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The Oscars 2020 Goodie Bag Items You Can (And Should) Buy for Yourself

The Oscars is the one night every year when the best of filmmaking gather from across the globe to celebrate a great year in movie making. The outfits are months in the making, speeches are rehearsed but rushed and the “graceful loser” nods to the camera are convincing enough.

There are 24 nominees in total for the major categories including Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress and so on. Even though there can only be one winner in each group, no one leaves empty handed. This year, each attendee received a goodie bag valued at $225,000 from the marketing company Distinctive Assets. These bags are not officially sanctioned by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but they’re packed to the brim with amazing perks. Here’s a taste of what was inside and some super cool, affordable items to consider purchasing for yourself.

Each bag includes a few luxury items including a 12-day cruise for two on the Scenic Eclipse yacht to Antarctica, a week at a high-end wellness spa in San Diego and $25,000 worth of treatments with a renowned NYC plastic surgeon.

There were some charity-related items as well including custom sunglasses from PETA and a Lapis Lazuli necklace from the TAPS for Hope jewelry collection benefitting American and Afghan military widows.

But for us non-celeb folk, there were also a bunch of semi-affordable and just plain useful items that we’ve gathered below. Check them out and give yourself the star treatment as you catch up on all the nominated films from last night that you didn’t get a chance to see. (Hello Jo Jo Rabbit!)

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Prolon 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet Kit

Intermittent fasting has become an increasingly popular diet trend the past few years for clearing up brain fog, increasing energy and losing weight. This year, every Oscar nominee got a 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet Kit from Prolon designed to give you all the benefits of fasting while still being able to eat real good. How does it work? They give you just enough nutritional food to not get too hungry or lethargic while your body burns fat and rejuvenates its cells — just as it would during a liquid fast.

Check out their 5-day kit all the celebs got here and try it out for yourself.

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Courtesy of Prolon

CloSYS Spa Kit For Your Mouth

We saw a lot of celebs flashing pearly whites on the red carpet this weekend. What goes into a movie star’s smile? Evidently this kit from CloSYS dental care is a good start. Implement some of the best ingredients into your daily brushing and flossing routine to get your mouth into tip-top shape. This super affordable pack is valued at just $24.99.

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Courtesy of CloSYS

Essence One Sleep Essentials Tin

What’s one thing we all could use more of no matter celebrity status, critical acclaim or level of clout? Sleep. Yup, celebs need it too – they’re just like us! This Sleep Essentials Tin from Essence One was included in every gift bag along with all the other decadence to give the movie stars a little help unwinding after a busy awards season. It includes a linen spray, rollerball, lip balm and earplugs to help you get some much-deserved rest after all the movie-binging you’ve been doing.

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Courtesy of Essence One

My Flight Pack Hydration Pack

Flying takes a huge toll on your body no matter who you are or how much you fly. Whether it’s the lack of rest, prolonged sitting or dehydration that gets you, after a long flight we could all use some help recovering. My Flight Pack is a company designed to help you do just that, with three-step hydration kits that help your body cope before, during and after your flight. They’re backed by years of research and a data-driven formula that combats travel fatigue. Just mix it with water and enjoy, contains no artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors.

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Courtesy of My Flight Pack

Three-Day Starter Pack From Nutrition for Longevity

Nutrition for Longevity is a company founded upon the principles of diet as a means for living longer. Their founders based their meal kits off of the diets in the places around the world where people live the longest. This comes down to a mostly plant-based diet with occasional fish for protein and fasting a few times a year. Their 3-Day Starter Pack includes 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, 25 grams of fiber and less than 30% calories from fat daily. Your breakfast and lunch are ready to go, and your dinner recipe includes an instruction card to help you cook up something healthy and delicious.

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Courtesy of Nutrition for Longevity