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Support Your Favorite MLB Team With a Giant Cardboard Cutout Of Your Face

Baseball season has officially started, and like a lot of you, we’re eagerly celebrating the return of America’s favorite pastime. 

Unfortunately, no fans are allowed in the stadiums for the games due to COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions. In an effort to keep the players, coaches and front office staff safe, the only option for watching the action is on television. However, you can still be there in person to show support for your favorite players… sort of.

MLB teams are offering dedicated fans the chance to pay for a giant cardboard cutout of their face to be placed in the stands. If you’re looking for a great gift for a baseball fan, you can buy a cutout on behalf of a friend or family member. The Los Angeles Dodgers are even letting fans use photos of their pets, although your pup’s 15 minutes of fame will come at the cost of $149.

You can easily see these giant disembodied heads smiling behind home plate, and they’re pretty conspicuous in the otherwise empty stadiums. Since all of those seats are empty, it’s a great way for fans to support their home team.

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Many Major League teams including the New York Mets, Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Dodgers are giving fans this fun opportunity. You can purchase your cutout on their official MLB websites, and soon you could catch a glimpse of yourself while watching the game on TV!

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Courtesy of MLB/Minnesota Twins

You simply upload a photo, crop it right around your face and wait for your face to appear behind home plate. Many teams are also encouraging fans to dress up in team gear for the photo.

Baseball is back, technically, but for many fans nothing beats physically going to their team’s stadium. So until you can actually go out to the ball game again, show off your super fan status with the next best thing.

To buy your own cutout, find your team’s website at and see if they are offering fan cutouts.