Bring the Brewskis In Style With These Great Beer Caddies

cool beer caddies
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You don’t show up to a (socially distanced) party empty-handed, do you? If you’re like us, you come lugging a six-pack. Something high-end maybe, or a pick-six variety pack to please everyone? Or perhaps you’re a homebrewer and you want to share your tasty wares with your friends? Whatever you decide to bring to the gathering, you don’t want to tote it along in a cardboard box that’s just going to get soggy as the beer sweats and then lie on the table as just one more thing for your host to clean up.

Be the guy who shows up with the best beers in the best presentation: your trusty and reusable beer caddy. Class up the party, and depending on what beer caddy you opt for, keep the cold ones cold, or make your refill trip a one-stop-shopping excursion with a built-in opener. And when the party’s over, bring it home and reload for the next gathering, or just to keep handy for yourself when you’re sitting on the deck or by the fire pit.

And don’t hog all the glory — cool beer caddies are a great gift for a fellow beer lover, and a great way to ensure that when you’re the one throwing the next party, there’s going to be a very nice six-pack showing up and one less soggy cardboard box to toss.


1. Personalized Handcrafted Beer Caddy


We love this awesome custom beer caddy, which comes with a personalized message on the side and a unique nylon rope handle. Tell us you wouldn’t be stoked to get a great caddy like this as a groomsman’s gift or wedding gift? Handcrafted with pine by veterans from upstate New York, this personalized beer caddy comes with its own vintage bottle opener firmly affixed to the outside. It’s a terrific way to say thank you to the friends who are close enough to you that you asked them to stand at your wedding. It’s also a great gift for pretty much any occasion — weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, you name it. For an extra special touch, you can fill up those six slots with your favorite summer beers. No matter the occasion, this personalized beer caddy is the perfect present.

personalized beer caddy Courtesy of Amazon

2. Foldable Make Your Own Six-Pack Caddy


Here’s a cool trick — a beer caddy that fold down nearly flat when empty. This awesome gadget is the brainchild of East Coaster-turned-Oregonian Nate Betteker, who must have gotten the inspiration to create such an ingenious beer caddy when he arrived in the brew-friendly Pacific Northwest. It’s truly a cool design, and with a construction of birch wood, rugged nylon straps, and steel studs to hold it all together, this caddy will carry the six-packs of your making for years to come. It’s hard to say which will get more praise, your beers or your one-of-a-kind foldable caddy.

Uncommon goods foldable beer caddy Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

3. Legacy Six-Bottle Beer Caddy with Integrated Bottle Opener


We love this rugged-looking yet sleek caddy from Legacy, and so to the Amazon reviewers who have given it an average 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Absolutely everything here works, from the waxed-canvas exterior in khaki green or brown, the padded liner which is removable for cleaning or storage, and the adjustable shoulder strap. The fact that you can take out the bottles without opening the top flap is an inspired move. But best of all is the included bottle opener which sits at the end of a retractable metal cord, and also has its own side pocket. Does not get in the way, and you’ll never lose it. Genius stuff. The Legacy looks great and works even better.

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4. Beer Is A Journey Neoprene Six-Pack Carrier


When you want a cold one, you want a cold one. Sometimes the last guy to the table at the BYO party ends up with the lukewarm bottles, and even the really good ones just aren’t as tasty when they’re room temp. The well-named company Beer Is a Journey comes strong to the party with this extra-insulated neoprene carrier which keeps your brew cold for hours. The thick padding also keeps your bottles (or cans, because they fit too) from jangling together in transport, risking an explosive opening or, worse, breaking. The bottle opener sticks to the side of the carrier with velcro, which while not as secure as the metal cord on the Legacy is still a neat trick. The handle is a sturdy nylon covered in the same soft neoprene as the body. Great design, awesome results, strong recommend.

Neoprene Courtesy of Amazon

5. Carhartt Six-Pack Beverage Caddy


Carhartt’s been around since 1889, but the longtime maker of super-durable work clothes and outdoor gear has been making a huge mark recently by extending it brand into places you’d never expect. Like beer caddies! Here’s the famous Carhartt poly canvas and logo on a six-pack caddy that’s every bit as tough and reliable as the rest of the Carhartt line. The compartments are insulated and water resistant, stitched firmly in place, and the haul handle is padded for comfort. The entire thing weighs barely a pound when empty, and flattens down for easy storage. Maybe you’re hauling a sixer to a gathering, or to your pals at the worksite when the day’s over. Either way, your cold ones are safe and easily carried in this tough customer.

Carhartt Courtesy of Amazon

6. Farmhouse Jack Wine and Beer Caddy


Here’s an amazing and highly versatile one to close out our list with. The Farmhouse Jack Wine and Beer Caddy is made of galvanized iron, so whether you’re using it to transport wine or beer bottles, there’s no chance it’ll give up and leave you with a mess of broken glass and spilled drinks. Top it with ice to keep the bottles nice and cold, and leave it out on a table and watch people come and give it long impressed looks. The handle folds down for easy loading and unloading of bottles. And with a look this unique and a construction this durable, it’s hardly just a caddy. Stand it up in your butler’s pantry or bar area and keep bottles there fulltime, or repurpose it as an organizer for pretty much anything. It has as many uses as you can think of, and it will bring a cool, unique, rustic look to anywhere you set it.

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