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Concerts Are Canceled But SPY Readers Can Try TIDAL Premium for $3 for 3 Months

Editor’s Note: This promotion has ended and the deal described below is no longer available. (August 3, 2020)

Want to get high-fidelity music at lo-fi prices? Then you need to get in on this offer from TIDAL. Starting right now, the music streaming platform that Jay-Z built is letting new users explore their premium audio and video content for the dangerously affordable price of $3 for three months. That’s about 3 cents per day.

Head to TIDAL to take advantage of this killer deal.

Why are we so excited about this promotion?

Reason #1 — This offer includes both TIDAL Premium and TIDAL HiFi, which lets you listen to more than 60 million tracks in high-fidelity audio. If you aren’t an audiophile already, you will be after hearing your favorite tracks in HiFi. Put your wireless earbuds to the test or wake up your neighbors by listening to master-quality tracks in stadium-quality Dolby Atmos sound.

Reason #2 — We know you’re stuck at home just like we are. It probably feels like you’ve already watched every single movie and TV show that interests you, and you’re scraping up against the very bottom of the binge-watching barrel. But unlike other music streaming apps, TIDAL doesn’t just give you access to your favorite artists’ music. On top of their massive music and podcast library, TIDAL also boasts 250,000 videos. You can get to know musicians as they take you inside their homes. There are also music documentaries featuring stars like DJ Khaled, Migos, Future and Lil Wayne.

Reason #3 — As you impatiently wait for concerts and music festivals to come back, tide yourself over with live performances. Until we can go to shows again, TIDAL Video is the next best thing. Put on your headphones and enjoy concert videos with Prince (may he rest in power), Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion, JAY-Z, Alicia Keys and more top artists. You can even discover up-and-coming musicians in intimate Living Room Sessions or in the TIDAL Rising video series.

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This offer won’t last much longer, so take advantage of these savings for SPY readers while you still can.

Sign Up For TIDAL for $3/3 Months

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Courtesy of TIDAL


Upgrade to TIDAL HiFi at No Extra Cost

Let’s talk about music quality. This insane promotion covers TIDAL HiFi, meaning you get TIDAL’s most premium subscription level for the same amount as their normal subscription. With HiFi you have the ability to access TIDAL’s deep library of master-quality songs and albums. That means your favorite tracks will sound like they’re straight off a deluxe, remastered album. And with more than 170,000 Master-audio Quality tracks to choose from, it will keep you busy for a while.

But what’s a “master” and why should you care? Let’s put it this way: the audio quality you get on Spotify or Apple Music is like picking the cheapest item on a menu at your favorite restaurant. Meanwhile, TIDAL’s Masters are like having your own personal chef cooking for you personally in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re an audiophile or not, it’s hard to ignore the richer sound of a master-quality HiFi track.

But masters aren’t the only reason to consider TIDAL. Unlike Spotify and Apple Music, TIDAL offers an extensive trove of extra content that even the most casual listener can enjoy. You can listen to artist-curated playlists (ever wondered what The Weeknd is listening to at the moment?), live-stream artist performances, rewatch concert footage and even get exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from your favorite artists. Whether they’re hanging out backstage about to perform, or chatting away in exclusive interviews, TIDAL gives you up-close access to your favorite performers.

But for us, the best thing TIDAL has going for it is this: TIDAL is owned by artists. Whereas Spotify, Apple, Google and the rest were created by outside players, TIDAL is owned and operated by the very artists it promotes. This cuts out the middlemen, which is why TIDAL gives the highest monetary kickback to artists per stream.

From music videos and concert footage, to podcasts and curated playlists, it’s tough to beat TIDAL’s wide and varied offerings. And at 90% off during this promotion, it’s worth giving it a try, even if you’re a die-hard Spotify or Apple Music loyalist.


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