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The Best Spikeless Golf Shoes To Buy in 2021

Being a good golfer takes more than just raw talent. It is also about having the equipment to help you make the best contact with your ball and to keep your body in the best position to get your ball on the green. But with all that important gear, you may believe your golf shoes are the least crucial piece of the puzzle. Think again. In a sense, your shoes are like the tires on your car, traction matters. To that end comes the decision as to whether you want spiked golf shoes or the increasingly popular spikeless shoes.

There is a school of thought that says that if you have busy feet, you should stick with good old reliable spiked shoes to maintain good traction. But with the changes in technology, spikeless shoes have come a long way, and you may find that they are just as good at keeping you from slipping as well as giving you the stability that you need to get that hole in one. Think, Fred Couples, who wore a pair of spikeless golf shoes at the Masters Tournament in 2010. In fact, according to “Fred Couples golf shoes” was the fourth most-searched term on Google that week.

Even the spiked shoe has come a long way; no longer are we using metal, but instead, plastic. So maybe it is worth it for you to try out a pair of spikeless golf shoes. Yes, we know that they look a lot like a typical pair of sneakers, but they will provide you more than just a stylish look. Here are some of the best spikeless golf shoes for men to buy right now.


1. PUMA X PTC Fasten8 Money Bags

PUMA Golf and Pro Golfer Rickie Fowler collaborate here on the IGNITE Fasten8 Money Bags, spikeless golf shoe. These shoes are for those who have a strong sense of style and are inspired by those who are unafraid to live the life they want. They feature a $100 bill print, lots of comfy support and the traction you need to sink that putt.

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Image Courtesy of PUMA X PTC

2. Footjoy Flex

Footjoy is synonymous with golf, so it is so hard to pick just one of their golf shoes. We love that you can easily transition from golf course to drinks after with the cushiony, comfy Footjoy Flex. They offer excellent stability, a toe spring, and a mesh design that allows your feet to breathe. And while that may not seem like a necessity, you’ll appreciate it after a long hot summer day. We like the crisp look of these in white and gray but if you prefer a colorway that’s easier to keep clean, they come in three other colors as well.

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Image Courtesy of Footjoy Flex

3. FootJoy, Stratos

As we said, FootJoy means golf apparel, and we weren’t kidding when we said it is hard to pick just one pair of their shoes. What we love about the FJ Stratos is that they’re produced using an engineered cushioning system that allows the shoe to absorb shock and return energy. So if you have to walk the full 18 holes, your feet won’t feel as tired as they would without them. Plus, the five colors available are awesome. Check them out in cognac.

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Image Courtesy of FootJoy


4. adidas, CodeChaos Sport

On first look, you may not realize that these are spikeless golf shoes. That’s because the CodeChaos Sport spikeless adidas golf shoes look like the brand’s typical sneakers. While that may seem a little out of the box for the traditionalist you will appreciate their light weight.

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Image Courtesy of adidas

5. ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

The importance of having a pair of waterproof golf shoes cannot be overstated. There is no joy to be found in walking around with wet feet. Because remember, even if it’s raining, the game will continue (so long as there isn’t any lightning, of course). The ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe is made with 100% leather and a rubber sole and features its Tri-Fi-Grip with three distinct zones: stability and durability and rotational support.

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Image Courtesy of ECCO

6. Skechers, GO GOLF Elite V.4

Skechers is well known for their walking shoes, but the GO GOLF Elite V.4 with a waterproof leather upper gives them spikeless golf shoe credibility. They are lightweight and made with a GRIPFLEX spikeless traction outsole, a cushioned midsole, and a comfy insole. The shoe’s design helps to keep your foot in a neutral position. We can’t guarantee that wearing these will stop you from curving the ball but they will certainly keep you firmly planted as you swing away.

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Image Courtesy of Skechers

7. Callaway, Men’s Balboa Vent 2.0 Golf Shoe

It is near impossible to play a round of golf without seeing a Callaway bag or set of clubs. The brand, founded in 1992, has been, and still is, about creating products with all golfers of all skill levels in mind. Its Balboa Vent 2.0 spikeless golf shoe boasts an Opti-vent mesh liner that provides moisture-wicking abilities for your feet, while the spikeless rubber outsole provides comfort and all-important traction.

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Image Courtesy of PGA Tour Superstore

8. PUMA Golf, Fasten8

Another spikeless golf shoe from PUMA is the Fasten8, which debuted in February. And it checks a lot of boxes. Yes, it is waterproof and is comfortable and versatile. But there are other details that will appeal to you. The shoes have eight webbing straps that keep you feeling secured and mold to your foot. Plus, they help support your arches, ensuring the right feel and fit for wherever you are in your golf journey.

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9. adidas, Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

If you like the feel of an athletic shoe over that of a typical golf shoe, the well-priced adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes will do the trick. They are durable and an excellent introduction to the world of spikeless golf shoes, especially since they hold the ground. The only caveat is that they are better suited for someone with narrower feet.

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Image Credit Dick's Sporting Goods

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