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Festival Favorites: The Ultimate Music Festival Essentials Guide

* Music festival season is here
* Festival essentials you can’t go without
* Selfie tips, longwear foundations, UPF hats and more

Get excited, music lovers – festival season is officially upon us. We know you’re excited to see your favorite artists kill it on stage while you dance alongside thousands of fellow fans, but how prepared are you to make it through the weekend? From protecting your skin from the blistering sun to ensuring your selfie game is on point, we’ve rounded up the ultimate music festival must-haves you absolutely can’t go without.


Dermatologist-Approved Sunscreens


If you ask any dermatologist, they’ll say that facial sunscreens are the one constant product you should be wearing every single day – period. Once this step is integrated into your morning routine, then you have the task of choosing the ideal one for your skin type. Unfortunately, some sun blocks have been known to clog the pores, leave skin feeling oily, and even cause breakouts. See below for a roundup of sunscreens that won’t leave you with a breakout or looking like an oil slick.

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8 Sunscreens That Won’t Enlarge Pores or Make You Break Out


Longwear Foundations


Reapplying your foundation is not as easy as reapplying your lipstick – it can’t be done discreetly in the endless line for the Porta Potty or while you’re dashing to make the next performance. Long-lasting foundations are essential for those occasions when reapplying and touching up just aren’t an option. All-day to night events like music festival require makeup with some serious longevity, and we’ve found some great options in a variety of price points. See our current favorites below.

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Stylish Hats With Sun-Blocking UPF


Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can not only accelerate the skin’s natural aging process, but can also put you at increased risk for developing skin cancer. UPF—Ultraviolet Protection Factor—is the equivalent to what SPF is to sunblock, except applied to clothing and accessories. Adding a hat will help block the sun and give you extra protection when your sunscreen fades or wear off, and it help to keep you cool while you’re rocking out to your favorite bands.

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SPY Guide: 6 Stylish Hats With Sun-Blocking UPF


Essential Albums from Musical Trios


When it comes to music, nothing beats the power of three. From the dreamy, LA-based group, Haim to R&B royalty like Destiny’s Child and TLC, the unforgettable sounds of the Bee Gees, and grunge sensation, Nirvana, here are 13 essential albums from musical trios to stream right this moment. Catch up on the classics before seeing your favorite acts this festival season.

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Triple Threat: 13 Essential Albums from Musical Trios to Stream Right Now


Sun Visors for Men and Women


Great for lounging around the for the pool parties and running from act to act, these functional sun blockers provide an alternative to sunglasses and give you more of a shield against the sun’s damaging rays. You’ll also find that most designs are adjustable and can fit almost every head size. Take a look at our selection and find an attractive and protective answer to the midday blaze.

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Visor Advisory: The 7 Best Sun Visors for Men and Women


Portable Speakers Under $30


Tired of spending top dollar on mediocre speakers? You don’t have to break the bank to make sure you get the party going. Whether you’re taking a break from the festival by the pool or keeping the party going at the hotel when the night is done, these convenient speakers won’t disappoint. We’ve rounded up the best portable speakers you can buy for under $30.

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Budget Bluetooth: The 5 Best Portable Speakers Under $30


Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone


In the age of smartphones, anyone can be a photographer, which comes into handy when you’re at large and crowded events like music festivals and concerts. Whether you’re an Instagram aficionado, or a photographer who doesn’t always want the hassle of toting around a bulky DSLR all the time, with a couple of key products and some handy tricks, you can transform a low-res smartphone pic to a well-composed photo.

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SPY Guide: How to Take Better Photos on Your Smartphone