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This ‘Titanic’ Door Pool Float Has Room for 2 People, and Would Make a Great Couple’s Costume

Near, far, wherever you are, you’ve probably engaged in a fierce debate about the Titanic at some point in your life. Not about how it sunk and not about the movie’s historical accuracy, but about a door, the door, Rose’s door.

In the film, we watch Jack as he slowly succumbs to hypothermia while Rose floats on a broken door and ultimately survives. And the question remains: Why didn’t Jack join Rose on the door? Couldn’t they both have fit on the seemingly sizable floating debris?

This Halloween, you and your partner can dress up as Jack and Rose while toting around an inflatable replica of the Titanic’s dining room door and finally settle this debate. This might be one of the best Halloween couples’ costumes in 2022 — it’s clever, easily recognizable and everyone loves a good pop culture reference.

Carrying around a giant inflatable floaty will make you the talk of any party. Not only is it a costume, it’s a conversation piece, a prop for reenactments, and it even doubles as a comfy cushioned seat if all the couches are taken at your crowded Halloween get-together. Impress your friends with this clever costume and finally answer the age-old question: could Rose have saved Jack?

Check out the door float and other ideas for rounding out your Titanic couples’ costume below.

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The Titanic Pool Door Float

Replica titanic door floaty


Rose Costume

You can’t dress up as Rose without the iconic Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace. At the end of your Halloween night, dramatically toss the necklace into a raging river, water fountain or even a puddle to accurately embody this Titanic character. Round out your costume with a lavish chiffon gown and fiery curly locks.

Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace


Formaldresses Chiffon Maxi Dress

Formaldresses Titanic Rose Dress


BESTUNG Halloween Wig

BESTUNG Halloween Wig


Jack Costume

For much of the film, Jack Dawson sports neutral-colored, basic clothes, things you might already have in your closet. Take some sort of collared shirt, suspenders, and a luscious wig to easily transform into a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Play Celine Dion from your phone in your back pocket and you’ll be instantly recognizable.

NITAGUT Men Henley Neck Long Sleeve


Dickies Men’s Adjustable Suspenders

Dickies Men's Perry Y-Back Adjustable Suspender


Kaneles Short Straight Wig

Kaneles Short Straight Synthetic Wig


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