These Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters Are Sure to Turn Up Any Holiday Party

best ugly hanukkah sweaters
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Hanukkah doesn’t have to be serious. If you celebrate the widely recognized holiday, you might be jealous of all the ugly Christmas sweaters and ridiculous accessories that your Christian friends get to wear during the holiday season. However, things may finally be turning around.

To brighten your Hanukkah party (menorah aside), we’ve rounded up some hilariously ugly Hanukkah sweaters. They’re guaranteed to elevate any Hanukkah party with some lightness, fun and festivity. Check them out below.

1. Hanukkah Llama Ugly Christmas Sweater


Let the record show, Hanukkah has nothing to do with llamas. However, we couldn’t find a better, uglier, more amazing sweater than this terrifyingly festive llama sweater from Blizzard Bay. Not only is it 100% cotton and machine washable, this breathable sweater features an eye-catching light blue background with all over print stars. Across the chest, the sweatshirt sports 8-bit llamas and pseudo-hebrew lettering to spell out ‘Happy Llamakah.’ But that’s not why you bought this sweater. You bought it because of the giant embroidered llama complete with talit and massive kippah. Wear this sweater and nothing and no one will outshine you, not even the Menorah.

ugly hanukkah sweater llama Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon


2. Hanukkah is Funakah Ugly Sweater


Looking for a sweater that is ugly, festive and tame enough to wear to Hanukkah dinner with the in-laws? Rest easy, we’ve found the answer. This ugly Hanukkah sweater from Festified features a navy blue sweater with all over print alephs and stars, and a gigantic yellow chanukiah. Is it offensively ugly? No. But if you’re looking for the one sweater you can wear to dinner and then to the afterparty, this is your guy. It’s ugly enough to get by at the party, clean enough to make it through lighting the candles and regular enough to last for years to come without ever going out of style.

ugly hanukkah sweater Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon


3. Oy to The World Hanukkah Sweatshirt


Though it comes in a range of colors (including: red, navy, royal blue and black) we love this Oy to The World sweater in green. Bring both joy and oy to your upcoming ugly sweater party when the host opens the door to find you wearing a Christmas-colored sweater, with a classic Hanukkah inscription.  Aside from the color, the oy/joy joke is one of Hanukkah’s oldest and best jokes, and makes for a perfect sweater that will last season after season. The sweatshirt is made from a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend that will keep you warm but remain breathable when the party heats up.

ugly hanukkah sweater Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon


4. ‘Jewnicorn’ Ugly Hanukkah Sweater


Hanukkah might be over 2,000 years old, but that doesn’t mean you can’t update your Hanukkah gear for 2019. This Hanukkah sweater does just that, featuring a meme-d out graphic of a rainbow unicorn hitting the dab with the caption “Jewnicorn.” It’s a great gift idea for Jewish family members with a sense of humor, or as a unique outfit piece for holiday parties.

Ugly Hanukkah Sweater Meme Courtesy of Amazon


5. Matzo Balls Hanukkah Sweatshirt


ugly hanukkah sweater Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

What’s better than matzo ball soup? Nothing. Also known as “Jewish Penicillin,” this dish is easily the best part of Hanukkah. Sure, when you’re a kid there are 8 days of presents, but as an adult, you’re looking forward to that tasty soupy on a cold winter’s evening. Armed with this 80/20 cotton/polyester blend sweatshirt, you’ll have no problem repping the true gift of Hanukkah, matzo ball soup. Not only is it stylish, but this sweatshirt is also hilarious and will let everyone know you value a home-cooked meal.


6. Light My Menorah Sweater


It’s the holiday season and though you’d rather be at home digging through your record collection, you’ve been dragged to a holiday party. What’s a guy to do? Rep your taste in tunes with a musically-inclined Hanukkah sweater. Featuring a festival spin on The Doors’ classic “Light My Fire,” this machine washable sweater features fun, all over print styling with a massive menorah and the writing “Come On Baby Light My Menorah!” across the stomach. But wait, there’s more to this hilarious sweater than meets the eye. As soon as you start moving, the flames will start to flicker. This sweater is a sure fire way to turn heads and show your refined taste in music.

ugly hanukkah sweater Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon


7. Sublimated Hanukkah T-Shirt


Got a dressy Hanukkah or holiday party to attend but don’t want to actually dress up? We’ve got you covered. This sneaky T-shirt makes you look like you’re wearing a tie and ugly Hanukkah cardigan sweater. It features dreidels and menorahs all over, plus a star of David pattern on the tie.

Ugly Hanukkah Costume Party Courtesy of Amazon


8. Tipsy Elves Hanukkah Sweater


The ideal ugly holiday sweater should correspond with your personality. If you’re the life of the holiday party, this sweater is for you. It features a Jewish man excitedly demanding some delicious challah bread. It’s also quite comfortable, so you might find yourself slipping it on when no one is home… and it’s not even Hanukkah.

Ugly Hanukkah Sweater Jew Courtesy of Amazon


9. ‘Lets Get Lit’ Ugly Hanukkah Sweater


Hanukkah parties are traditionally pretty mellow events – light some candles, eat some latkes, exchange some gifts and go to bed – but they don’t have to be boring. In other words, Hanukkah can be lit, as this punny sweater suggest. It features a menorah, and the oh-so-2019 phrase “Let’s Get Lit.”

Funny Hanukkah Sweater Outfit Courtesy of Amazon


10. Hanukkah Menorah Ugly Suit Coat and Tie


It’s your party, you can outdo everyone if you want to, which is why you took things to the next level, with this ugly coat and tie combo from Festified. With a royal blue base and white stripes featuring golden menorahs and blue stars, this suit coat cannot be topped. No sweater can match the sheer audacity and absurdity that is a holiday-themed sport coat. Paired with the matching tie, you will get looks of all kinds while hosting your holiday party. Made from 100% wrinkle-resistant polyester, this suit and tie combo pairs well with dark denim or navy blue chinos and a crisp, white shirt. 

ugly hanukkah suit Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon