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Travel Report: Four Seasons Dallas Golf Resort Building on Legendary Service in a Challenging Time

SPY’s resident Golf Expert John Lewinski has reviewed some of the world’s best golf courses. Now, he reports on his trip to one of the country’s top golf resorts.

The Four Seasons Dallas, home to a world-class golf resort, is about to undergo a cutting-edge renovation — all while its real estate offerings and sports membership packages continue to boom in the Cowboy-friendly suburb of Irving.

Home to one of the largest sports clubs in the U.S. and across the Four Seasons property family, the venue takes an active focus with its two championship golf courses, indoor and outdoor tennis courts and three swimming pools. Meanwhile, the adjacent resort offers two restaurants (the glamorous sit-down space of LAW and the more laidback pub vibe of OUTLAW), a full-service spa and the complete suite of guest services you would expect from a hotel claiming the elite Four Seasons brand. (Keep reading to find out which of these amenities is open and about the resort’s updated COVID-19 guidelines)

Best of all, the resort’s amenities — from room service to to spa appointments — can be booked, personalized and rescheduled from the free, dedicated Four Seasons app available for Android or iOS. The app can’t take the place of the front desk concierge attention dedicated to the comfort of both hotel guests and residents; however, in the age of social-distancing, it’s an especially nice perk.


Building on a History of Texas Golf

In an era when it’s popular to claim golf is shrinking in popularity, the game is a hot commodity at Four Seasons Dallas. This property was the home of the PGA’s annual Byron Nelson Tournament for decades, lending an air of history to every hole. With two courses standing ready (TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas and Cottonwood Valley), all golf club memberships are spoken for — with a waiting list bring up the rear. New Four Seasons visitors can sign up for dedicated Sports Memberships.

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Club memberships give you access to dedicated professional advisors such as PGA Director of Golf Instructor Tim Cusick and Athletic Services Coordinator Matt Greenemeier. The latter stands ready to keep you in shape for any of the resort’s activities. Training and fitness education is available in both class and one-on-one formats for Four Seasons members.

Everything that makes a Four Seasons special is available for residents buying into the property’s real estate options. Homes lining the fairways of TPC Four Seasons range from $900,000 to $2.3 million. Homes for sale on the Cottonwood Valley run range from $500,000 to $2.1 million.

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Courtesy of Four Seasons Dallas

To Take on COVID-19, Four Seasons Dallas Promises to “Lead with Care”

With many states reporting an increase in COVID-19 cases, outdoor activities like golf are one of the safest forms of recreation in 2020. How has the Four Seasons Dallas Golf Resort adapted to this new reality?

The Four Seasons Dallas is now undergoing a major renovation with its guest rooms and suites going through complete redesigns in phases so the resort can remain open during the evolution. Of course, all of that is happening against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic recovery. To ensure visitor health and safety, the entire Four Seasons organization made a partnership with health excerpts from Johns Hopkins Medicine International to create the Lead with Care initiative.

As of October 5, the Four Seasons Dallas resort and golf course is open and accepting reservations. And while the golf course and spa continue to operate, the dining options and pool are currently closed. You can check for the latest updates at the Four Season’s official Welcome Back portal and the resort’s COVID-19 updates page.

The enhanced health and safety program grew from a direct partnership between Johns Hopkins Medicine International and Four Seasons. Their combined COVID-19 Advisory Board informed and advised health and safety decisions based on the latest scientific knowledge of the Coronavirus, its prevention and the current status of infection rates at different spots around the world.

Phase one of the collaboration resulted in the “Review and Validation” steps, involving a comprehensive review of Four Seasons existing health and safety procedures. Phase two offers “Ongoing Guidance” to provide Four Seasons venues with ongoing collaboration, including direct access to curated critical updates, relevant COVID-19 research outcomes and expert advice to allow real-time policy adjustments.

Each property now has Hygiene Officers trained to respond quickly and anticipate medical needs, working to guarantee all infection control safety measures are taken. Enhanced Cleanliness Protocols include refocused training programs for housekeeping staffs; disinfecting rooms daily with EPA-approved products and blacklight inspection by room attendants; hourly cleaning of public areas and reduced capacity operation for bars and restaurants.

These policies and steps will remain in place indefinitely to keep guests safe.