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Amazon Launches All-Inclusive Digital Marketplace for Subscriptions Services

* Amazon expands subscription service offerings
* “Amazon Subscribe” will allow users to manage services under one dashboard
* Amazon expected to partner with alcohol subscription service Hooch, in near future

Amazon is quickly becoming the all-inclusive marketplace for modern day consumers. The company previously expanded its subscription service offerings, to include grocery and restaurant delivery with their roll out of Amazon Fresh, in addition to their popular content streaming services. Now, the company offers “Subscribe With Amazon,” a new service that allows users to manage all of the services they subscribe to – from magazines to prepared delivery to content streaming — all under one roof.

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The new service has been live since last year but until now, has been marketed towards sellers and retailers, rather than consumers. Now, the consumer-ready interface is ready for use, complete with a variety of specials for participating services along with a free, 30-day trial for new members.

The subscriptions offered are organized by category in the consumer dashboard, similar in look to the iTunes app store. Users will be able to organize multiple subscriptions store in one interface and purchase new ones. Many of the offerings will be consistent with services that Amazon already sells, including children’s entertainment and the popular Disney Story Central. Other subscription-based programs will include the personal-training service, FitBit, and arts and crafts classes marketed towards creative moms offered from CreativeBug.

It has also been reported that Amazon will soon partner with Hooch—a third party subscription service that offers subscribers one free drink a day from over 450 bars and restaurants for a monthly fee of $9.99. This will be the first time in Amazon history in which the marketplace will have to introduce age-verification to their user interface.