Affordable And Sturdy Beer Mugs? We’ll Drink To That

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While there’s a lot of tradition and etiquette around the best glasses to serve wine and cocktails in, the rules on beer are a lot shakier. There are some guides on the best beer mugs for specific beers, but that kind of knowledge is a lot more niche and less well known than, for example, the difference between a martini glass and a highball glass. That’s why a lot of beer drinkers just enjoy their favorite stouts and ales in whatever kind of glass they’re used to.

One of the most popular kinds of beer glasses are the tried and true mugs. They’re the kind you’d find at Oktoberfest — they’re typically heavy, tall, and feature a large handle. Among their major appeals is that their thickness provides some insulation to keep the beer cold. The added benefit of the weight and shape is that they’re harder to knock over than a pilsner or stemmed glass, which have smaller bases than mouths. Plus, mugs hold a lot of beer, so they’re perfect for filling up and kicking back without having to regularly get up to get another beer. There was even a researcher who suggested that a heavier glass makes the drinker feel like the beverage tastes better.

Whether you want a beer mug for your favorite IPA, or just a general use glass for water, tea, and soda, these are some of our favorite beer mugs on Amazon.

1. Libbey Heidelberg Glass Beer Mugs

These traditional beer mugs come in a set of 4, and they feature a paneled design. Each glass holds 16 oz, which is the same size as a long-neck beer bottle. They’re also sturdy and dishwasher safe. A double-wall insulated bottom prevents too much condensation from forming on the bottom of the glass.

Pros: Set of 4, heavyweight and sturdy. Dishwasher safe.

Cons: Curved bottom of the mug means that it stores water when washed in a dishwasher.

libbey beer mug Amazon

2. HB”Hofbrauhaus Munchen” Glass Beer Stein

There’s no clear consensus as to why some beer mugs are made with dimples, but you can’t deny that it looks nice. The glass mug is named for one of the most iconic taverns in Munich, and is designed to mirror what is served at Hofbrauhaus Munich. The glass has a sizable 1-liter capacity and weighs nearly 3 pounds.

Pros: Evokes the iconic Hofbrauhaus Munich, holds 1 liter, features eye-catching dimpled design.

Cons: Label can fade over time. Only includes 1 glass.

HB beer mug Amazon

3. Anchor Hocking Beer Mugs Set

These beer mugs have a large handle that extends well beyond the body of the mug, making for a comfortable grip for those with big hands. The bottom has a paneled design, and the base of the glass has a double-walled design, preventing condensation from forming on the bottom.

Pros: 6 glasses are included, holds a substantial 20 oz.

Cons: Seamed edge of the handle is somewhat rough.

anchor hocking beer mug Amazon