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CES 2023: Victrola’s Stream Onyx Turntables Offer Seamless Vinyl Streaming at a More Affordable Price

CES 2023 started off the new year with a bang, and great details continue to emerge from the highly anticipated annual conference. If you’re unfamiliar, CES, which runs from January 5-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada is the most influential tech event of the year. Each and every year, CES offers a peek at all the coolest tech gadgets and tech trends in production.

This year, CES revealed some amazing news from Victrola with the release of the Stream Onyx. The Victrola Stream Onyx arrives as a more affordable version of the brand’s popular Stream Carbon turntable, which was released last year.

 Available for preorder on January 7, the Stream Onyx retails for $600, making it a much cheaper alternative to its Stream Carbon turntable, which retails for $800.

While both players are certified for Works With Sonos, allowing audiophiles to listen to records through wireless streaming via wifi, the Stream Onyx makes this possible at a reduced price point that comes in $200 cheaper than the Stream Carbon.

This system allows you to easily play vinyl records through your Sonos system without needing extra equipment. You simply use the Victrola app to connect the turntable to your wifi and Sonos system.

A press release for the Stream Onyx shares, “The Victrola Stream app (iOS and Android) provides quick setup and connects the two-speed, belt-driven turntable wirelessly to a Sonos system in seconds. Once setup is complete, Victrola Stream Onyx fully integrates with the Sonos app for simple control. The built-in illuminated control knob provides a tactile, centralized volume control for your entire Sonos system and selected playback groups.”

“The Victrola Stream Onyx is the next product in our assortment of Works with Sonos high-performance turntables,” said Scott Hagen, CEO of Victrola. “We have maintained all the amazing DNA of the Victrola Stream Carbon, with a few alterations in the materials and finish so that we can deliver this awesome solution to even more Sonos homes around the world.”

The simple difference between Carbon and the newly released Onyx comes down to materials. Small variations, such as the Carbon’s metal control knob and faceplate, have been replaced with plastic on the Onyx. 

The Onyx also features the less expensive Audio-Technica VM95E moving magnetic cartridge, while the Stream Carbon features the Ortofon Red 2M. 

In terms of aesthetics, the Victrola Stream Onyx is completely black, whereas the Victrola Stream Carbon comes in a combo of black and silver.

Victrola has certainly made an indelible mark on the audio tech industry with the release of the Stream Carbon turntable, which was named a CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree this year. The revolutionary system has effectively changed the way listeners use vinyl and with the Stream Onyx that technology has become more accessible than ever before.