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Easy Halloween Costume? Here’s Where to Buy Nathan Fielder’s Laptop Harness From ‘The Rehearsal’

Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal has captivated the world of nerdy television with its quirky, awkward, slightly absurd comedy and use of real lives and intimidating scenarios to create accessible content. Fielder coaches various people through “rehearsals” for situations in their life they’re scared to embark on, be it life on a homestead or a difficult conversation with a family member.

As he wanders the sets for the rehearsals that are based on the subjects’ real lives, Fielder wears a laptop harness that’s become synonymous with his character on the show. I had never seen someone wear anything like it prior to this show, and have concluded it’s as practical and logical as it is bulky and hilariously dorky.

It’s a distinct look that is going to be a go-to easy Halloween costume this year. If you’re looking to dress up as Fielder and delight the hearts of other niche content fans at your spooky gatherings, the harness is $90 on Amazon.

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It’s a real harness you can use after Halloween with any laptop up to 17 inches. It has padded shoulder straps that criss cross in the back for adequate support, and a lightweight wooden surface and an extra cushioned side keep you from injuring your stomach. It’s designed to improve your posture, and can hold a wireless keyword or mouse depending on how the size of your computer.

Pair this with a stiff pair of dark men’s pants and a gray sweater to achieve the exact vibe you’re going for.

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