance she’s struck for decades at this point.

Martha Stewart’s Viral Nude Era Is Her Best Yet

Martha Stewart is no stranger to the occasional salacious photo online. She’s posted a few before, including this snapshot from 2020 that both captures her alluring pout as well as detailed description of her perfectly-planned and constructed swimming pool. She’s a home and living expert, after all.

This photo didn’t just blow up on her own account, it also resulted in numerous celebrity imitations and reactions from the likes of Chelsea Handler, among others.

According to Stewart, it also resulted in “many proposals” and “propositions” but she had to ignore them because, as she put it to Peopleshe’s a “very busy person.”

Nude, With an Apron On

Clearly she hasn’t lost the spark for nude-adjacent media, as for a recent campaign with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters she posed topless with nothing but an apron on to highlight their fall coffee pods stripped of artificial flavors. The video, posted on their Instagram, includes her enjoying her coffee and noting the delicious flavors of pumpkin spice “and nothing else.” Oh Martha, you cheeky goddess.

Many people might not know this, but Stewart is a former model who at the ripe young age of 81 clearly isn’t afraid of more sultry photos and campaigns.

The brand also posted a few shots of her in a chic feather-adorned robe, also promoting Green Mountain, right after the scandalous video, as she probably got chilly filming all day. And while she did note to People that insecurities creep in about whether she’ll look good or not, ultimately she works on to maintain her physique and is happy with the photos.

“I try to stay in good shape, and I think I looked very passable in these lovely photos,” she says, adding that she practices “pilates, exercises, swimming and horseback riding two times a week.”