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Parents, Splash the Summer Away With the $27 Sprinkler Your Kids Have Been Dreaming About

In recent weeks, summer temperatures have been HOT — and it’s only going to get hotter as we ride out the rest of the summer.

While warmer weather normally more opportunity for tykes to have fun outdoors, a lot of summer camps have been canceled and many pool clubs are still closed. If you don’t have a swimming pool or lawn sprinklers for kids, it can be tricky to come up with ways to cool down cranky kids when the temperature climbs. Especially now during the current global pandemic, public pool and beach days seem like too much of a risk to take for the family. We don’t want anyone getting sick when we’re just trying to cool off.

If you’re looking for an entertaining way the youngins can still get soaked this summer, the SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler is the answer to your prayers. This $27 sprinkler is one of the best-selling toys on Amazon this summer, and it will provide endless fun for your little ones.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Though the structure resembles your average baby pool, don’t get it twisted, it’s much more than that.

Rapid shooting sprinklers promise constant moving water, which means that this little puddle pad will create oceans of adventures for your little ones all summer long. The no-depth design ensures nothing but shallow water, so your kids can play all day with minimized risk. A slightly elevated side cushion circles the padding to collect shooting water and keep your tots safe from falling out of the structure.

From tigers to lions and A to Z, the bottom mat is covered in animals and letters alike, so kids get the opportunity to learn while they play. Fun colors and shapes will inspire creativity and create confidence in growing children as they soak up the sun and splash around—so don’t be shocked if later in the day, your little Picasso tries finger painting an animal you didn’t know they knew about.

Upon purchasing, keep in mind the only thing you need is connectivity to a water hose. So if you’re living in an apartment without hose access, the SplashEZ isn’t for you. Though we will say that if you do have innercity kids who need a refreshing dip and your apartment complex has access to an outdoor hose, this is an awesome sidewalk sitter for block-party fun.

The sprinkler itself can be snagged directly on Amazon for only $27. Given the hours of fun and durable design, the price is well on the affordable side.