Best Superhero Halloween Costumes for Adults, Because You Can Never Be Too Old to Play Batman

best superhero costumes
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In 2019, superheroes are more super charged than ever, according to the box office. There’s a love for superheroes from all Universes and Galaxies thanks to over a decade of fantastic movie series such as The Dark Knight, The Avengers and The Incredibles. Plus, they show no sign of slowing down with much-hyped movies on the way, like Robert Pattinson’s Batman in 2021.

If you’re trying to figure out a killer Halloween costume for 2019, superhero outfits are bulletproof (yes, even if you’re a grown-up). Not only are high-quality superhero costumes easy to find online, but also they’re highly recognizable — making them stand out at a party or on Instagram.

Whether you’re a die-hard DC nerd, a Marvel geek, or a fan of the films, there’s a superhero costume for you. Below are some of our favorite adult superhero costumes that you can order right now. Just be sure to buy these quick, as they sell out fast.

1. Black Panther

Black Panther added some much-needed diversity to the superhero world and simultaneously crushed box-office expectations. It’s still a highly relevant costume idea, and with Black Panther 2 coming out in a couple years, you can hold onto the costume for a while. We like this one because it comes with muscle padding (most of us don’t look like Chadwick Boseman, unfortunately), boot-tops and a mask for under $30.

Black Panther Costume Adult Courtesy of Amazon


2. Deadpool

Last year saw the return of the funniest superhero around: Deadpool. If you want to dress up like the sarcastic, twisted mutant, you’re in luck. This full Deadpool costume costs just $30 and comes very highly-rated by customers. It’s high-quality and fits very well (although you should have some safety pins on deck, just in case).

Deadpool Halloween Costume Adult Courtesy of Amazon


3. Superman

Superman might not be in the spotlight as much as the Avengers right now, but he’s too iconic to forget when picking a costume. If you decide to go with the most classic superhero, we recommend this costume. It fits well, looks great and stands out in any crowd. And best of all? This costume is truly timeless.

Superman Costume Adult Halloween Courtesy of Amazon


4. Spider-Man

Spider-Man has recently made a comeback from Marvel laughing stock to beloved young star of the Avengers thanks to a great revival by Tom Holland. This costume lets you feel like the string-slinging superhero thanks to a high-quality spandex material and vivid graphics. It boasts over 450 review and 4.4 stars on Amazon, so you can buy assured that it fits well and looks authentic.

Spiderman Adult Costume Courtesy of Amazon


5. Thanos

Thanos became one of the baddest supervillains of all time after he did that thing in Avengers: Infinity War. As far as modern pop culture bad guys go, Thanos is certainly ranked higher than your regular Halloween ghost or vampire, making him a great costume choice. This one comes with everything you need, including a fully-loaded infinity gauntlet.

Thanos Costume Adult Avengers Courtesy of Amazon


6. Iron Man

Although there’s technically no leader of the Avengers, we all know that Tony is basically the head-honcho. Iron Man is a no-brainer Halloween costume in 2019, and you have a few variations that are all equally fun. Go with the full suit and helmet look, or just use the suit and get a Tony Stark goatee for a more comfortable, relaxed version.

Iron Man Costume Men's Courtesy of Amazon


7. Star-Lord

For a slightly less typical superhero costume, try going to the party as Star-Lord. Most people will still recognize the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy played by Chris Pratt, but it’s not as obvious as Iron Man or Batman. This costume comes with a mask and jumpsuit, but you can also pick up Star-Lord’s pistol to really complete the look.

Guardians of the Galaxy Costume Adult Chris Pratt Courtesy of Amazon


8. Batman

The Dark Knight is another classic superhero Halloween getup, but this one isn’t the run-of-the-mill costume that kids are wearing. It’s a deluxe suit with a rubber utility belt and a hooded cape that turns you into Batman — no childhood trauma required.

Batman Costume Adult Courtesy of Amazon


9. Mr. Incredible

After The Incredibles 2 last year, the two-film series is now a two-generation franchise. We like the idea of dressing up as Mr. Incredible because it’s not as common as other superheroes but it’s just as fun. For best results, grab a blond wig to mimic Mr. Incredible’s incredible ‘do.

Mr Incredible Costume Adult Courtesy of Amazon


10. Joker

This may be the most timely costume of all. The Joker starring ‎Joaquin Phoenix just hit movie theaters earlier this month so everyone will instantly recognize what character you’re going for. If you’re going to dress as the psychopathic clown, have the best costume on the block with this outfit from Grand Heritage. The costume comes with separate pieces of clothing, a wig and even a special makeup kit for nailing that spooky smile.

Joker Costume Adult Halloween Courtesy of Amazon


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