The Best Boxed Wines To Buy Instead of Bottles

Best boxed wine
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If you’ve got an aversion to boxed wine, it might be because you haven’t tried the best boxed wine available. We’re about to change that.

If you’re an American wine drinker, chances are that you’ve never really thought about how your wine is packaged. You’ve just always assumed that the best wines come in a bottle, just like chips come in a bag or juice in a carton. However, outside the US, there’s a growing movement for enjoying boxed wine instead of bottled, and there’s a good reason behind the trend.

We feel confident in saying that at least a glass or two of wine is going to be consumed as we continue on through 2020. Granted, it’s hard to imagine that boxed wine is ever going to replace the classy appearance of a fancily shaped glass bottle as a gift, but when it comes to casual consumption, there are plenty of reasons the best boxed wines should be on your radar.

David Bradley
6 months
These kinds of recommendations are useful, but I'd appreciate a category of "Best Old-World-style Red Wine." Most...

David Bradley
6 months
These kinds of recommendations are useful, but I’d appreciate a category of “Best Old-World-style Red Wine.” Most…

So, why is boxed wine better? For starters, when you uncork a bottle of wine, you have around a week until it spoils. Compare this with wine in a box, which comes stored in a vacuum-sealed bag, and you will find that boxed wine can last between four to six weeks. Boxed wine also has an advantage when you think about how you store your wine in the fridge or cabinet. Bottles have certain restrictions and stack a lot less easily than boxes.

Another huge factor in favor of boxed wine is the environmental impact. It’s easy to assume that glass is the answer. But, once you add into the equation the cork, the bottle’s seal, the cardboard boxes for packaging and the emissions caused by shipping heavy bottles around the world, it’s not quite as straightforward as you may have once assumed. Boxed wine is easier to ship, comes in recyclable packaging and is generally sold in larger quantities, meaning there are fewer containers involved in the consumption process.

Finally, as boxed wine becomes more popular, the time has come to reassess its reputation. While cheap boxed wine may have been popular among your dormmates in college, there are plenty of premium boxed wines that would make a worthy replacement for your table wine of choice. Below, you’ll find a collection of the 10 best boxed wines available in the United States. From reds and whites to pre-mixed sangrias and blends, give your guests a boxed wine experience and education they won’t forget.


1. Black Box Red Elegance


Produced in the Black Box winery in California, the Black Box Red Elegance combines petite sirah, shiraz, merlot and zinfandel grapes. The result is a bold taste with hints of red and black fruit as well as underlying chocolate flavors. This California red blend is an ideal choice for wine enthusiasts who prefer a bite-free wine or anyone looking for a tasty pairing for beef, veal, lamb or poultry. The full-body, bold flavor makes this one of the best boxed wine brands available.

best boxed wine black boxCourtesy of Drizly


2. Bandit Pinot Grigio


This Bandit Pinot Grigio offers the delightful combination of a budget-friendly price and a taste you’ll love. It’s produced and boxed in Napa County and includes notes of green apple, citrus and peach. The refreshing experience pairs wonderfully with a range of foods, including cheeses, salads and other greens, too. Plus, the occasional hit of tartness keeps your taste buds awake and always eager for another sip. This 1L bottle is one of the best boxed wines for tailgates, camping trips and other adventures.

best boxed wine banditCourtesy of Drizly


3. Big House The Great Escape Chardonnay


The Big House The Great Escape Chardonnay won’t disappoint chardonnay and other dry white wine drinkers. This California-produced, full-body box offers a rich and velvety drinking experience you’ll enjoy time after time. Thanks to the size of this box, you will have more than enough to share with friends. It pairs well with fresh and soft cheeses, shellfish or meaty and oily fish. It’s one of the best boxed wines for happy hours and cocktail parties, in our humble opinion.

Big House The Great Escape ChardonnayCourtesy of


4. Wine Cube Pinot Grigio


Wine Cube is an award-winning brand producing delicious boxed California wine. Their Pinot Grigio box features hints of green apple and citrus. The box contains the equivalent of four bottles of wine and stays fresh for up to four weeks. If you like sweeter pinot grigios, then this may not be the wine for you, as it has a medium-to-dry finish.

wine cube pintoCourtesy of Target


5. Bota Box Nighthawk Black Red Blend


If the promise that this is one of the best red wines in a box isn’t enough to pique your interest in the Bota Box Nighthawk Black Red Blend, we’re not sure what will. The full-bodied rioja blend pairs well with a wide range of dishes, including lamb, pork and other heavily spiced foods. Inside every glass, you’ll find hints of vanilla accompanied by berry, fig, chocolate and marshmallow for a complex experience your taste buds will love.

best boxed wine bota boxCourtesy of Drizly


6. Bota Box Pinot Grigio


If you find yourself sitting down for a meal with salad, shellfish or any other kind of seafood, consider adding the Bota Box Pinot Grigio to the mix. It’s got playful aromas of white peach, nectarine, hints of lime and a light floral palate. It’s medium-bodied with ripe peach and nectarine flavors with a clean finish. It’s a refreshing drink for after an afternoon hike or paired with simple dinners like grilled chicken salad or adult mac n’ cheese.

Bota Box Pinot GrigioCourtesy of Drizly


7. Original House Wine Pinot Noir


With its appealing combination of ripe raspberry and earthy spice aromas, it’s little wonder the Original House Wine Pinot Noir is one of the most popular offerings on our list. It’s produced in the Chilean Central Valley and comes in a 3L box which is enough to get any party started. The fruity and light pinot noir can be enjoyed by itself for a relaxing evening, or it pairs well with a range of foods, including fish, duck and other game birds. Its popularity is not unfounded, it’s one of the best boxed wines available.

best boxed wine house wineCourtesy of Drizly


8. Maison Cubi Syrah Carignan


If you trust and rely on reviews for your purchasing decisions, then this is one of the best boxed wine brands you could pick. This Maison Cubi Syrah Carignan falls into that category and comes well recommended by all who have enjoyed this French-made wine. The dry, full-bodied drink falls into the earthy & spicy category, making it a great pairing for game birds, pork and duck. The large, 3L box also means there’s plenty to go around, making this a solid choice for evenings with friends.

Maison Cubi Syrah CarignanCourtesy of Drizly


9. Wine Cube Rosé


You might not think that Target’s signature wine box would actually taste good with aromas of watermelon and raspberry but the flavor is solid. It’s not too sweet and is perfectly refreshing for a picnic or weekend afternoon on the deck. The flavors are not artificial and the overall quality is high for its price point.

Wine Cube RoseCourtesy of Target


10. Bandit Chardonnay


Bandit Chardonnay is a dry, smooth, full-bodied versatile wine with tropical and citrus aromas. It’s perfect for enjoying during an impromptu celebration or barbecue in your backyard. It’s best enjoyed chilled with soft cheeses, shellfish or fatty meats.

Bandit ChardonnayCourtesy of Drizly


11. Vin Vault Chardonnay


This Vin Vault chardonnay is sweet and buttery from top to bottom with tiered aromas of sweet pear and baked apple. The taste of the bottle has layers of brown spice, toffee and lemon cream intertwined with caramel and the finish is long, smooth and lingering. The grapes for this wine are harvested at optimal ripeness when surrounding temperatures are low to preserve the fruity flavors and balance the acidity. The mouthfeel comes out of this process expressive, and the delicate caramel flavors come from a light oak influence in the fermentation process.

VIn Vault chardonnay, best boxed winesCourtesy of Drizly


12. Château Tassin Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc


This wine hails from one of the oldest medieval towns in Bordeaux, Rions. The vineyard focuses on sustainable agricultural practices, and their wine is one of the best boxed wines to enjoy with seafood, cheese and pasta with creamy sauce. The straw-colored blend has a fruity aroma with notes of pear and citrus. It’s a dry white with bold acidity and a sharp mineral quality to it.

Chateau Tassin Bordeaux Sauvignon BlancCourtesy of Fresh Direct


13. La Vieille Ferme Boxed Wine


This boxed wine brand is a rare triple threat where their red, white and boxed rosé wines are all worth trying. The white wine has hints of tropical fruits, banana and pineapple and a chalky mineral quality. The acid finish has a full-bodied mouthfeel that is sure to satisfy. Their boxed rosé is salmon pink with simple, straightforward flavors of strawberry, white peach and notes of prickly pear. More refined pallets will also pick up hints of Mediterranean herbs. Lastly, the red boxed wine is a softer red with earthy berry aromas and a bit of spice on the tip of the finish. This is one of the best boxed wine brands to turn to if you want a variety of wine types and flavors.

La Vieille Ferme Boxed wine, best boxed wineCourtesy of Ace Spirits



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