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14 of the Sexiest Movies on Netflix To Warm You up This Winter

As the mercury outside continues to drop, we could all use a little help warming up. And while oversized blankets, hot soup and cozy sweaters are key to surviving the winter months, there’s also something to be said about a sexy movie. Or at least there is if you want to get, er, steamy.

Whether you’re looking for a flick to watch solo or with a partner, there are a ton of ripe offerings available on Netflix. Sure, these aren’t the kinds of films that are taking home Oscars or even nabbing top critical ratings, but in terms of sexy content? Oh, they’ve got you covered. Hot babysitters? Check. Bothered nannies? Check. Fifty Shades-inspired sex scenes that may leave you biting your lip? Check, check, check.

Read on to discover some of our picks for the sexiest movies on Netflix, and be sure to drop us a note in the comments below if we’ve missed any notable movies that also deserve a place on this list.


1. Deadly Illusions, 2021


When bestselling novelist Mary (Kristen Davis) suffers a terrible case of writer’s block, a new nanny named Grace (Greer Grammer) could be just what she needs to get back on track. But before long Mary starts to have erotic fantasies about her new nanny, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Dermot Mulroney and Shanola Hampton also star in this thriller, which is kind of like a sexier version of The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.


2. Newness, 2017


Tired of the social media dating scene and hookup culture? So are the two millennials at the center of this steamy affair. Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa star as the lovers who meet online and forge ahead with a red-hot relationship, one that isn’t defined by tradition and expectations, but one that definitely pushes boundaries.


3. Cam, 2018


Voyeurism is at the heart of this dark-but-sexy thriller starring Madeline Brewer (The Handmaid’s Tale) as a cam girl named Alice. Alice is willing to do anything to up her star rating (and to make a buck), but all bets are off when she’s locked out of her account and her exact doppelgänger takes her place.

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4. 365 Days, 2020


Move over Fifty Shades of Grey, because this erotic trilogy is winning over steamy sex-scene lovers, one at a time. The Polish series (365 dni) revolves around a member of the Sicilian Mafia who kidnaps a woman and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. The film has blown up on social media, charted on Netflix’s Top 10 and trended on TikTok.


5. She’s Gotta Have It, 1986


As the title implies, there is more than enough nudity and sex to go around in this low-budget entry from director Spike Lee. The entire thing was made with less than $30,000, with no time for extra takes. But the story of Nola Darling (Tracy Camilla Johns) and her three hot-and-bothered suitors definitely struck a chord with audiences, and Netflix even ordered a 2017 follow-up TV series based on the premise.


6. Yes, God, Yes, 2019


If repressed, Christian teenagers coming of age with their sexuality is your jam, then this flick is sexy as heck. Natalia Dyer (Stranger Things) stars as Alice, an innocent teen in the early 2000s who discovers masturbation and more while at camp. The movie works because it leans equally into the comedy and sexuality of it all, which means you may walk away with feelings.


7. Duck Butter, 2018


When Naima (Alia Shawkat) and Laia (Laia Costa) meet in this indie film, they both discover they’re tired of couples lying to each other and themselves about their expectations in a relationship. So they forge a new relationship, a steamy affair in which they spend 24 uninterrupted hours together, adding in sex each hour. Is it the best film of the bunch? Not quite. But it sure is sexy.


8. Malcolm & Marie, 2021


Sure, this year’s pandemic-shot entry from director Sam Levinson definitely fell short with the critics, but perhaps that’s because the expectations were so high? Either way, one thing that is worth tuning into this movie for is the saliva-inducing chemistry between Zendaya and John David Washington. Somehow the fact that the film is in black-and-white elevates the racier scenes even further, making this a great date-night pick.


9. Romance Doll, 2020


After 10 years of marriage, anyone might be looking to spice things up, right? Well for the characters in this Japanese romance, their close-kept secrets may be the end of their relationship once and for all. Sonoko (Yû Aoi) has no clue her husband Tetsuo (Issey Takahashi) makes sex dolls for a living, but she’s also keeping a pretty big secret from him. There are plenty of steamy scenes to guide you throughout the film, including the incredibly intimate art of Japanese sex-doll making.


10. Milf, 2018


This French, romantic comedy is essentially what the title suggests. Three best friends in their forties travel together for vacation, where they each start a fling with a much younger man. Naturally, the chemistry and physical attraction are off the charts with these couples, leading to a fun, funny and of course sexy watch.


11. Rebecca, 2020


Does this Ben Wheatley-directed film hold up to the original 1940 movie from Alfred Hitchcock, or even Daphne du Maurier’s novel for that matter? Not necessarily. Still, there’s no denying the film is rife with sexy scenes, from romps on the beach, to waterside photo shoots, to regular old bedroom sessions. If it’s chemistry between two leads you seek, you’ll definitely find plenty of it between Lily James and Armie Hammer.


12. Elisa & Marcela, 2019


Natalia de Molina and Greta Fernández star in this Spanish original about forbidden love and desire. The 1901-set offering captures the story of the country’s first same-sex marriage, when two women — Marcela Gracia Ibeas and Elisa Sánchez Loriga — attempted to get married after one takes on a male identity.


13. Amar, 2017


Hot, heavy and downright passionate is the best way to describe the relationship between the central couple in this Spanish offering starring María Pedraza and Pol Monen. Sure, that intensity is probably what tears them apart a year later, but when we first meet them there’s plenty to … ahem talk about. Also, can we all agree that the Spanish know what’s up when it comes to sexy movies?


14. The Babysitter, 2017


Director McG was onto a whole mood when he tackled this fantasy involving a hot babysitter, the kid who stays up a bit too late past his bedtime, and a satanic cult that will stop at nothing to keep him quiet. The Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving movie is one part voyeurism, one part comedy-horror, and all kinds of random sexiness.


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