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Go All in With a Professional Set of Poker Chips

If you’re one of the 42 million people who visit Las Vegas annually, you probably understand that the thrill of Sin City goes well beyond the prospect of winning big. Taking your chances on the casino floor can be exciting, and you may find yourself missing the poker tables those 51 other weekends. In that case, it’s worth investing in a poker chip set.

Gambling in Vegas is exciting, but if you’re looking to feel the rush of placing a bet without the added expense of a flight and hotel room, the best poker chip sets will make the basement feel like the Bellagio. If you’re playing competitively with a big group or you just to enjoy a laid-back family game night with something more exciting than Chutes and Ladders, then pick up one of these poker chip sets.

Whatever reason you decide to go ‘all in,’ you’re going to need a set of poker chips. Save your money for snacks and drinks and pick up an affordable and professional-looking poker chip set that will have you looking like a high roller at your next poker game.

1. Fat Cat Texas Hold ’em Clay Poker Chip Set

For large poker tournaments that will go all night, we recommend a set that comes with 500 Claytec striped dice poker chips. The most extensive set on our list, the Fat Cat Texas Hold ’em Clay Poker Chip Set has everything you need for poker night, including 100 blue chips, 150 red chips, 50 green chips and 50 black 11.5-gram chips, as well as two decks of playing cards and big blind, little blind and dealer buttons.

Pros: The Fat Cat set comes in a professional-looking heavy-duty aluminum case with a lined interior that makes for secure storage of the chips when not in use.

Cons: The Fat Cat is literal with its name and tips the scales as 17 pounds, making this a poor option for transporting between poker nights.

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2. Brybelly Poker Chip Set

An excellent gift for any poker player, the Brybelly Poker Chip Set comes with 200 chips and two decks of cards in its spinning carousel design, which gives the feeling that you’re playing in the City of Sin. The Brybelly includes 50 white, 50 red, 50 green, 25 blue and 25 black chips to help keep the bets coming on poker night.

Pros: Like the Fat Cat, the Brybelly has 11.5 gram suited chips and features a two silver carrying handles on top of the wooden carousel.

Cons: The Brybelly doesn’t come with a case and isn’t as portable as the other two options on our list. It also doesn’t come with blind or dealer buttons.

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3. DA VINCI Dice Striped Poker Chip Set

Take your poker game wherever you go with the light and compact DA VINCI Dice Striped Poker Chip Set. The compact but extensive set comes with everything you need for game night, including 200 dice striped 11.5-gram poker chips, two decks of cards, a small and big blind button and a dealer button.

Pros: The lightweight DA VINCI set weighs less than seven pounds and is the only set on our list to come with two cut cards.

Cons: The aluminum case holding the chips is not the same high quality as competitors like Fat Cat.

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4. Trademark Poker Chip Set

This poker chip set from Trademark Poker is made for playing Blackjack, Texas Holdem, and other card games with 300 or 500 chips depending on the size you get. It comes with chips in four different colors for different value holders and two standard decks of cards. The quality poker chips have a detailing pattern on them made of carefully constructed resin and the aluminum case makes storage convenient. The case comes with velvety velour fabric on the inside that’s dust-resistant and designed to keep each piece looking like new.

Pros: Complete set, case is well constructed so your investment stays in good shape, chips come in four different colors for value differentiation.

Cons: The latches on the case aren’t as reliable as ones on other options.

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5. DA VINCI 50 Clay Composite Dice Striped 11.5 Gram Poker Chips

Many of the options on this list include cards, a case and other accessories. But if you already have all of that but just need more chips, consider this option from Da Vinci. Each order consists of 50 chips in one color. There are almost a dozen colors to choose from, including classic colors and unique shades like pink, light blue and yellow. The chips are made from clay composite and are a sturdy 11.5 grams. Each chip is logoless but printed with a dice motif around the edges.

Pros: Good option to mix and match chips. Available in unique colors that are hard to find in other sets. Sturdy clay composite build.

Cons: Edges of the chips can be slightly rough.

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6. Tocebe 200-Piece Poker Chip Set

This affordable set from Tocebe has everything you need for poker night, including 200 or 300 chips in total, depending on the size you get, and two decks of cards. Plus, there’s a set of dice and buttons for the dealer, small blind and big blind. The dice-style chips come in red, white, black, green and blue, giving you ample opportunity to mix and match and assign different values. The aluminum case has a cushioned and felted interior to protect the pieces.

Pros: Affordable set. Includes five chip colors. Comes with buttons, cards and dice.

Cons: Case could be sturdier.

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7. Bicycle Poker Chips – 100 count with 3 colors

Bicycle is beloved for their durable playing cards, and they also make poker chips to go along with those cards. These chips come in a box that resembles the style of box of playing cards, and there are 25 red chips, 50 white chips and 25 blue chips, totaling 100 chips. The chips are made from sturdy plastic, making this set affordable and ideal for casual home or travel play, but not for professional games.

Pros: Affordable option from a trusted brand. Comes in a compact package that’s easy to take on the go.

Cons: Light plastic tokens make this better suited for casual home games than serious play.

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