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Let’s Get Snacking With Your Favorite On-the-Go Meat: Beef Jerky

Alright, we get that it’s 2021 now and your main priority is to focus on that quarantine gut of yours and get that body back into tiptop shape, but hear us out: beef jerky. Sorry, but somebody had to remind you.

Beef jerky is unintentionally somehow one of the most delicious (and not to mention, easiest) ways to chow down on meat. Choosing beef jerky allows you to bring beef on-the-go, the way you really can’t with your typical filet mignon, although we wish we could. And honestly, it isn’t even all that bad for you. Beef jerky is packed with protein which helps with weight loss because it digests slower than carbs, so you’ll feel more full faster and longer. People on Keto, Atkins and even Whole30 diets even prioritize beef jerky as a healthy snack in their diets because it ain’t cheating. Take that, bread.

When it comes to beef jerky, you might be stuck on the classics like Jack Link’s, Slim Jim and whatever your Uncle Carl’s been making out of his basement for the past 20 years. You don’t question any of them, they’re all delicious, but there are so many more beef jerky brands you have to try out in 2021 if you consider yourself a beef jerky superfan.

Behold, the best beef jerky that you need to try for yourself in 2021.


1. Country Archer Beef Jerky


In terms of flavor, it doesn’t get much better than Country Archer. This grass-fed beef jerky is drenched in a delicious gluten-free tamari soy sauce that’s packed with flavor and will have you craving more once the bag is finished. Thankfully, each bag is filled with one full pound of meaty goodness, so you can savor these to make ’em last more than a couple of days. This stuff is as gourmet as beef jerky can get, it’s made with 100% organic ingredients without any hormones or antibiotics. Each serving is only 70 calories and contains 11g of protein.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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2. Chomps Trial Pack


When you think of stick beef jerky, there’s a good chance your brain automatically brings you to the checkout line at 7/11 eyeing up the Slim Jims. If you can’t get enough of stick jerky, we understand why — it’s tasty, easy to munch and packed with protein. But, Slim Jims are packed with a hell of a lot of unpronounceable ingredients which is never trustworthy. Chomps are a great stick jerky alternative that contain 9-10g of protein, 0g of sugar and are only 60-100 calories per stick. Not to mention, the taste low-key blows any Slim Jim flavor out of the water. In this variety pack, you’ll snag one of each Chomps flavor, including original beef, jalapeño, Italian, sea salt, cranberry habanero, turkey, jalapeño turkey and salt & pepper venison. Beat that, Slim Jim.

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Courtesy of Chomps


3. Stryve Biltong


With 16g of protein, Strye Biltong is in a beef jerky world of its own. This sugar-free, zero-carb, gluten-free, no-nitrate, no-MSG and no-preservatives jerky is completely keto and paleo-friendly and is quite honestly packed with so much care, we had to catch our breath after explaining what’s not included in each piece. This is an easy snack to bring on hikes with pals or to leave in your car when you’re feeling a bit hangry on your commute back from work. You’ll never want to go back to regular beef jerky ever again.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Alewel’s Country Meats Jerky Jackpot Gift Box


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what’s better than gifting your favorite meat-loving Val-pal a gift box they can scarf down in just a couple of days? Alewel’s Country Meats is known nationwide for its award-winning jerkies that have been a Missouri favorite since 1932. This gift basket includes a slew of favorites, featuring shapes like logs and regular jerkies in flavors ranging from sweet teriyaki to jalapeño and cheese.

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Courtesy of Goldbelly


5. Brooklyn Biltong Beef Jerky


Biltong is known to be more tender than any other beef jerky. People normally think of this meat as the prosciutto of beef jerky given its outrageous texture created through a super-slow drying process that originates from South Africa. Though this is our second biltong option on the list, this one’s definitely got the tenderness factor down pat in a way no other brand does. So, if you’re looking for a jerky that might literally melt in your mouth, this is the one.

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. Mancrates Caveman Crate


Here at SPY, we absolutely adore Mancrates for the sheer amount of junk stuffed into each and every box. While there are a number of Mancrates to choose from that range from the likes of beer crates to zombie survival, you can’t go wrong with the Caveman Crate when it comes to jerky-loving dudes. This crate is packed with four different jerky types for the ultimate jerky pu-pu platter and even has two different nut types to throw into the mix. You genuinely can’t go wrong with this one if you’re looking for the perfect gift for any occasion.

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Courtesy of Mancrates


7. Mission Meats Tasty Original 100% Grass-Fed Beef Jerky


A quick snack after a workout is an idea that should never be put to rest, most dieticians even recommend it. Mission Meats’ delicious grass-fed beef jerky should be your go-to after your next pump. It’s delicious, packed with protein and contains ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen. What are you waiting for, bro? Give it a shot.

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Courtesy of Mission Meats


8. Primal Spirit Vegan Jerky


You know we couldn’t leave you veg-heads out of the loop. Although it technically isn’t considered beef, this “beef” jerky is the best alternative for vegans that miss that dried meaty goodness. It’s made with 10g of plant-based protein, which is absolutely nuts for a vegan snack. Quite literally, this vegan jerky is giving regular beef jerky brands a run for their money in terms of high protein. This pack features six delicious flavors, including hickory-smoked, teriyaki, Texas BBQ, hot & spicy/sweet & savory, Thai peanut and Mesquite lime. Grab yours now and get snackin’.

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Courtesy of Amazon


9. Moku Jerky


Again, this beef jerky isn’t technically “beef” but it’s made from mushrooms and while the texture is a little different, the taste is on point. Spy’s E-Commerce Editor Taylor Galla was sent a sample of this stuff to try and said it’s as close to real jerky as you’re going to get in the plant world. It’s made with cracked black pepper, onion and garlic and is packed with four grams of protein and seven grams of fiber. It’s also gluten-free, soy free, vegan and non GMO.

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Courtesy of Moku