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Permanently Add These Tattoo Needles to Your Kit for a Safe and Sanitary Shop

If you’re a tattoo artist, then you know there are two critical components to running a successful business. One is having a body of work that people respond to, whether you specialize in a specific genre of tattooing or your strength is versatility in design. The second thing is hygiene. A tattoo shop with unsanitary conditions is not only dangerous for the client, who is at risk of infections and contracting blood poisoning and hepatitis, but it’s also hazardous for the tattoo artist who is exposing themselves to infection and health risks by working with dirty needles. That’s why it’s critical to use only the highest quality, sanitized and sterile needles when tattooing.

Tattoos should only ever be given by professional tattoo artists who have spent years working as an apprentice under an experienced artist before tattooing solo. Tattoo artists who have been adequately trained know the importance of using sterilized, one-use-only needles for their tattoos, which improves the quality of the tattoo and the safety of the experience.

If you’re a tattoo artist looking for needles for your shop, we’ve compiled a list of some of the highest-rated needles on the market, which come in a variety of sizes to fit any tattooing style.

1. Pirate Face Tattoo Assorted Tattoo Needles

For a wide assortment of needle sizes in one package, we recommend the Pirate Face Tattoo Assorted Tattoo Needles. The 100 pack of individually wrapped needles in sterile blister packs include 10 units of sizes 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL (round liners), 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS (round shader needles) and 5M1, and 7M1 (magnum shader needles). Each needle includes a loop on the end that will fit into a standard rotary machine.

Pros: Pirate Face Tattoos use medical grade stainless steel #12 for all their needles and each needle includes an expiration date on the individual blister pack.

Cons: Tattoo artists may not need every size of needles and can’t customize the set to include only specific sizes.

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2. BIGWASP Premium Quality Tattoo Needles

Explicitly designed for coloring and line work, BIGWASP Premium Quality Tattoo Needles are handpicked, burr-free and sharp, with each of the individually packed 50 needles sanitized and ready to be used straight out of the box.

Pros: BIGWASP needles are made with medical-grade stainless steel 316L and are designed to deliver more ink with fewer passes, making for a faster and less painful tattooing experience.

Cons: Unlike the other needles which come in an assortment of sizes, the BIGWASP needles only include round liner size 7 needles, which may not be appropriate for all types of tattoos.

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3. ACE Needles

Made with the highest quality surgical stainless steel, the ACE Needles come in a pack of 50 and include ten units of sizes 1RL,11RL and five units of sizes 3RL,5RL,7RL and 9RL. Each needle has a standard length loop bar that makes them appropriate for most machines and tubes.

Pros: Tattoo artists can feel confident using ACE Needles, with each individual needle package marked with a lot number, needle size, sterilization and expiry dates. The needles each have a built-in proof of sterilization in the form of an EO gas indicating dot.

Cons: The ACE Needles have fewer size options that the Pirate Face Tattoo set.

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