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The Best Alcohol Delivery Services To Ensure You’ll Never Be Without Your Favorite Booze

If you haven’t delved into the world of alcohol delivery as of yet, you might be wondering — is that even possible? Is it even legal? The answer is, in many states, yes it is — and boy, is it glorious.

Wondering how alcohol delivery works exactly? Well, it’s actually quite simple. You order your favorite bottle of liquor, champagne, wine or beer online or via an app, and then present your ID upon delivery for scanning so they can ensure you are, in fact, 21 or older.

There are also more traditional ground shipping options and things like wine subscription services available, but we’ll save that discussion for another time. This post is all about the best alcohol delivery with on-demand service.

That said, the following alcohol delivery services are up and running in most major cities, allowing you to entertain friends or restock your bar without ever having to leave the house. 

Now, it’s time to take advantage of our increasingly convenient world and sit on your tush while your booze comes to you.




When it comes to alcohol delivery, Drizly’s got it down. They are without a doubt our favorite on-demand alcohol delivery service. Not only are they fast, 60 minutes or less for most orders, but they’ve also got one of the largest online selections of on-demand booze. They have all the group favorites and liquor staples you’re used to seeing, but they’ve also got local picks from each area they’re in — including local breweries, tasting rooms, and distilleries.

Check out Drizly for an easy, dependable service that most likely has exactly what you’re looking for.

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Saucey is another alcohol delivery app that works on-demand in many major U.S. cities and offers two-day ground shipping in California and New York. The one differentiating factor? Speed. Saucey delivers in as little as 30 minutes so your pregame won’t be delayed if someone forgot the tequila. They’ve got the classic crowd favorites, local picks depending on your location, and even seasonal liquors for celebrating special times of the year.

Find out if you’ve got Saucey in your neighborhood and learn more here.

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Courtesy of Saucey




Minibar is another option for alcohol delivery straight to your door. They recently joined the same-day delivery game, providing a wide selection of beer, wine and liquor for your home on-demand. They also offer cocktail recipes and the ability to book a bartender for your next event on their website. They’ve also got a Drink & Do Good program where they partner with a different charity each month and support organizations helping people in need.

Check out their selection and see if they’re available in your area on their website here.

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Courtesy of Minibar




Swill offers a wide variety of wine and spirits available for delivery in an hour or less. They don’t mark up prices on their site or app and offer the option of creating an account so you can save your favorites and order round two faster. They also have a commercial section on their site that deals exclusively with larger deliveries for office happy hours, stocking the kitchen, and events. They’ll work directly with your office on the type of booze you need and offer easy ordering and invoicing.

Check them out for your home order or larger work event here.

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Courtesy of SWILL




That’s right, Doordash, the app you know and love for food delivery, also delivers alcohol. Check out the “alcohol near me” section and discover which places around you will also bag up and ship out their booze straight to you. Make sure you’ve got your ID ready when they show up at your door and be ready to enjoy your happy hour without ever leaving the apartment.

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Courtesy of Doordash




Another fan favorite for food delivery that also happens to deliver booze! Postmates your local liquor store or restaurant for your go-to cocktail and get it delivered quickly right to your door. If this is your usual app for food delivery, rest assured knowing you don’t need to download another app and can just use this one for your next online happy hour as well. The app also saves your purchase history so you can repeat order your favorite brew or bottle again and again.

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Courtesy of Postmates


Total Wine & More


Total Wine & More is an amazing option for purchasing both wine and liquor. To date, they offer same-day delivery for $6.99 in 19 states and also provide beer, ciders, hard seltzers and more on-demand. Check here to see if Total Wine & More delivers to your area.

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Courtesy of Total Wine