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A Deal (With the Devil) Worth Making: Black Label Coffee Is the World’s Strongest Brew

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If you’re like us, your day can’t actually begin without a cup of coffee. Sometimes it takes two, or even three, for those really rough mornings. And don’t forget the midday kickstart cup to ward off that afternoon slump.

What if you could narrow that down to one cup? A cup so powerful that it should come with a seatbelt and crash helmet. That would be Black Label from Devil Mountain Coffee, which has earned the title of the World’s Strongest Coffee.

Seriously, this joe is no joke. It has 1,555 ml of caffeine per 12 ounces. That’s just over three times the amount of caffeine in a cup of Starbucks Classics Caffe Mocha, nearly five and a half times the amount of caffeine as Red Bull, nearly three times the amount as Monster Energy Drink, and nearly thirteen times the amount in a can of Coke Classic. It’s designed to get you through your day, provided you can keep your feet on the ground.

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Courtesy of Amazon
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Courtesy of Amazon

That said, you would probably expect it to come with a brutal, caustic taste. Not so — Black Label is as smooth as your newly-energized morning, with a full-bodied, rich and savory taste. It’s a very pleasant dark roast without too much bitterness and, shockingly, without the jitters.

Still not sure if you’re ready to strap yourself to this liquid rocket? Here’s little perspective for you. That can of Red Bull you may be relying on to get you over the midday hump has 37 grams of sugar in it, along with god-knows-what in the way of unpronounceable artificial ingredients. You get the boost, but at what cost?

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Black Label, on the other hand, only has whatever sugar you add to it. As for its ingredients? Coffee beans, USDA-certified organic.

As with all things which pack a more powerful than normal punch, we recommend easing your way into Black Label. Maybe start by cutting it with your normal coffee at first and seeing how your body reacts to the added caffeine. You can also try the single-serving Keurig-ready of Black Label Coffee. Work your way up gradually, and definitely do not assume you can just make this part of your existing 3- or 4-cup per day habit. Once you narrow your coffee intake, replace the rest of your daily beverages with water. Now you’re alert and hydrated!

If you’re ready to fire up your mental engines for the whole day with just one cup of coffee, you may be ready to make a deal with the devil. At $20 per one-pound bag, the price is right in line with other small-batch specialty coffees, this is a good deal to make.