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Create Mesmerizing Pieces of Art With a Spirograph

Drawing is a great way for kids and adults to relieve stress and display their creativity. Some enjoy drawing freehand while others find filling in coloring books to be a more soothing form of guided meditation. Another option is using spirographs, which are plastic templates that are available in a variety of designs that help create intricate and interesting patterns.

A cross between art and mathematics, spirographs became a popular toy around the 1960s and have continued to be a staple in classrooms and art supply boxes. The circular templates often have a series of interlocking designs within the guide and can be moved and readjusted to create new kaleidoscopic images each time they’re used. Spirographs allow kids to practice their fine motor skills and use their imagination to combine different spirographs to create individual pieces of artwork.

Often sold in sets, spirographs can be used with pencils, pens, markers, crayons and other writing utensils. Engaging and exciting, spirographs can open young artists up to a new way of looking at art and the world around them. Check out some of our favorite spirographs below.

1. Super Spirograph Jumbo Set

For a little piece of nostalgia with your new art kit, we recommend the Super Spirograph Jumbo Set. The kit includes a celebratory coin and retro packaging for the 50th anniversary of the spirograph set. Art enthusiasts and those new to spirographs will appreciate the comprehensive 75 piece set, which includes 21 wheels, two racks, two rings and 31 tracks. A 50th-anniversary commemorative wheel is also included.

Pros: The set includes a 14-page guide book, as well as a pad of jumbo paper and three pens.

Cons: Unlike traditional sets that use push pins to hold the spirographs in place, this kit comes with putty, which can be difficult to set in place.

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2. Cra-Z-Art Spiral Art

For everything you need to get started in the world of spirographs, try the compact kit from Cra-Z-Art Spiral Art. Great for beginners, the kit includes three large spiral wheels and seven smaller sized wheels. Ten sheets of paper measuring 8.5 inches by 5.75 inches are also included. The kit comes with detailed instructions on how to use the spirographs.

Pros: The kit includes three brightly-colored gel pens.

Cons: The packaging is not reusable and users will need another container to store the kit together.

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3. FAO Schwarz Premium 53-Piece Kids Spiral Art Set

For an impressive gift that provides hours of fun, we recommend the FAO Schwarz Premium 53-Piece Kids Spiral Art Set. The kit is beautifully displayed inside a wooden box that doubles as a keepsake. Complete with 53 pieces, the kit includes spirographs, templates and tracers in a variety of shapes and sizes. A multicolored pen and a silver pen are also included and each piece in the kit has its own spot for easy storage.

Pros: The kit comes with a pad of paper that can be used while still inside the box, making this a great option for travel.

Cons: The FAO Schwarz comes with a big price tag.

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4. LINKTOR Drawing Gear Deluxe Set

Get started on your new piece of art right away with the LINKTOR Drawing Gear Deluxe Set. The comprehensive kit comes with a wide variety of tools artists need in order to create their geometric art, including 22 drawing gears or spirographs. The kit features reusable plasticine that can hold the gears in place when tracing. A small wooden stick designed as a stationary utensil is also included and can help to keep the gears in place.

Pros: The kit includes 48 brightly colored gel pens, including fluorescent options that show up on black paper.

Cons: The kit does not include paper, which users will have to supply separately.

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