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Stay In On Valentine’s Day And Play The Best Board Games For Couples

The best board games for couples make for not just an excellent purchase for yourself, but also for a partner. With good old Valentine’s Day coming up, not all of us want to take to the local fancy restaurant and do that whole expensive date. Plus, people with kids aren’t likely to be able to escape anyway, so doing something different at home is a great shout.

We’ve gone ahead and brought together three of the best board games for couples right here for you, which means you’ve really got no excuse not to grab one and start playing.

If you’re after something a bit more adult, then you could always grab one of the best sex games for couples instead, or if you already know you’ll both have a good night anyway, why not spice it up with the best couples vibrators? Look, nerdiness and a good sex life haven’t been exclusive ever, and we all know it.

First up, we have Fog of Love. Fog of Love has you and your partner choosing a random selection of relationship goals to figure out what the win condition is, and then your characters will be put through different situations to see how they do. It’s a fun way to live out someone else’s relationship, without the obvious mess that could cause in real life.

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Codenames: Duet takes the fun of the original game and turns it into a two-player experience. All you need to do is to try and find fifteen cues between you before a timer runs out, and you’ll have to try and work everything out using single-word clues. It’s a blast to play with anyone, but especially good with a partner.

Cosmic Encounter Duel is a little hectic, but that’s all part of the fun. You have to choose between a group of different aliens with different abilities, and try and conquer five planets before the other player does. It’s very silly, scales up in difficulty and complexity as you learn more about it, and could theoretically be used to settle arguments (or cause new ones).

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Bonus Game: Alright, we know this isn’t a board game as such, but sometimes you need to get a little more movement into any night, and Twister is an easy way to do it. You spin the spinner, try and put body parts and colors, and the rest of the night will probably sort itself out, if you catch our drift.