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Treat Your Partner With the 25 Best Chocolate Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2023

Chocolate is (and always will be) a staple of Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for tasteful decadence, and the right box of chocolate is a delicious way to show some love. A box of the best chocolate for Valentine’s Day is the perfect gift for a platonic friend or relative, and it also works great as a gift for your sweetheart. Of course, if you’re going all out for February 14, chocolate should probably be a supplement to a bigger gift. And, let’s not forget, chocolate is an aphrodisiac, meaning it’s the perfect starting course before heading to the bedroom with your Valentine. Basically, you can’t go wrong with the best chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re planning on giving your partner some chocolates for Valentine’s Day, don’t rush to the supermarket just yet. You can order all sorts of chocolates — from affordable classics to gourmet specialties — right from your home. Plus, there are now many alternatives to traditional Valentine’s Day chocolates, such as cookie boxes and gourmet dessert assortments. This means there’s something for every giftee.

Because a box of chocolates never goes amiss on February 14, check out some of the best Valentine’s Day chocolates below.

best overall

You can’t go wrong with this classic assorted chocolate box from Godiva. It boasts a variety of 19 dark, milk and white chocolates filled with ganaches, pralines, caramels and more. Reviewers are big fans, as the chocolates have hundreds of positive reviews. Best of all, because this chocolate gift box is available via Amazon Prime, it’s the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for anyone that’s short on time.

runner up


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When you go looking for chocolate for Valentine’s Day, you go looking for Godiva. There’s a reason this chocolatier is so closely associated with V-Day. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a must-have when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. Even if you’re planning on buying another gift for your sweetheart, you also have to get chocolate-covered strawberries. It isn’t V Day without ’em, and your significant other will be more than happy to indulge their sweet tooth.



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Whatever your price point, Harry and David have something delectable for sale. The online retailer boasts a massive selection of food and alcohol sets, including this over the top Chocolate Treasure Box. A great option for sending to a loved one far away, the massive box includes a huge list of chocolate items, from pretzels to malt balls and even a cake. We also like that the box comes with a bottle of wine and customers can opt to add additional bottles for a fee.

best vegan pick


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Vegans don’t have to miss out on chocolate this year with the ultimate Valentine’s Day chocolate gift for the plant-based. In these artisanal truffles, an early harvest olive oil is mixed with 72% dark chocolate and luscious pockets of nuts and fruits. With as little sugar as possible, these vegan truffles are also the perfect gift for chocolate lovers that don’t like too-sweet flavors. With flavors like Sicilian Blood Orange and Forest Raspberry Rose, they’re just as sumptuous as regular dairy chocolates. 

best sustainable pick


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Available in a set of three or eight, Raaka’s chocolate bars are small-batch and organic, pre-wrapped in a library gift box so that you don’t have to worry about doing a fancy wrapping job. It’s made with sustainably sourced, unroasted beans, which makes way for complex and delicate flavors. With multiple five-star reviews, it’s clear that these tasty, unique flavors are a major crowdpleaser, even with people that claim they’re not ordinarily a “chocolate person.”

best for choco-holics


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If you’re trying to find best chocolate gifts online for that choco-holic in your life, look no further. Milk Bar is famous for their decadent and extra take on dessert, and this Chocolate Lover’s box is no different. Ideal for people who prefer a little variety rather than a truffle or chocolate bar, this kit is filled with a trio of their most indulgent chocolate best-sellers, including a chocolate peanut butter ice cream, their Chocolate B’Day Truffles, and a Chocolate Confetti Cookie Tin. 

best for cake lovers


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Rather than gifting an entire chocolate cake, please the cake lover in your life with the best chocolate gift for Valentine’s Day that’s also perfectly cakey. Dubbed a “cruffle,” these truffles are filled with an assortment of cake and cookie dough wrapped up in luscious chocolate on the outside. With flavors like Red Velvet, Brownie Batter and Milk & Cookies, these truffles are straight-up addictive and can be stored for up to 14 days in the freezer.

best pretzels

It simply doesn’t get any better than the sweet and savory mixture provided by a chocolate-covered pretzel. Sorry, we don’t make the rules, that’s just the way the cookie, — we mean, pretzel — crumbles. This mini gift set comes with four different chocolate-covered pretzel offerings that are sure to put a smile on your Valentine’s face.

best for champagne lovers


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Yeah, we said it. Pop! Whenever you take a bite of one of these bad boys, these will pop in your mouth the same way your favorite glass of bubbly would. How, you ask? Well, think of these truffles as pop-rock and dried raspberry-filled dark chocolate wonders. Your lover will geek over them.



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As one of America’s most well-known chocolate makers, Denmark-born Fritz Knipschildt offers his artisanal chocolates on Goldbelly so the entire nation is able to taste. Using a bizarre range of ingredients that are both expected and completely unexpected, these chocolates will play with your giftee’s tastebuds in a way no other chocolate has before. Each chocolate in the gift box will become their favorite, just make sure they let you get a taste, too.

premium pick


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If you’re really looking to throw down on some five-star chocolates, go for these Swiss truffles from Saganom. The box only includes 12 chocolates (six milk and six dark), but each one is an experience. Each box is made to order and shipped all the way from Switzerland, presented in an elegant box for “you-shouldn’t-have” level gifting. The best part is that your giftee will never see these in the supermarket — and they’ll surely want more once the box is empty.

best for licorice lovers

Not everyone is a huge fan of licorice, but those that are are typically big fans of the sweet treat. For real, it’s like people turn their personalities into their love for licorice. If you’re looking for the best chocolate for any licorice lover, check out the Love Selection Box by LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW. This box coats scrumptious licorice in a variety of different chocolates for an experience your giftee won’t forget.

historic pick


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Lilac Chocolate is the oldest chocolate house in NYC and is know for their superior quality and taste, making it one of the best chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day 2023. This 20-piece Valentine’s Day assortment is packed with their best-sellers like Lemon Chiffon, Hazelnut Truffle and Marzipan fillings. Inspired by European-style chocolates from the 1920s, this customer favorite, filled with both milk and dark varieties, is a true homage to chocolate and its history. 



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SPY received a sample of the four dark chocolate flavors offered in the Galletti line, including Bella Donna (fig and rose petal), Amazonica (pineapple, passionfruit and energy plant), Orange Mocha (orange and ground Galletti coffee) and Andina (strawberry flakes and raspberry). Pairing perfectly with a cup of coffee and enjoyed on their own, the 100 percent Ecuadorian chocolates are made with organic fine aroma cocoa and have an impressive quality rating of 87+ for a smooth and rich flavor. Our favorite? Bella Donna. By far. Way, way, way too delicious.

best single-origin


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Sol Cacao has created a name for itself by focusing on quality and sustainability. A treat for chocolate lovers, the family-run company offers three rich flavors of single-origin chocolate bars. Made with only two ingredients, cacao beans and raw cane sugar, the artisan bars are not only rich and decadent but are also made under environmentally and ethically responsible conditions. The company offers pairing suggestions for their Madagascar, Ecuadorian and Peruvian chocolates, which can be enjoyed on their own or with cheese, yogurt, dried nuts, or used in baking.

best sugar-free pick

Whether you are cutting back on sugar for a Keto diet or because of diabetes, you shouldn’t have to go without chocolate. That’s just mean. Thankfully, ChocZero has created a line of sugar-free chocolate items that will satisfy any sweet tooth. SPY was given a sample of ChocZero’s dark, milk and white chocolate peanut butter cups and we were impressed by how close they tasted to competitors that were not sugar-free. Using monk fruit, the chocolates are free from added sugar and sugar alcohols, which can be difficult to digest. We also like that the chocolates are palm, soy and gluten-free.