If You Love Color, Order and Being Exact — You’ll Love Paint by Numbers for Adults

paint by numbers for adults
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Hobbies are a funny thing. As adults, it can be hard to find ones that fit with your current lifestyle, budget and, well, you. You want to spend your free time doing things you’re actually interested in, and finding those things is a bit of a process of elimination. Maybe you’re into being a plant parent, or taking on the trails on a mountain bike. Maybe yoga is your thing, or you love fixing up old geezer cars. Typically hobbies are things that take our mind off of work, obligations and the stress of life. They’re a productive escape in that they make us happy, and it’s typically an area where you can still work towards a goal, with lower stakes of course.

If riding a bike freaks you out and every plant you’ve ever owned has slowly but surely had the life sucked out of it, we’ve got another suggestion for you. Paint by numbers for adults. These paint sets are perfect for the somewhat crafty person who wants to be guided through the process of creating a painting without having to worry about messing it up. No, before you ask, you don’t have to be a remotely talented artist to nail one of these things. Remember connect the dots as a kid? This is like that, but with paint.

You just fill in the paint spots with the number that it corresponds to and eventually you’ll have a beautiful portrait you can gift or hang in your home. It doesn’t take a ton of thought or even that much focus to get one of these done. It’s relaxing, satisfying and therapeutic to work with your hands, and in the end you’ll have something nice to look at. Sounds like a great new hobby to me.

We’ve gathered a few paint by numbers for adults sets from the web that you can order online to try it out. Don’t be shy, they’re made for artists of all skill levels and who knows — you might go further down the crafty rabbit hole after you’re done.

1. COLORWORK DIY Lakeside Boat Paint by Numbers

This paint by numbers kit for adults ends in a beautiful sunset canvas of a lake on a boat. It requires no mixing or blending of the paints and the paintbrush kit comes with three different sizes for the large work and more minute details alike.

paint by numbers for adults Courtesy of Amazon


2. COLORWORK DIY Window Flower Canvas

Another beautiful COLORWORK painting that provides you with the canvas and guidance you need to paint this beautiful flower. The included nylon brushes are easy to clean and the durable canvas is high-quality and easy to color. The effect of the mindfulness is very similar to the one experienced when using coloring books for adults.

window flower, paint by numbers for adults Courtesy of Amazon


3. Lapoea DIY Oil Painting Kit

This DIY painting kit has a groovy surf shack end result with bright colors and vibrant life that’ll make a great gift for yourself or a friend looking for wall art they can actually afford. The high-quality materials will result in a piece of art that will last, and the simple instructions are easy enough for anyone to follow.

surf shack oil painting kit, paint by numbers for adults Courtesy of Amazon


4. Katosca Seascape Paint by Numbers Kit

Another calming, relaxing scene can be done easily with this paint by numbers kit. The painting may look detailed and complex but the instructions will lead you through it with ease and you’ll end with something beautiful. The kit includes the canvas, high-quality paint brushes and the safe, acrylic paints needed to complete the design.

seascape paint by numbers kit, paint by numbers for adults Courtesy of Amazon


5. iFymei Colorful Dog Paint by Numbers Kit

If the other ones look too intimidating, this colorful dog has sections you can already see on the canvas that are easy to fill in with color. This one is suitable for all skill levels and dog lovers, and is great for relieving stress. The kit comes with one set of acrylic paints, one set of brushes, and one textured art canvas waiting to be filled in.

colorful dog paint by numbers, paint by numbers for adults Courtesy of Amazon


6. Van Gogh Starry Night Paint by Numbers Kit

Who doesn’t love Starry Night? You can recreate this classic image easily with the help of this paint by numbers kit that takes you step by step, number by number. The acrylic paint in the kit comes with numbers on it that correspond to numbers on the canvas that you fill in. Gift it to a loved one who’s into classic art or take it on yourself and make something beautiful.

starry night by van gogh, paint by numbers for adults Courtesy of Amazon


7. Paint Pizzazz Boat on Mountain Lake Canvas

This is definitely one of the more intricate ones we’ve seen, and yet the instructions make it doable. It’s perfect for more artistically-inclined adults and teens looking to immerse themselves in a beautiful canvas. The kit comes with a wrinkle-free canvas, high-quality paint brushes, extra paint pots for the most frequently used paints and a box where you can store the canvas mid-project so it doesn’t crease or get disturbed.

boat on mountain lake, paint by numbers for adults Courtesy of Amazon


8. Four Season Tree of Life Paint by Numbers Kit

One of the best parts about paint by numbers is that you can decide which parts of the painting you tackle first, and the pace at which you go at. There’s no wrong way to fill it in and no matter what you’ll end up with a beautiful image, including this tree of life reflection that includes a variety of colors, textures, seasons and moods.

tree of life canvas, paint by numbers for adults Courtesy of Amazon


9. Colour Talk Warm Sunflower Kit

We love the large sections of paint in this one, and the warmth of all of the colors. If you need a little sun in your life and want something to warm you up as we head into some colder weather, this paint by numbers kit is perfect. Also, if this is your first time and you want to complete something a bit simpler, go with this kit.

sunflower paint by numbers kit, paint by numbers for adults Courtesy of Amazon


10. Karyees Beach Sunset Painting Kit

Ah, a sunset. It’s a classic image that will always bring a calming effect to the mind. It’s even more calming if you’re using your hands to paint it with clearly laid out instructions in front of you. Enjoy a pause from life as you create this serene image with this high-quality DIY paint by numbers kit that’s perfect for all skill levels.

sunset painting, paint by numbers for adults Courtesy of Amazon