This Year, Fight off the Post-Turkey Daze With These Fun Thanksgiving Games

best family thanksgiving games
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Pumpkin pie, stuffing, roast turkey and cranberry sauce are just some of the delights you’re likely already looking forward to this fall. It’s hard to argue that the Thanksgiving meal alone wouldn’t be enough to make this cold November day the best day of the year. But add your family and friends getting together, Thanksgiving football and the excitement of Black Friday the next morning, and you’ve got yourself a fun-filled holiday that’s hard to beat.

If you’re on hosting duties this year, you’re probably already feeling some of the mammoth pressure which accompanies taking charge of one of the most important parties of the year. Putting together a successful Thanksgiving celebration is made up of several important elements. The selection of delicious foods, a crowd pleasing soundtrack and a range of entertainment throughout the day need careful planning to achieve the best result possible. 

One major element which is often overlooked is Thanksgiving-themed games. Playing games together makes you feel closer with your friends and family, which is why it’s equally important to get it right on turkey day. Of course, watching football together and sitting around the table bonds you, but games add a dimension which is hard to achieve through other means.

We’ve put together nine of our favorite Thanksgiving games. Our list has choices for every kind of Thanksgiving get together. Whether it’s just your close family or everyone in town, you’ll find a game to suit your party. Bingo, mad libs or just a traditional game of football in the backyard will raise your hosting abilities to the next level of fun.

1. TableTopics Family Gathering


“Who do you think is the most inspirational person alive today?” TableTopics Family Gathering card game is pretty simple yet oh so effective. No matter your age or where you’re from, this pack of 135 different questions on four-inch cards will ensure there’s always something fun to talk about. Each is designed to encourage pleasant conversation between the whole family. This game isn’t just great for Thanksgiving, either. They can also be used at reunions or family events and are a great gift idea for birthdays and anniversaries, too.

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2. Gobble Gobble Mad Libs


They may have been invented more than 50 years ago, but Mad Libs remain a favorite activity across all generations. In this Gobble Gobble Mad Libs book, you’ll find 21 original stories for you to fill in and enjoy. Each is based around everyone’s favorite turkey-centric holiday and includes prompts about what you’re thankful for, preparing Thanksgiving dinner and the wonder that is Black Friday. The book is 48 pages long and an ideal way for kids and adults alike to spend some fun time together this Thanksgiving.

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3. Amscan Thanksgiving Party Game


No Thanksgiving party is truly complete without a fun game enjoyed by all your guests. This Amscan Thanksgiving Party Game pits your ability to put the missing hat back on the turkey’s head while blindfolded. The kit includes a large game board featuring a hatless turkey surrounded by pilgrim children along with eight sticker hats and a paper blindfold to ensure you can’t see where you’re going. This is a fun way to compete and spend time for the whole family.

thanksgiving games pin the hat on the turkey Image courtesy of Amazon


4. My Scratch Offs Thanksgiving Turkey Card Game


If you’re after a fun and random game for the dinner table, this My Scratch Offs Thanksgiving Turkey Card Game could be just the ticket. The 25-card set includes 24 “sorry” cards and a single “winner.” The set is available in a variety of designs, including classic turkey, cool turkey and pilgrim hat. The fancy cards are ideal for use as additional “interactive” Thanksgiving table decorations and will take your holiday get together to the next level.

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5. Big Dot of Happiness Drink If Game


The Big Dot of Happiness Drink If Game contains 24 pumpkin-shaped cards, which, as you’ve no doubt guessed, order you to “drink if…” you did whatever the rest of the card says. For example, should you hear, “drink if you brought a dish to pass,” and you did, it’s time to drink. And while the game may have a more adult, alcohol-filled motive, the statements on the cards are also child friendly, meaning there’s no harm in having the kids join in with their cups full of soda.

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6. Funnlot Thanksgiving Bingo Game


If you really are putting on a gathering for the whole town, you’re going to need a game capable of entertaining that many people. Luckily, this Funnlot Thanksgiving Bingo Game comes with 24 unique bingo cards, meaning there’s enough for even the biggest get togethers. In addition, as the kit is reusable, this is not a one-time investment but an addition which can be enjoyed by the family every Thanksgiving. The kit is also great for larger events, like school Thanksgiving parties and public events.

Funnlot Thanksgiving bingo Amazon

7. Wilson NFL Super Grip Football


Thanksgiving can’t go by without a family game of football. Make sure you’re ready for it with this Wilson NFL Super Grip Football. It is regulation size and boasts NFL branding, meaning your garden game will look just like the real thing… sort of. Whether you do it before watching the real thing on tv or get inspired by watching the Lions or Cowboys, this football is a must-have for your Thanksgiving get together.

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8. Turkey on the Table Kit


When it comes to the point of the day when you have to say what you’re thankful for, why not make it a little bit more fun with this Turkey on the Table Kit? The happy turkey starts out missing all his tail feathers, but once each family member has filled in what their thankful for, you can attach them to his butt using the included clips and give him the beautiful full tail he deserves. This kit isn’t just great for home use either. It can be enjoyed in classrooms or offices as it creates a beautiful turkey decoration.


thanksgiving games turkey on the table Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Among Us


What started as a fun game for kids that barely anyone knew about has spiraled into a global phenomenon. Among Us is essentially a game of “who done it.” With different astronauts decked in themed attire, this game is fun for the entire family. It is available on Steam and iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

Among Us Google Play

10. Cards Against Humanity


This game is known as one of the most controversial card games on the market. Cards Against humanity is exactly what the box states: cards AGAINST humanity. This provocative and hilarious game will make you double guess morality in general. One player lays down a card that has a sentence with a missing blank. All other players then lay down a card that they think fills the black best. It’s simple and will keep you and your adult friends laughing for hours.

Cards Against Humanity game Amazon

11. Beat That! – The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges


In this game, 160 dexterity-based challenges will test your coordination as well as your brainpower. The game comes with 160 challenge cards, 80 betting tokens, 10 cups, five balls, four dice, chopsticks, a memo pad, tape measure and a sand timer. A perfect family game, suit up for this perfect game to battle everybody’s abilities.

Beat That! game Amazon

12. Buzzed


For adults only, Buzzed is a drinking game that will start unprompted moments of laughter. Each player takes turns drawing cards, and when it’s your turn, you read the card out loud, and either you or the group will drink based on the prompt until you’re buzzed. It comes with 180 cards that are sure to get you and your friends talking.

Buzzed game Amazon

13. Do You Know Your Family?


Often, we don’t tell our parents about the funny things we’ve done in life and vice versa. Get reacquainted with your family with Do You Know Your Family? Answer interesting questions that will create new memories.

Do your really know your family game Amazon

14. Incohearant


Incohearant wants you to get talking! This game is for adults only, and the main goal of the game is to understand the gibberish given from the pop-culture world. A rotating judge flips the timer and holds a card with the incohearant phrase facing the group. Whoever decipher the card first wins the card. Once the timer runs out, or three cards get decoded, the round is over, and the next judge takes over.

incohearant game Amazon

15. Exploding Kittens


What do you get when you combine Russian Roulette with kittens? Exploding Kittens, of course. The basic rules are: if you draw an exploding kitten, you lose, and if you don’t explode, then you win. Essentially, it’s like UNO but with a kitten twist that doesn’t harm any kittens in the process.

Exploding Kittens Amazon

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