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Has Pokémon Gone Too Far With Their Gigantic Life Size Plushes?

For millions of fans all over the world, Pokémon holds a special place in their hearts. And what would be better than having your favorite pocket monster in a life-size form? Some would argue these life-size Pokémon are horrifying — the type of abomination only a furry could love — and they wouldn’t be completely wrong.

No matter how you feel about the new life-size Pokémon plushes, one fact is clear to us:

The photos and the marketing around each of these beautiful creatures have been deliciously unhinged.

Do you remember when Arcanine was released and the collective world of Pokémon fans lost their minds? This 59-inch fluffy boy stole hearts and wallets with a price tag of just under $450. Did that deter people from buying? Did that stop the Pokémon Center from making more?

Both of these answers are a resounding no.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Pokemon Center

And why would they? Five more designs would follow. The most recent of which is charming yet disturbing.

Lucario’s whole photoset looks like a portrait series of a troubled marriage headed for a divorce. Honestly, mad props to the Pokémon Center’s team for coming up with this “life with your mini-monster” style of advertising. It’s beautiful and so disturbing.

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Courtesy of the Pokémon Center
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of the Pokémon Center

Now, they are adding Garchomp to the mix, and the new plush is now available for pre-order through Premium Bandai. This one will be well over five feet and cost about $400.

And you guessed — Garchomp comes with a fresh round of uncomfortable-bonding-with-your-Pokémon photos. But it will be interesting to see who they choose next, and how much further down the rabbit hole of domestic partnerships Pokémon will go.

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Courtesy of Premium Bandai

I’d love to see a five-foot Vulpix or Glaceon, and don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind to purchase a me-sized Ditto beanbag. But time will tell, and if you have one of these magnificient beasts, please do a photoshoot ASAP.

We’d be happy to share the results over on the SPY Twitter.


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