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Upgrade Your Cheese Game With the Best Cheese Boards on Amazon

When it comes to entertaining, you can never go wrong with a cheese tray. Whether you’re serving local gouda or trying out a delicious new brie, a cheese tray elevates an evening and makes even the most last-minute parties look like they’ve been planned for months.

Sure, you could throw some cheese on a regular plate for your guests, but cheese boards not only provide a more sophisticated serving option, but they’re also more practical. Many cheese boards come with a knife set that makes it easy for guests to serve themselves. Raised edges keep bread, crackers, nuts and fruit from sliding off the side of the board. Reusable signs provide a way to clearly label the food you’re serving, which is not only a courtesy to guests but also a safety precaution for those with food allergies.

Cheese boards often double as cutting boards, making them a useful item both for entertaining and daily use. We focused mainly on bamboo cheese boards because of their eco-friendly harvesting process, their durability, ease of cleaning, and timeless style, but there are plenty of high quality cheese boards to choose from here. For your next charcuterie and fromage plate, consider one of these handy serving boards.

Whether you’re planning a large party or stepping up your next evening of Netflix and Chill, these cheese boards are a must-have.

1. Max Moxie Cheese Board and Cutlery Set

For a board that can do it all and comes with everything you need for entertaining, we recommend the Max Moxie Cheese Board and Cutlery Set. The natural bamboo cutting board is designed with grooves for meat, crackers, nuts and more. Four stainless steel knives that are ideal for serving cheese and a variety of appetizers are conveniently located in a secret bottom drawer for easy storage and serving. Each board includes two slate labels and two pieces of chalk to be used to clearly label cheese types or allergy risks.

Pros: The Max Moxie includes two ceramic bowls that fit in the corner of the cutting board and are perfect for holding dips, nuts, fruit, toothpicks and more.

Cons: At over 6 lbs, the Max Moxie is one of the heaviest boards on our list.

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2. Villa Acacia Wooden Cheese Board

For a traditional looking board that will last for years, try the Villa Acacia Wooden Cheese Board. The Villa can be used as a cutting or serving board for cheese, bread and more. Crafted from the tropical wood Acacia and featuring a walnut-like finish, the board is made from FSC certified sustainable wood products. Safe for use with food in the kitchen, the Villa is easy to clean with soap and water. The Villa is available in four sizes, with the board shown here measuring 17” by 6” wide and with a 3” carrying handle for ease of serving.

Pros: The Villa includes a convenient hanging hole that makes it easy to store and display the board when not in use.

Cons: Unlike the other boards on our list, the Villa doesn’t come with any additional items like knives, bowls or labeling instruments.

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3. Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set

The Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set may look like a standard cheese board, but it features several cleverly hidden convenient features. The board’s built-in deep groove holds crackers, meats and nuts while also acting as a spill guard to catch liquids. The bamboo surface is gentle on knives, keeping them sharp without creating grooves on the board. The water-resistant board is easy to clean as are the four high-quality stainless steel knives with bamboo handles that are conveniently stored in the hidden tray under the cheeseboard.

Pros: The Bambusi is made from 100 percent nonporous organic bamboo which kills bacteria and microbes, making it a great material for food products.

Cons: The Bambusi comes with a big price tag. For smaller parties, this cheese board may have too many features.

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4. Royal Craft Wood Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

For a cutting board that is practical and durable enough to use every day but attractive enough to double as a serving tray when guests are over, we like the Royal Craft Wood Organic Bamboo Cutting Board. The board is made with high quality, eco-friendly bamboo, which won’t groove or dent over time and doesn’t dull knives. The built-in grooves catch water and juice for a tidy workspace. The water-resistant board won’t warp over time and naturally kills bacteria and microbes.

Pros: The Royal Craft has built-in side handles that make it easy to carry from the dinner table to the sink.

Cons: The Royal Craft does not include any knives.

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5. Zelancio Marble and Acacia Wooden Serving Cheese Board

Wood and marble are a natural combination, and these two natural materials complement each other perfectly. Case in point: the Zelancio Marble and Acacia Wooden Serving Cheese Board. This mid-size cheese board has an elegant design that will impress your guests and blend in perfectly with virtually any home decor or table setting. In addition, this six-piece set comes with everything you need to serve up your favorite cheeses. In addition to the cheese tray, you will also receive four serving knives and a magnetic wooden block for storing and displaying your serving knifes.

Pros: Because this board is made from natural materials — polished white marble and sustainably sourced Acacia wood — no two boards will look exactly alike. Comes with serving knives.

Cons: The Zelancio brand can is engraved on the board’s handle.

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