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8-Ball Premium Chocolate Whiskey Has Rolled Out a Chocolate-Flavored Whiskey for Those Who Like to Drink Their Dessert

New West Coast distiller 8-Ball is rolling out a new spirit: a chocolate-flavored whiskey. Bottled in San Diego, California, the chocolate-like hue comes from smooth American whiskey that’s blended with rich chocolate and then aged in select barrels. The tasting notes are a combination of both oak and brown sugar, with a rich and smooth taste. We’ll take a heavy pour of this.

Any sort of blended or flavored spirit is more than likely left to those with adventurous tastes. More often than not, these blends can lead to one particular note overpowering the rest of the spirit, leaving those drinking it one of two experiences: they either can’t taste the flavor of the flavored spirit or that flavor is so overwhelming that it doesn’t feel like you’re enjoying a glass of your favorite liquor. In short, it often creates a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. However, we’ve seen there’s a definite market for these kinds of spirits — so if they’re done right they can be a monumental hit. 

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Courtesy of 8-ball

There aren’t a ton of reviews out there yet as it’s new on the market, however early reviews have praised the spirit for finding that pitch-perfect balance between the two competing tastes, citing a “smooth” balance that definitely tastes like chocolate, while still getting a good balance of that whiskey feel. Other reviews have mentioned that it’s not full of that syrup taste that can come from other blended spirits, which means that it’s probably just as good on its own as it would be in a cocktail or in a cup of coffee. Regardless, if you’re looking to try something truly bold and new, 8-Ball might be the next big thing—which makes now the perfect time to get in on the ground floor.

Sold mainly in San Diego (with a handful of online retailers carrying the concoction), 8-Ball is sure to find a niche over the holidays. After all, the only thing better than whiskey and coffee is whiskey and mocha. And if ever there was a way to upgrade hot cocoa on a cold, wintery morning, it’s with a little splash of 8-Ball. At 66 proof, 8-Ball’s chocolate flavored whiskey has enough punch to knock you on the couch for your upcoming holiday movie marathon, and keep you cozy all season long.

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Courtesy of 8 Ball