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Let Your Booze Come to You With These Alcohol Subscription Services

Our world is becoming increasingly efficient and available to us at all times. We can order pretty much anything for delivery whenever we need it, and with direct-to-consumer marketing strategies becoming more effective, machines and data sometimes serve us what we want before we knew we wanted it. It’s a bit unnerving, but also kind of … convenient?

Whether we like it or not, data is helpful in learning about ourselves and our preferences, as well as in narrowing down our choices so we don’t get overwhelmed. Subscription services take a bit of data from you and curate a custom experience every month tailored to your individual tastes. And best of all, they deliver it direct to your door.

If you’ve ever gone to the liquor store and not known where to start, you’re not alone. You could become a connoisseur of whiskey, gin or vodka and do hours of research, narrowing down your favorites after years of tasting and cocktail batching. Or, you could get a subscription service that will help you sample, test and narrow down your choices to a select few. You’ll never suffer from analysis paralysis at your local liquor store again.

Here are the best alcohol subscription services that will bring the right alcohol for you to you for just a little extra every month. You’ll never go without your favorite rye whiskey or need to make an “emergency run” to the store ever again. Plus, we bet you’ll discover some new favorites along the way.


1. Flaviar


Flaviar is a full-service alcohol subscription service that does everything from sending samples and complimentary bottles to hosting booze-themed educational events. If you’re interested in opening up your taste buds to a whole new world of spirits, let these folks be your guide.

Every quarter you’ll receive a full tasting box, one full bottle of a given spirit, member pricing in their online liquor store and more. They’ve got access to spirits you can’t buy anywhere and even collaborate with some of your favorite brands on special Flaviar bottles.

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Frequency: Quarterly

Price: $25.00/month when billed annually; $31.67/month when billed quarterly

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Courtesy of @Flaviar


2. SaloonBox Curated Cocktails


If you’re interested in becoming the go-to bartender for your friend group and developing your bartending skills, SaloonBox is a great service to check out. They curate and deliver craft cocktails created by designated bartenders on their team each month for you and a friend to try. Each box includes everything you need to make the delicious drinks including instructions, ingredients and the alcohol itself. Each month focuses on a different type of liquor from a different region. Meanwhile, the box includes two different cocktail recipes and supplies to make two of each drink. It’s perfect to enjoy with a partner or roommate as you fine tune your mixology skills.

Frequency: Monthly

Price: $49.00/month when billed annually

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Courtesy of @saloonbox


3. Mash & Grape Club


Mash & Grape’s alcohol shelves are some of the deepest we’ve ever seen. Even if you’ve never heard of a liquor brand, chances are they have and they’ve got opinions about it. They’re the masters of opening your eyes to new and obscure booze so if you’re ready to go on an adventure, join their club.

If you already know what you like, that helps even more. You tell them which alcohols you prefer (whiskey, scotch, bourbon, gin or tequila) and each month they’ll send you an expertly curated bottle. You’ll learn all about world-class and independent distillers and what makes their alcohol uniquely worthwhile.

Frequency: Monthly

Price: $44.00/month for gin; $54.00/month for tequila; $54.00/month for rum; $69.00/month for bourbon; $69.00/month for whiskey; $79.00/month for scotch

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Courtesy of @mashandgrape


4. Cocktail Courier


If you’re ready to make some delicious cocktails for you and your friends, the Cocktail Courier is the way to go. They source from 30,000 local, professional bartenders who are making the freshest most delicious seasonal cocktails that’ll satisfy your craving and help you flex your mixology skills in the process.

Cocktail Courier has a regularly rotating cocktail menu to choose from so you’ll never get tired of their recipes. And regardless of your spirit of choice, they have cocktails to satisfy your tastes. You can sign up a la carte or get a subscription box and get a new kit each month delivered right to your door. Some cocktails currently on their menu are the Grey Goose French Passion, Original Margarita and Bacardi Rum Banana Daiquiri.

Frequency: Monthly

Price: $29.99 for Just the Mix kit with no alcohol; $49.99 for the Classic Kit

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Courtesy of The Cocktail Courier


5. Crafted Taste


If you’re looking for a delicious way to entertain and serve drinks to a lot of people, Crafted Taste is the way to go. They’ve got fun, delicious themed cocktail kits that can be purchased a la carte or subscribed to monthly. Each month features locally sourced ingredients and alcohol from their Crafted Taste partners. You can choose to just subscribe to their mixers box, get the full kits with alcohol included or bump up your subscription to their premium selection. You can also choose between a month to month subscription membership or to buy 3, 6 or 12 months in advance.

Each kit includes enough materials to make 12-16 delicious themed drinks so you’ll be covered for your next dinner party or larger cocktail hour.

Frequency: Monthly

Price: $100.00/month for mixers only; $150.00/month for full kits; $200.00/month for their premium upgraded kits.

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Courtesy of @craftedtaste


6. Simple Times Mixers


When it comes to making a good cocktail, the mixers are key. So if you’ve got your favorite alcohol brands down and are just looking for someone to help you out with finding what to mix them with — Simple Times Mixers makes sense for you.

Simple Times Mixers have fresh ingredients home grown in Ohio and made into high-quality mixers that are gluten free and vegan for your au-natural friends. They’re all about bringing the farm to your shaker in as seamless a way as possible. If you join their club you’ll receive a monthly box with a 32oz seasonal mixer as well as a members-exclusive 16oz mixer. Combine the two with your favorite booze and you’ve got enough for 15 freshly mixed cocktails that will taste like you harvested and juiced the fruit right in your own kitchen.

Frequency: Monthly

Price: $34.99/month for single month; $99.99 for three-month prepay; $179.99 for six-month prepay

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Courtesy of @simpletimesmixers


7. Taster’s Club


If you know what you like and want to receive that alcohol each month, join the Taster’s Club. You can choose which club you join — wine, spirit or whiskey — and they’ll take it from there. They’re all about bringing you closer to the hardest-to-find spirits and delivering them right to your door. They have one of the widest selections of liquor-specific clubs out there. Whether you love bourbon, whiskey, gin, rum, vodka or wine, there’s something for you in the Taster’s Club.

You can also choose the “Stock the Bar” membership that will deliver a selection of liquor to you each month so you’ll have all of your bases covered. There are some restrictions in terms of where they can ship alcohol across state lines so be sure to check their website before making up your mind about which club is for you.

Frequency: Monthly

Price: Varies by liquor

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Courtesy of @tastersclub


8. The Original Craft Beer Club 


Beer is one of the most expansive worlds in the liquor space and if you’re ready to explore it, join the Original Craft Beer Club. They’ve got a monthly subscription box curated with a selection of brews from plenty of small, artisan craft breweries. They take traditional ingredients and use creative techniques to bring out interesting flavors and unique brewed experiences for you, their dedicated test subject.

Each box from the Original Craft Beer Club includes 12 craft beers of four different styles from two different breweries, three cans of each. You’ll have just enough to enjoy of the ones you like without too many of the ones that aren’t your favorite. They also include a newsletter as well as their complete craft beer selection available on their site.

Frequency: Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly

Price: $43.00/month

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Courtesy of @originalcraftbeerclub


9. Firstleaf Wine Club


If you’re serious about how much you love wine then Firstleaf Wine Club is the option for you. 92% of their selection of wines is award-winning so you’re pretty much guaranteed to get something good. They start you off with a personality quiz, and use your preferences and their analysis of hundreds of wines to pair you with blends they know you’ll love. They’ve got over 500,000 customer ratings to help with their selection and an extensive inventory to choose from.

Firstleaf eliminates the middle man to save you nearly 60% off of retail, plus if any wines come in your box that you don’t enjoy they’ll refund you 100% of your money and let you keep the bottle. The more you try and rate their selections, the more you refine your profile in their eyes, and the closer you’ll get to consistent wines you really love. You can choose between reds, whites or a blend of both.

Frequency: Monthly

Price: Starts at $39.95/month

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Courtesy of @firstleafwineclub


10. VineBox


If you’re less of a wine drinker and more of a wine sampler, we see you. That’s why we’re highlighting VineBox — an alcohol subscription service that’s dedicated to providing you with high-quality wine tasters you can sample each month to learn about your preferences. Each box contains nine different wines by the glass for you to try throughout the month and members receive credits towards full-sized bottles with each purchase.

They’ve got seasonally-picked wine from all over the globe that they pour into samples for you to try. They hand-pick every wine in their collection and save only the best of the best for their members. With this membership, you never have to buy a bottle of wine without tasting it ever again and risk the disappointing toss down the sink. Choose from their expertly curated wine tasting boxes and whittle down your preferences so you’re always ready to choose a favorite at a restaurant, liquor store or vineyard.

Frequency: Monthly

Price: Starting at $79.00/month for the Vineyard Fresh box.

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Courtesy of @getvinebox


11. American Cocktail Club


If you’ve got a partner who also enjoys a cocktail hour or two at the end of the work day, the American Cocktail Club is a perfect addition to your household. It’s free to join, and each month you’ll receive a high-quality cocktail kit and easy instructions for making something delicious. You can choose to receive the box with or without the alcohol. Each box includes everything you need to make four servings of the drink of choice, from the carbonated mixer to the garnish. They’re all about helping you make bar-worthy drinks at home with little or no mixology skills. Learn the craft of making great cocktails at your own pace using their top-notch materials and share the experience with your S.O.

Frequency: Monthly

Price: $44.99/month for the Everything box; $34.99/month for the Everything But the Booze Box

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Courtesy of @americancocktailclub


12. Curious Elixirs


If you enjoy the art of cocktail-making without the actual booze, check out Curious Elixirs. They’re all about making non-alcoholic cocktails delicious, fun and most importantly, convenient for you. Each cocktail kit is handmade using only the highest-quality ingredients in the Hudson Valley, with no added sugar to boot. They’ve got no artificial ingredients and only use organic juices, herbs, botanicals, spices and roots to make their great-tasting drinks that won’t leave you hungover in the morning.

The company has a team of food scientists, master bartenders and herbalists crafting the recipes for their various “Curious” creations, each with their own bold, unique flavor. Join their club and you’ll receive a monthly variety pack of either four or 12 bottles of their cocktails designed to be enjoyed and savored. There’s no commitment when you join and you can cancel at any time.

Frequency: Monthly

Price: $29.00/month for four bottles (eight cocktails); $79.00/month for 12 bottles (24 cocktails)

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Courtesy of @curiouselixirs