Every ‘Squid Game’ Costume and What You Need to Rock Them

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“Squid Game” is just about the hottest series on Netflix right now (and maybe ever, if Deadline’s reporting is true), and everyone is watching it, talking about it, or, it seems — dressing as someone from it for Halloween. The dangerous-and-delicious candy from episode 3 has already reached cult status and even become its viral “Squid Game” Honeycomb Candy Challenge. So, it’s no wonder the Korean limited series has made a demand for last-minute “Squid Game” Halloween costumes reach a fever pitch.

Some of the most noticeable looks of the series are matching green numbered tracksuits, red jumpsuits with fencing masks, and of course, the black tailored look of the Front Man. Even the VIPs have costumes of their own this year.

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All these looks have significant, pivotal meaning to the characters and the plot — but as crucial as the distinctions are in the series, they are all easily recreated right at home as we all prepare for Halloween. These costumes are pretty straightforward, not complicated, and involve pieces that can be found almost anywhere (and most definitely on Amazon).

So, in your soul of souls, are you really a character in a Korean dystopian series? Great. Here are some spots to shop online to nail what is sure to be the biggest Halloween costume of 2021.


Those Green Tracksuits

This record-breaking series is about people in debt (there’s an exact number, in fact) who compete to win a cash prize that will ultimately change their lives forever. Those involved in the competition all wear matching green tracksuits with an embroidered three-digit number corresponding to their acceptance to the game, thus replacing their name. (Think … prison.) The order of the number plays no role in the game itself, thereby rendering everyone nameless and “equal.”

While those made for series fans exist (complete with numbers to signify favorite characters), other green tracksuits with or without numbers ironed on could also get the point across. If you find a tracksuit without numbers, it’s easy to iron on the digits of your choice as well.

Squid Game Two Piece Set


These are ready to put on and go. Available in key numbers: 001, 067, 218, 456. (If you know, you know.)

SQUID GAME Costume Idea, Squid Game Halloween Courtesy of Amazon


Squid Game T-Shirt


Sure, you could do the tracksuit on its own, but you’re a winner, right? Go all the way.

Squid Game T-Shirt DEAD RINGER Courtesy of Amazon


Vans Slip-On


You have to have the classic white Vans (extra credit if there is a little blood splatter on them).

VANS Slip-On BEST SNEAKER Courtesy of Amazon

Squid Game VANS



Pint of Blood


We did say extra credit for blood splatter, didn’t we?

Pint of Blood BEST ACCESSORY Courtesy of Amazon

Squid Game Fake Blood


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Those Green Jumpsuits DIY Edition

Green Full Zip Two-Piece Striped Tracksuit

If you are looking to take the DIY approach, this tracksuit is just one of the components you’ll need.

Green Full Zip Two-Piece Striped Tracksuit Courtesy of Amazon

Green Track Suit Set



White Iron-On Numbers Patches 0-9

There are three of each number in this pack, so you are free to be whichever character you identified with most or make a number all your own.

White Iron-On Numbers Patches 0-9 Courtesy of Amazon

White Iron-On Numbers


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Green Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt

If you’re going DIY, the green raglan ringer tee is a must.

Green Raglan Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt Courtesy of Amazon

Green Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt



Green Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts

Make sure you match your t-shirt number to the number on your jacket. (Unless you borrowed 456’s jacket, of course…)

Green Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts Courtesy of Amazon

Green Iron On Transfer Fabric


Green Sharpie Chisel Tip Permanent Marker

If iron-on isn’t your thing, go old school with a green sharpie.

Green Sharpie Chisel Tip Permanent Marker Courtesy of Amazon

Green Sharpie Marker



White Lugz Clipper Sneaker

Some of us wear white sneakers all day, every day, any time of the year. If that’s not you, go for the budget option with a VAN look-a-like.

White Lugz Clipper Sneaker Courtesy of Amazon

White Lugz Clipper Slipper



Those Red Jumpsuits

The guards at the warehouse wear red jumpsuits and masks, but a red tracksuit or sweatsuit and mask could work here as well.

Squid Game Red Jumpsuit Costume

If you’re more one to play defense, you can opt to go with the (equally as comfortable) red jumpsuit.

Squid Game Red Jumpsuit Costume Courtesy of Amazon


Squid Game Masks

The guards in red jumpsuits also wear opaque fencing masks. Guards with circle masks are the lowest ranking, then triangles with the highest. You take your pick.

squid game mask for guard square Courtesy of Amazon


The Spectators

The Front Man Squid Game Mask

Who doesn’t want to be the most mysterious person in every group costume? A fun metallic or gold mask paired with a trench coat would get the job done here.

The Front Man Squid Game Mask Courtesy of Amazon


Back-Up Front Man Mask

Chances are, these Front Man masks are going to be selling out like hot honeycomb cakes. Maybe, to save the stress of shipping delays, you go with something that will still get the point across.

Back up Mask with Black Spray paint Courtesy of Amazon

Blank Thin Full Face Mask


Krylon Low VOC Matte Black Spray Paint



Men’s Trench Coat

There was something eerie about the hooded Front Man always being behind the scenes, pulling the strings. Finish off the outfit with a black hoodie and a black trench coat.

Men's Trench Coat Courtesy of Amazon

Black Men's Trench Coat




Sure, you can go as a VIP, but with all the tremendous other characters in the game … er, show … why would you want to?

vip squid game costume Courtesy of Amazon

Squid Game VIP Silky Satin Lounge Robe



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