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EDC Essentials: What to Bring to Your First Rave

* This weekend is Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas
* Here’s everything you’ll need for the festival
* Hydration packs, dry shampoo, earplugs, and more essentials

The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is coming up in Las Vegas, which hosts throngs of veteran electronic music fans as well as many first-time ravers. If you’re part of the latter group (we’re jealous), there’s a few things you’ll need to make sure you have the best experience possible. Below are some rave essentials to keep you hydrated, clean, and healthy all weekend.

1. Mission Enduracool Cooling Towel

Raves get hot, but they get really hot when they take place in the desert of Las Vegas. To ensure that you don’t overheat, get one of these cooling towels that stay cold for hours after being soaked with water.


2. Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs

There’s no shame in using earplugs once in a while during you rave. In fact, many veteran ravers pop in earplugs once in a while to make sure they can enjoy EDM (and hearing in general) for years to come.

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3. Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo

Sweat and desert air can do a number on your do’ and sometimes you won’t have a shower with shampoo to freshen up. This dry shampoo provides a solution, allowing you to wash your hair while standing up anywhere, without any water. Just spray it on, let it sit for 30-60 seconds, and brush out excess oil.


4. Rave Glasses EmazingLights

Rave glasses are a cheap (and safe) way to elevate your rave experience. These ones cost just $10, and give you “prism vision” that separates and enhances all the crazy colors of rave festivals.


5. Body Wipes ShowerPill

It’s no secret that you get sweaty and grimy at raves (it’s part of the fun!), and the port-a-potties are not much help when it comes to freshening up. The best way to stay clean throughout the weekend is with a pack of these body wipes from ShowerPill, which don’t cost much and make a big difference when you need it.


6. Phone Charger RAVPower

Posting videos, finding your friends, and taking pictures at EDC will devour your phone’s battery, which makes a portable charger essential. We highly recommend this one from RAVPower, because it’s powerful, compact, and charges two devices at once (read our full review here).

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7. CamelBak Mil-Tac Hydration Pack

A good hydration pack is probably the most important part of your rave kit. You’ll be dancing, moving around, and probably drinking, so it’s crucial that you stay hydrated. CamelBak is the leading brand when it comes to hydration packs, and this one is just the right size for a music festival.

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