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Wondering What To Watch This Weekend? Try Succession, Yellowjackets, and More

It’s the weekend and we all know what that means: it’s time to put away those weekday responsibilities and hide that daily grind face for a couple of blissful days. Naturally, you’ll probably indulge with a little TV while you’re at it.

Whether you want to recharge with a comedy, work your brain in a new way with an insightful doc, or speak to your inner dreams with an inspiring sports series, there’s something for you to watch this weekend.

We’ve got plenty of options from the final season premiere of the brilliant drama concerning the Roy family to the next chapter discovering exactly what lengths a high school girls’ soccer team went through when stranded in the wilderness. Need some help deciding what to watch? Read on to see what we’re streaming and watching for the weekend of March 24 to 26.

1. Succession


After a short week off following the season finale of The Last of Us, we have our HBO Sunday nights back with the season 4 premiere of Succession. Between this and The White Lotus, HBO really has been cornering the market in Emmy-award-winning shows where we get to watch rich people be miserable. The Roy family returns for its final season in squabbling for Dad’s approval and attention on March 26 at 9:00 PM ET.

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2. Yellowjackets


A promising high school girls’ soccer team has their futures ripped away from them after a plane taking them to a championship game crashes in the Ontario wilderness. The story follows a dual-narrative focusing on what the group of teenage girls had to do to survive back in this 1990s horror fiasco paired with a present-day mystery involving those who made it out. Melanie Lynskey is a rockstar here and season 2 kicks back this Sunday at 9:00 PM ET on Showtime.

3. John Wick: Chapter 4


John Wick is thinkin’ he’s back for a fourth time. Keanu Reeves returns once more as the titular hitman with an even bigger price on his head than ever before. He’s joined on screen by the likes of Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgård, Laurence Fishburne, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ian McShane, and, of course, the late Lance Reddick. John Wick: Chapter 4 hit theaters today, March 24.

4. Lucky Hank


Bob Odenkirk returns for a brand new AMC series after concluding his run as the lovable scoundrel Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Lucky Hank is a comedy based on the 1997 novel Straight Man by Richard Russo. Professor Hank Deveraux is a teacher having a midlife crisis that goes over the deep end (sound familiar?) To get an idea for the tone, the story is being adapted for television by Paul Lieberstein who has written for shows like King of the Hill and The Office in which he portrayed Toby. The next episode airs Sunday night at 9:00 PM ET on AMC. and the first episode is actually available on YouTube for free.

5. Double Fine Psych Odyssey


This is by far the most comprehensive behind-the-scenes look into video game development. Double Fine Psych Odyssey follows the seven-year development cycle of the sequel to the beloved 3D platformer Psychonauts. This 32-part series totaling at 20+ hours takes an in-depth look at the Double Fine team’s struggle to find funding, navigate interpersonal drama, and overcome creative conflicts—eventually resulting in the release of Psychonauts 2. If you have even the slightest interest in what goes into the creation of your favorite games, this is a must-watch. And it’s free in its entirety on YouTube.

REWIND: What We Were Watching and Streaming the Weekend of March 17 to 19

1. Ted Lasso


The beloved Jason Sudekis vehicle returns for its third and possibly final season. AFC Richmond has worked its way back into the Premier League but now faces a former friend now rival in West Ham United’s new coach Nate Shelley (Nick Mohammed). Well, have to see if the everpresent optimism of the warmhearted Ted Lasso can bring the underdog team to victory. Or at least not last place. The first episode is live now and new episodes drop on Apple TV+ at 3:00 AM ET.

2. March Madness

Everyone’s favorite NCAA Tournament is in full swing. The games are split across CBS, TBS, and TNT which is no biggie for those subscribed to cable packages, but if you’ve gone fast and loose with cutting the cord, you can still tune in for each game. The TBS and TNT games can be watched with a Sling TV subscription which is only $20 for the first month. Paramount+ and its premium tier will get you the CBS games for $9.99. And then you can always cancel after March Madness concludes and re-up next year.

3. Money Shot: The Pornhub Story


This 94-minute documentary deep dives with performers, activists, and past employees of the biggest name in the industry responsible for teenagers being able to use a mouse with their left hand just as well as their right hand. Director Suzzanne Hillinger takes a close look at the scandals and successes surrounding Pornhub over the years and gives a voice to the sex workers behind the porn many of us watch every day. Maybe not every day, but a lot of days.

4. Shazam! Fury of the Gods


In a pile of dark and edgy melodrama that the DC cinematic universe is built on, the first Shazam! came as a pleasant surprise that embraced its goofy nature and stood out among the other films in its franchise. It’s hard to not smile at Zachary Levi’s childish charm and its sequel appears to bring more of the same which is a good thing. You can watch him take on a new trio of villains called the Daughters of Atlus in theaters now.

5. Monster Factory


If you’re trying to justify your Apple TV+ subscription beyond Ted Lasso, tune in for the premiere of Monster Factory. This docuseries follows a wrestling school of lovable misfits training for their chance at going pro. Watch as they quite literally learn the ropes while leaving their blood, sweat, and tears in the ring chasing their dream. The six-episode series all dropped at once so have at it.

REWIND: What We Were Watching and Streaming the Weekend of March 10 to 12

1. The Last of Us


This HBO adaptation has spread through the zeitgeist like a fungal infection over these past couple of months and it’s all coming to the first season’s conclusion over the weekend. We’ve all fallen in love with dream daddy Pedro Pascal and his surrogate daughter Bella Ramsey. Fans of the game know where the story is headed, but considering nearly every episode so far has concluded with audiences balling their eyes out, one should expect to need to keep some tissues nearby this Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST.

2. The 95th Oscars

Award season is in full swing and it all leads to The Oscars. Jimmy Kimmel returns to host the 95th Oscars to celebrate some of 2022’s best films such as Tár, Avatar: The Way of Water, and Everything Everywhere All at Once. While the show itself has been hit or miss each year, there’s always the possibility of someone walking on stage to slap the host across his smug face. You can catch the ceremony this Sunday night on ABC at 8:00 EST. If you’ve already cut cable, it can also be viewed live with Hulu Live TV or YouTube TV.

3. MH370: The Plane That Disappeared


On March 8, 2014, just seconds after exiting Malaysian airspace into Vietnamese territory, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 just disappeared. With it, 239 people also vanished, leaving their families behind in a state of shock and anger. What happened to the plane, and how did it completely disappear from airspace records? Well, the folks behind this doc have some ideas. Follow along with all three episodes as family members, officials, and other experts weigh in on one of the biggest airplane stories of our time.

4. Game Changer


Dropout TV is the best-kept secret in streaming. This independent comedy subscription platform is home to an array of outrageous yet wholesome comedy shows like Game Changer — an improvisational gameshow where the rules are different each time and the contestants never know what they’re walking into. Season 5 just wrapped with some standout episodes including a variation on the children’s game Simon Says, a parody of The Bachelor with a bisexual bachelor, and the finale which started with the players discovering they’d been locked in their greenroom and must escape like some sort of a Saw movie.

5. Real Madrid: Until the End


If you love soccer and want a deeper look into one of the most iconic football clubs in existence, you’re in for a treat this weekend with the debut of this three-part series. Introduced by David Beckham, the project delves into Real Madrid’s jaw-dropping 2021-22 season, with ground-level access and memorable moments. While we all know the season culminated in a record 14th Champions League title, the story behind how the team got there is 100% worth hearing.

6. Outlast


Competition reality TV is in a renaissance with tons of new shows popping up and the latest of which dropped today on Netflix. Outlast is like what if Survivor was solely about the surviving aspect? 16 self-proclaimed survivalists must work together in teams of four to withstand the harsh environment of a remote section of Alaska. Every episode dropped at once so you can binge it in its entirety.

REWIND: What We Were Watching and Streaming the Weekend of March 3 to 5

Throw your hands up and put your comfy pants on because it’s finally the weekend and if you’re lucky, you’ve got minimal obligations and some fun plans on your docket. If you’re also looking forward to some downtime with a few fictional friends, sporty buds or docu-loving dudes, we’ve got some suggestions for you.

This weekend the streaming service gods are doling out some doozies, from a major UFC match to two stand-up specials from some top-notch comics. Add in a doc about the wild rise and fall of a little app-based game called HQ, plus the anticipated debut of a rock drama, and it’s gonna be a big weekend indeed.

Need some ideas on what to stream? Read on to see what we’re watching this weekend.

1. Marlon Wayans: God Loves Me


If you’re a comedian in 2023 without a stand-up special, are you even a comedian at all? The jury’s still out, but for now, we get Marlon Wayans in this hourlong riff about the buzziest event in 2022: The Slap. Yup, the Oscar moment that everyone’s still talking about heading into next week’s Academy Awards is hot on the Wayans brother’s mind, and he definitely seems here to take sides.  

2. Daisy Jones & The Six


This anticipated, 1970s-era drama about the rise and fall of an epic band (loosely inspired by Fleetwood Mac) makes its debut this weekend with the first two episodes. Riley Keough (Elvis Presley’s granddaughter) stars as the Daisy in question, while Sam Claflin plays The Six frontman Billy Dunne. The scripted series is unique in that it’s set up like a documentary, with the band members giving exclusive and untold “interviews” about what really went down back in the day.

3. Chris Rock: Selective Outrage


If you’re going to see how your streaming service does with a live event, who better to helm it than Chris Rock? Live slaps aside, the comedian has proven he knows how to work a crowd. This weekend, he’s the headliner for Netflix’s biggest experiment. The special kicks off live at 9:30 p.m. ET from the Comedy Store in L.A. There, Ronnie Chieng hosts as acts like Leslie Jones and Arsenio Hall take the stage. Then, at 7 p.m. Rock takes the stage in Baltimore. When he wraps, the action returns to the Comedy Store for more guest appearances. Late to the party? Netflix will allow you to either pick up the live stream or skip back to the beginning.  

4. UFC 285


Jon Jones has always been a lightweight. Until now, that is. We’re talking about UFC categories, clearly, and this weekend Jones is making a pretty big jump — all the way to the heavyweights. This weekend when UFC 285 goes down, JJ is taking on former interim champ Ciryl Gane. The latter has a lot more experience in the division, but you can’t discount Jones’ success in the LHW. So… does size truly matter? We’ll find out this weekend!

5. Glitch: The Rise and Fall of HQ Trivia


If you had a smartphone back in 2017, odds are you cued up to play a little game called HQ Trivia. The live, nightly trivia show was quite the phenomenon, with millions of daily users and celebrity followers like The Rock. So it was a huge surprise when corporate clashes, cast changes and even a tragic death led this app to fizzle out even faster than it started. This doc traces the rise and fall of it all behind the scenes, as told by those who were on the ground.

REWIND: What We Were Watching and Streaming the Weekend of February 24 to 26

It’s the weekend, so let’s do a quick show of hands: who’s ready to recoup and recover with some non-work-related activities? Short weeks are always the longest, so if you are ready for some downtime, we don’t blame you. Luckily there’s tons of great content to stream this weekend, so you can be thoroughly entertained without leaving the house.

This weekend marks the return of a popular racing docuseries for one, plus the debut of MLS on Apple TV. But we’re also looking forward to popping up some popcorn and settling in for the streaming service debut of M3GAN, not to mention the debut of Eugene Levy’s new travel show. Add in the anticipated return of Party Down, which is back after a 13-year hiatus, and it’s going to be a busy weekend in indeed.

Need some ideas on what to watch this weekend? Here’s what we’re streaming for the weekend of February 24 to 26.

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

1. Formula 1: Drive to Survive (s5)


If you’ve always dreamed of life in the fast lane but never got behind the wheel of a racing car, this is the series to live vicariously through. When the fifth season kicks off this weekend, it follows the drivers, managers and team owners in Formula 1 as they fight for the top spot. This year, with new regulations and fierce competition, it promises to be one of the most intense seasons yet.

2. Party Down (s3)


It’s been 13 years since this motley crew of wannabe actors catered their last event. But now, almost the entire original cast is back for another go. In the long-awaited third season, Kyle Bradway (Ryan Hansen) lands a star-making superhero role. So he hires Party Down to cater the celebration party, which leads to all kinds of unexpected antics and hilarious reunions. Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Martin Starr, Jane Lynch and Megan Mullally star.

3. The Reluctant Traveler


Eugene Levy has spent years in front of the camera, but he’s always played a character. That changes this weekend when he makes his hosting debut in this travel show. Levy isn’t a traveler by nature, nor is he comfortable leading a conversation. So this show is entirely outside his comfort zone, hence the title. In each of the eight episodes, he travels far and wide to experience jaw-dropping hotels and partake in local cultures and customs. From dog sledding in Iceland to getting up close with animals in Africa, Levy experiences it all.

4. M3GAN


This creepy story from James Wan is directed by Gerald Johnstone and made plenty of headlines when it hit theatres earlier this year. Now, the AI robot who takes on a life of her own (and turns aggressive toward anyone who comes between her and her human), makes her streaming service debut this weekend. If you’re into killer doll concepts, this one fits the bill. Allison Williams, Violet McGraw and Ronny Chieng star.

5. MLS Opening Weekend


Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and as of this weekend, it’s becoming even more engrained in American culture, too. That’s because Apple TV and MLS debut their historic, 10-year streaming deal in time for opening weekend, and all games are available to check out for free. Like what you see? Subscribe to MLS Season Pass, which gets you every game — blackout and restriction-free — for the entire season.

REWIND: What We Were Watching and Streaming the Weekend of February 17 to 19.

The weekend is finally here, and after another long week of daily grinding and appointments, we’ve got an anticipated rendezvous with our couch. Luckily, in between a few naps, mindless scrolling and hard-earned snacks, there are some cool new movies and TV shows to check out this weekend, too.

Patrick Stewart? Check. Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom? Check. Anne Hathaway and Julianne Moore? Double check. A slew of Netflix celebrities ready to shack up with each other? Let’s get this party started, already.

If you need suggestions on what to stream and watch the weekend of February 17 to 19, read on for all the good stuff.

Courtesy of Netflix

1. Star Trek: Picard (s3)


The third and final season of this Next Generation continuation kicks off this week, bringing the story of the now-nonagenarian Jean-Luc Picard to a close. The premiere brings us right back into the action, with the OG crew coming together for one final journey. Watch for a buzzy cold opening and plenty of high stakes, then curse at the end of the episode, when you realize you’ll have to wait until next week for the next chapter.

2. Carnival Row


It’s been almost four years since this fantasy series starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne left us on a cliffhanger, with authorities locking up the critch (including Philo) on the row. Now, the show is back for a second and final season, with weekly installments hopefully closing out this story. We’ve seen the first few episodes and a LOT goes down, so be sure to stock up on snacks and make your bets as to which characters will make it through until the very end.

3. Perfect Match


Did we whip through our press screeners in record time while checking out this series? We sure did. And if you’re into bad reality shows where pretty people pretend to date others for the right reasons, we think you’ll whip through the first four available episodes too. This show unites fan faves from series like The Circle and Love Is Blind and tells them to pick their perfect match. But there’s a catch: Couples deemed the most compatible can break up other couples and send them on dates with new singles. In the end, only one couple can be named a “perfect match.” The next four episodes drop next week.

4. Armageddon Time


This 2022 film from writer-director James Gray makes its streaming service debut this week, bringing the dramatic, coming-of-age story about the American Dream to audiences far and wide. The flick stars Jeremy Strong (Succession) and Anne Hathaway as a married couple raising two boys. It’s the second time the actors have starred together (they also headlined the 2019 project Serenity), so you know their chemistry is going to be good, even if the movie is just okay.

5. Sharper


Want to see a con artist take down Manhattan billionaires? Then head over to Apple TV+ for the debut of this film from director Benjamin Caron. The neo-noir movie revolves around a mother (Julianne Moore) who is determined to make things work with the new rich man in her life (John Lithgow). But with secrets and lies in every bedroom, bar room and boardroom across the city, that’s easier said than done.  

REWIND: What We Were Watching and Streaming the Weekend of February 10 to 12.

The month of love is in full swing, and as we count down the hours to Valentine’s Day, why not cuddle up with your favorite person and the TV? If you’re not in the mood for a romantic comedy or a steamy movie, there are plenty of other options to occupy your time this weekend.

Cue up your streaming services for a dose of serial killers, for one, thanks to the return of You and the finale of Criminal Minds: Evolution. Or, if you’re looking for a laugh grounded in reality, Marc Maron has a new stand-up offering that’s bound to make you giggle.

Of course, this weekend also marks the Super Bowl, a little sporting event you may have heard of. If you’ve got some free time and are wondering what to watch, we’ve got you. Read on to see everything we’re streaming the weekend of February 10 to 12.

Courtesy of Netflix

1. You (s4)


The most beloved serial killer since Dexter is back for a fourth season of stalking and waxing poetic, only this time, there’s one murderous twist: Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is now living in the U.K. under the alias Professor Jonathan Moore. Although we all know he’ll spend time with a new group of friends trying to clean up and stay straight, we bet the reappearance of Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) will probably derail that.

2. Criminal Minds: Evolution (finale)


The continuation of the beloved series wraps its anthology-like season this week, bringing the story of serial killer Elias Voight, a.k.a. Sicarius (Zach Gilford), to a close. The good news is that if you like watching the BAU solve crimes under this new format, there’s more to look forward to now that Paramount+ has renewed the show for a second season. If you’re a fan of Alvez (Adam Rodriguez), that’s particularly good news.

“He’s got a bigger story next season,” showrunner Erica Messer tells SPY. “We had so many stories and so much going on in the workspace that Alvez was the one who could anchor the field. So his personal life stories will be explored a little bit later. And of course, he and Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) are just so great together. They make me smile.”

Stream the full first season of Criminal Minds: Evolution now.

3. Somebody I Used to Know


Alison Brie teamed with her husband and director, Dave Franco, to write this little rom-com ditty, in which a workaholic named Ally (Brie) returns to her hometown and reconnects with her ex, Sean (Jay Ellis). As things heat up, however, she also learns Sean is now married to a woman named Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons). Before long, Ally discovers she may have feelings for both parties in a fun little trope twist.

4. Marc Maron: From Bleak to Dark


Nothing is ever going to get better ever again. But that’s okay because Marc Maron is here to make us laugh about it, at least. In this stand-up special, he digs into all kinds of topics, from the sudden death of his girlfriend, Lynn Shelton, during COVID, to the fact that one day he will have to put down his cats. It’s the kind of special that makes you look at a terrible situation in a whole new light and helps you to laugh about the tough times almost as much as those coveted good times.

5. Super Bowl LVII


Get ready because the biggest sporting event in the country is back for one day only. Super Bowl is finally here, and there’s lots to get ready for. Whether you’re in it for the snacks, the commercials, Rihanna’s halftime performance or the game itself, Sunday will be a hopped-up day meant for good friends, family and a little downtime together.

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REWIND: What We Were Watching and Streaming the Weekend of February 3 to 5

It’s the weekend and we all know what that means: time to destress from another hectic work week and catch up on stuff around the house. In between that, visiting with friends and family, and getting outside for some blistery February fresh air, we’re looking forward to some time with our couch.

There are plenty of great things to watch this first official February TV and movies weekend, from the anticipated streaming service release of MCU’s latest big-budget flick, to a documentary about a rich German shepherd that will have everyone talking. We’ve had a sneak peek at a bunch of upcoming content and we think there’s something for everyone this weekend.

Need some ideas on what to watch? Read on to see what we’re streaming the weekend of February 3 to 5.

Courtesy of Netflix

1. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


Whether you didn’t get a chance to see this MCU follow-up to Black Panther when it debuted in theatres last year, or you just want an excuse to catch the action all over again, the film finally streams this week. Snuggle in as the people of Wakanda fight to protect their home from some super scary world powers, all while mourning the death of King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman). Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira star.

2. Gunther’s Millions


Picture this: a German shepherd named Gunther whose net worth is $400 million thanks to an inheritance from some countess. Now picture this: the dog has oodles of people working for him, including one man at the center of it all who seems to have turned this circus into a cult. In case you can’t tell, we’re very much here for this new four-part docuseries, which we’re already putting in the same wacky category as The Tinder Swindler and Tiger King.

3. Dear Edward


Stock up on tissues before settling down for the premiere of creator Jason Katims’ latest drama because the Friday Night Lights and Parenthood scribe is known for doling out big feels. This show revolves around a 12-year-old boy who is also the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash. Now, he lives with his aunt (Orange Is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling) and finds unlikely support from those who also lost loved ones in the crash — including a character played by Connie Britton. The first three episodes drop this week, with a weekly episode rollout to follow.

4. Children Ruin Everything (S2)


This Canadian comedy drops its second season in the United States this week, and if you have young kids the series will resonate in all kinds of relatable ways. Meaghan Rath (Hawaii Five-O) and Aaron Abrams (Hannibal) star as parents struggling to get by while reclaiming some of their pre-kids’ lives in each themed episode. But what we love most about their dynamic is how they’re still on the same team. The first two seasons are now available to stream in full if you need a lot of comforting, parenting humor this weekend.

5. Murder in Big Horn


When this three-part documentary debuted last month at the Sundance Film Festival, it got people talking. Filmmakers Razelle Benally (Oglala Lakota/Diné) and Matthew Galkin go on the ground in Big Horn County, Montana, where dozens of young Indigenous women and girls from the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Nations have disappeared over the past decade. The docuseries includes interviews with family members, law enforcement, community leaders and other essential voices, shedding new light and history onto the critical issue of missing women while calling for much-needed change.  

REWIND: What We Were Watching and Streaming the Weekend of January 27 to 29

Feeling chilled? That’s a sign the coldest month of the year is just around the corner. Well, we figure, what better way to warm up than with a cozy blanket and a few new TV shows and movies? Heading into the weekend, there are tons of great new projects to check out on your favorite streaming services.

In the mood for a compelling doc or a hot new comedy? What about a TV show from the mind of murder mystery guru Rian Johnson? Whatever you’re feeling, there’s something for everybody this weekend as Peak TV continues. SPY recently attended the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour in Pasadena, Calif., and we’ve got loads of intel on a bunch of upcoming projects — including things that are debuting this weekend.

On that note, if you need suggestions on what to watch, read on to see what we’re streaming for the weekend of January 27 to 29.

Courtesy of Apple TV+

1. Poker Face


If you’re a Knives Out fan or into Natasha Lyonne’s schtick on Russian Doll, this show is in your wheelhouse. It’s from creator Rian Johnson (in his first TV gig) and stars Lyonne as a gal named Charlie. Her ability to detect when people are lying is almost like a superpower — of course, it has its downside, too. It’s a character-driven, case-of-the week, murder mystery dramedy with Charlie at the center of it all, trying to solve the latest whodunnit. Sorry, make that howdunnit, according to Johnson.

“There’s a little bit of connective tissue,” he explained to reporters at TCA. “At the end of the season, we come back a bit to what happens in the pilot. But the intention is to go back to that model of the standalone. You’re going to get an entire meal in each episode. If you hear, ‘Oh, the one with Nick Nolte is great,’ you don’t have to watch the entire season. You can skip ahead to it and watch it.”

2. The 1619 Project


The 1619 Project is an ongoing New York Times Magazine initiative that began in August 2019, with the goal of “reframing the county’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.”

Now, it’s also a six-part limited docuseries on Hulu. The first two episodes drop this week, with two episodes following each week for the next two weeks. Those episodes comprise issues like democracy, race, music, capitalism, fear and justice, and are all adapted from essays from the initial project. Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist and project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones hosts, pulling back the layers of each story to show how the effects of slavery are still here today.

“This is the story of America. You can’t understand the story of America without understanding the story of slavery and Black Americans,” Hannah-Jones explained during a TCA panel. “It’s really important that when we set the tone for what this documentary series is, that this is not a documentary series about Black people. It’s a documentary series about America. And all of us Americans should come away with a better understanding of the country that we live in.”

3. Teen Wolf: The Movie


It’s time to return to Beacon Hills and catch up with all our favorite supernatural teens… even though they’re no longer actually teens. The anticipated Teen Wolf movie finally drops this week, with most of the original characters back in fine furry form. The exception is Dylan O’Brien, who tapped out before production, saying he’s happy with where his character wrapped. But Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Tyler Hoechlin and many more returning actors will hopefully make up for his absence in this flick.

Speaking of, the story picks up when a new evil emerges, forcing the supes to band together once again. And yes, for those who watched the original and are keeping track, that means some characters who perished in the series return for another howl.

4. Shrinking


Grief can be a funny thing, and creators Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso) are ready to mine that humor for all it’s worth in Apple TV+’s latest star-studded project. The series stars Jason Segel as a grieving shrink who can no longer take the status quo. So he starts doing the unimaginable and telling his patients the cold, hard truth, with mixed results. Harrison Ford stars as Segel’s mentor and fellow psychiatrist, while Christa Miller plays his next-door neighbor.

“Rock bottom is an interesting thing because it seems like it’s a sad place, but it’s actually very hopeful because there’s no place to go but up,” Segel told reporters at TCA. “And then watching people scramble in the dark to try to pull themselves out of a hole is an inherently-funny thing.”

5. Shotgun Wedding


If you’re in the mood for a funny rom-com with an okay plot and some recognizable stars, remember to RSVP to this premiere event. Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel (a.k.a. Armie Hammer’s replacement) star in this flick about a couple hosting a destination wedding. While all the usual things seem to go wrong leading up to the nuptials, the big day completely nosedives when criminals hijack the festivities and take the couple’s family hostage.

Naturally, it’s up to the couple to save the day while not getting caught themselves. Of course, they also rediscover why they wanted to get married in the first place. Actor of the year Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz and Cheech Marin also star.   

REWIND: What We Were Watching and Streaming the Weekend of January 20-22

It’s the weekend and we don’t know about you, but we’re ready to celebrate. Of course, our idea of celebrating is by unwinding from the week and hibernating from the rain and cold weather. Naturally, we tend to do that with funny shows, gripping movies and tons of live sports.

This weekend is a big one thanks to the NFL Divisional Championships. There are four games to take in, which is the best excuse to stay in or have some friends over. But this weekend also marks the debut of the anticipated That ‘70s Show spinoff (That ‘90s Show), as well as the third-season debut of the acclaimed Octavia Spencer drama Truth Be Told (with new series regular Gabrielle Union).

Need some ideas on what to watch or stream this weekend? Read on to see what we’re watching for the week of January 20 to 22.

1. NFL Divisional Playoffs


If you’re a football fan, then you already know this weekend is jam-packed with NFL playoff goodness. As of Sunday night, the eight remaining teams will dwindle to four, but there are some big games to take in before that. Stock up on snacks because on Saturday, we’ve got the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Giants at the Philadelphia Eagles. Then on Sunday, settle in as the Cincinnati Bengals visit the Buffalo Bills and the Dallas Cowboys take on the San Francisco 49s.

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Where to stream the NFL divisional playoffs.

2. Amber: The Girl Behind the Alert


We all know what an Amber Alert is (when authorities alert a community about an endangered, missing or abducted child). But how many of us know the origins of the emergency protocol? This new doc delves into why the tool came into existence and the nine-year-old girl behind it: Amber Hagerman, who was abducted while riding her bike in 1996. Law enforcement’s inability to get a message out quickly inspired the alert we know and use today, but there’s much, much more to this story than meets the eye.

3. Are You the One?


It’s been three years since this MTV dating series hit the airwaves, but now it’s back in a new global format with host and relationship expert Kamie Crawford. In this iteration, 22 single men and women from around the world are put through an extensive matchmaking process in hopes of finding their perfect match. Each week these participants will have the chance to meet that match, but first, they’ll have to get out of their own way. If they can, and there are 11 perfect matches at the same time, these singles earn a massive cash prize. If not, they may be doomed to walk the earth solo for the time being.

4. That ‘90s Show


If you were a fan of That ‘70s Show then you’ll definitely want to check out the first-season drop of this spinoff. It revolves around Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna’s (Laura Prepon) daughter, Leia (Callie Haverda), who spends the summer with her grandparents, Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp). All original stars (except Danny Masterson) make guest-star appearances, even Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. But the new kids on the block are the real reasons to watch, as they depict the trials and tribulations of growing up in the 90s.

Is it great television? Well, not exactly. But the show is totally cool with making fun of itself and throwing all kinds of nods to the original series, which makes it a comforting and easy watch if you’re looking to unwind.

5. Truth Be Told (s3)


If you’re interested in a show that twists the true-crime podcast narrative into a new work of fiction, join podcaster Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer) for a third season of this NAACP Image Award-winning anthology series. This time around, the focus shifts to missing Black girls, as Poppy teams with an unorthodox principal (new cast member Gabrielle Union) to keep the missing girls’ names in the public eye.

“I’m the best person for this job. I have the lived experience of being a Black teen experiencing sexual violence in the Bay Area and understanding that I have a bully pulpit,” Union told reporters, including SPY, at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour earlier this week.

“I have a very large platform, and we have opportunities like this to expand the conversation and remind people that the most marginalized of us are the easiest to target precisely because folks don’t care about the pain of Black and Brown girls. They will make you complicit in your own abuse.”