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Hasbro Just Released a Wordle Party Game Inspired by the Viral Daily Puzzle

Hasbro recently released a Wordle board game inspired by the daily word puzzle that captured the minds of millions at the beginning of 2022. Worlde’s hold on the zeitgeist may have faded since its acquisition by The New York Times, but it’s still an extremely popular online game that’s inspired Halloween costumes and ugly Christmas sweaters.

Now, it’s a #1 New Release on Amazon and available to order with delivery times still available before Christmas. If your family or friends love Wordle as much as you do, then it could be the perfect party game.

The Wordle Party Game is designed for 2-4 players ages 14 years and older. Players take turns writing down secret words while others guess using dry-erase boards. Correct or incorrect guesses are marked with yellow and green tiles, and it comes designed for classic play as well as three distinct variations.

The Rise of Wordle

The beginning of 2022 marked the emergence of Wordle, a simple daily word puzzle created by a computer programmer for his Crossword-loving partner that went crazy viral and was eventually purchased by The New York Times for $1 million.

The phrase “Wordle today hint” garners upwards of 300,000 monthly searches and it’s become a daily staple for millions of users around the world.

The Board Game

Now you can play unlimited rounds of Wordle with your family and friends together rather than solo with this new board game. It’s an analog version of the game where one player comes up with the word and the other players try to guess it in as few guesses as possible.

This game, like the original puzzle, looks fairly straightforward and simple — so it’s not likely to capture your attention for hours like other in-depth strategy games included on our best board games round-up. We should also note that you can play your own version of this game with just pen and paper, based on the setup and rules.

However, if you’re super fans of the daily word game and have someone who loves the latest board game on your gift list, then this is an exciting launch.