Push Your PB to the Back of Your Pantry & Give Almond Butter a Shot in 2021

BARNEY Almond Butter, best almond butter
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Peanut butter has been a long-time favorite of ours. From school lunches as a child to post-workout smoothies as an adult, we’ve found a way to incorporate peanut butter into just about anything. Breakfasts, lunches, desserts, hell — even dinner. Have you ever made a DIY spicy Thai PB sauce for dipping beef skewers? Your loss, my friend, your loss.

As the world is changing, though, so are foods. Just take milk as a solid example. Not only are there various cow milks to choose from, but also non-dairy options such as soy milk, almond milk and more recently, oat milk. The same thing is happening in the world of our favorite nut spreads and they’re quite literally giving the best peanut butter a run for its money. One of our all-time favorite PB alternatives? Almond butter. Through and through.

Almond butter is essentially the same exact thing as peanut butter, they just use almonds instead of peanuts. For the most part, almond butter has the same use peanut butter does. Put it on toast, on top of desserts, in smoothies, in oatmeal, you can dip apples in it — whatever. It’s simply a spreadable nut option with a delicious taste. And potentially the best part of all, it gives people with peanut allergies the potential to experience the tastiness of nutty spreads the same way we’ve been since we were kids.

Whether you’re a peanut-free person looking for a way to get in on the nutty action or simply someone who’s looking for a peanut butter alternative just for funsies, check out these scrumptious almond butters below. Fair warning: your mouth is going to water.


1. BARNEY Almond Butter


We can’t even express how insanely delicious BARNEY almond butter is. It hits your tastebuds in a way no other almond butter can and has the smoothest, creamiest consistency we’ve ever experienced in an almond butter. BARNEY uses skin-free, Cali almonds for an extra-fine, buttery texture that has zero grit whatsoever. There is no added sugar or salt included and each jar uses only two ingredients total. Got yourself a couple of allergies? Don’t fret. BARNEY is totally peanut-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and egg-free.

BARNEY Almond Butter, best almond butter Courtesy of Amazon


2. Almondee California Almond Butter


One! Ingredient! Only! Yes, you read that right. Almondee California almond butter quite literally uses one ingredient to create this simple, delicious almond butter perfect for toast, smoothies, oatmeal, shakes and more. Almondee California is the purest way to spread almond butter and creates one of the most guilt-free products on the market, period. Each jar holds an excellent amount of protein and are even used by the paleo and keto communities.

Almondee California Almond Butter, best almond butter Courtesy of Amazon


3. Justin’s Maple Almond Butter


Your taste buds aren’t ready for this one. Justin’s maple almond butter is bursting with a breakfast-centric tang of maple you won’t stop craving each and every morning. Each jar only contains on the highest quality of ingredients, including dry roasted almonds, maple sugar, organic palm fruit oil and sea salt to provide a deliciously sweet alternative to other almond butter options on the market. Dip apples, spread on pancakes or even bake into delicious baked goods the whole family will love. With six additional flavors to choose from and single packs perfect for kids’ lunches, you won’t be able to get enough of Justin’s.

Justin's Maple Almond Butter Courtesy of Amazon


4. Once Again Organic Almond Butter


For those who like a little more grit in their nut butters, One Again’s organic almond butter is right up your alley. Each jar has just the right amount of crunch you’re craving on your banana and almond butter toast each morning. One Again solely uses carefully selected, organic almonds that they lightly toast to create a crunchy, goopy almond butter you can’t stop munching on. Note that One Again is totally salt-free and unsweetened so the flavor will be quite different from the majority of almond butters you may have tried out in the past. But, hey, we’re sure you’re going to love it regardless.

Once Again Organic Almond Butter Courtesy of Amazon


5. Left Coast Keto Almond Butter


A keto-friendly, creamy almond butter blended with included macadamia nuts? Sign us up. Left Coast’s keto almond butter is a decadent blend that uses the powerhouse of all tree nuts in its concoction to help lower blood pressure, help lose weight and reduce inflammation. Yeah, macadamia nuts can really do all that. Each jar ensures that there is no added sugar, making this a great low-carb, keto snack perfect for drizzling on top yogurts and smoothies. Left Coast is also hand-grinded in Oregon to achieve ultimate smoothness in each and every jar.

Left Coast Keto Almond Butter Courtesy of Amazon


6. Artisana Organics Raw Almond Butter


If you want anything else included in your almond butter, look the other way. Nothing but 100% organic almonds to see here. Artisana Organics’ doesn’t roast, toast or cook their almonds before creating their almond butter. This jar is filled with totally raw almonds, just the way nature intended them to be. It’s as simple as it gets. All almonds are ethically sourced from family farms that fit into a multitude of food-based lifestyle choices, too. So no matter your dietary restrictions, there’s a good chance you can eat this almond butter as long as you aren’t allergic to almonds.

Artisana Organics Raw Almond Butter Courtesy of Amazon


7. Wild Soil Almond Butter


If we were to tell you that Wild Soil’s almond butter was superior to all organic almond butters out there, would you believe us? Probably not, considering that for most, organic is as good as it gets. Well, we’re here to tell you that organic isn’t as good as it gets. This unique brand is made from specially-grown almonds in a patent-pending proprietary farming method that uses biodiverse and productive soil without any class one pesticides or herbicides. This growing process changes the taste as well as the health benefits provided by the almonds, all in all creating some of the most unique tree nut products on the whole planet.

Wild Soil Almond Butter Courtesy of Amazon


8. Trail Butter Spiced Chai Almond Butter


Using nothing but natural ingredients, Trail Butter was able to create an almond-cashew blended butter that replicates your go-to morning beverage: spiced chai. Yeah, that means this nut butter is created without any added sugar, so all of the sweet flavors are naturally occurring. This drink-mimicking almond-cashew butter blend pairs with just about anything from fruits to bread to veggies to baked goods to oatmeal. Whatever you want to make, you can make it with Trail Butter.

Trail Butter Spiced Chai Almond Butter Courtesy of Amazon