Impress Your Partner With These Delectable Chocolates for Valentine’s Day 2021

Godiva Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Courtesy of Godiva
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Chocolate is (and always will be) a staple of Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for tasteful decadence, and the right box of chocolate is a delicious way to show some love. A box of the best chocolate for Valentine’s Day is the perfect gift for a platonic friend or relative, and it also works great as a gift for your sweetheart. Of course, if you’re going all out for February 14, chocolate should probably be a supplement to a bigger gift. And, let’s not forget, chocolate is an aphrodisiac, meaning it’s the perfect starting course before heading to the bedroom with your Valentine.

If you’re planning on giving your partner some chocolates for Valentine’s Day, don’t rush to the supermarket just yet. You can order all sorts of chocolates — from affordable classics to gourmet specialties — right from your home. Plus, there are now many alternatives to traditional Valentine’s Day chocolates, such as cookie boxes and gourmet dessert assortments. This means there’s something for every giftee.

Because a box of chocolates never goes amiss on February 14, check out some of the best Valentine’s chocolates below.


1. Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate


You can’t go wrong with this classic assorted chocolate box from Godiva. It boasts a variety of 19 dark, milk and white chocolates filled with ganaches, pralines, caramels and more. Reviewers are big fans, as the chocolates have more than 3,500 reviews and a 4.6-star average on Amazon. The box is slightly on the pricier side for chocolates at $40, but when it comes to gourmet Valentine’s treats, that’s a price we’re willing to pay.

Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate Courtesy of Amazon


2. Godiva Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Chocolate-covered strawberries are a must-have when it comes to Valentine’s Day. We don’t care if you’re looking at snagging something else from here instead, you also have to get chocolate-covered strawberries. It isn’t V Day without ’em and your significant other will be more than happy to chow down on these.

Godiva Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries Courtesy of Godiva


3. DOVE Valentine’s Chocolate Heart Box


Even if your pocketbook is still light from the holidays, you can score a great box of chocolates for V Day. This heart-shaped box from Dove comes in at just $12, although they taste more expensive than that. They come in a Valentine’s Day heart-shaped box, making it a more fitting gift than a regular box of candy. Although there isn’t an assortment inside, you can choose from a milk, dark or peanut butter chocolate box depending on what your Valentine likes.

heart box chocolates dove Courtesy of Amazon


4. Hershey’s Nuggets Assorted Chocolate Candy


Some giftees would rather get their favorite regular chocolates than something fancy. If that sounds like your Valentine, go for this bag of Hershey’s chocolates. It includes an assortment of Hershey’s favorites in various flavors  — and a lot of them. The bag boasts tons of individually wrapped pieces of candy, which is enough to last any sweet-tooth a long time, especially those chocolate/nut combo lovers. And at $9, it’s another great option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Hershey's Nuggets Assorted Chocolate Candy Courtesy of Amazon


5. Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles


This box of Lindt chocolates strikes a great balance between quality, quantity and price. It comes with 60 delicious Lindor chocolates and costs just $15. These Lindors are a good upgrade from regular candies, but they’re still something your Valentine will be familiar with — unlike some of the upscale gourmet chocolate to come. And if your Valentine is anything like the chocolates’ 8,000+ reviewers, chances are they’ll like eating all 60 pieces.

lindor chocolates lindt red wrapper Courtesy of Amazon


6. Hazel & Creme Chocolate Mini Pretzel Gift Basket


It simply doesn’t get any better than the sweet and savory mixture provided by a chocolate-covered pretzel. Sorry, we don’t make the rules, that’s just the way the cookie, — we mean, pretzel — crumbles. This mini gift set comes with four different chocolate-covered pretzel offerings that are sure to put a smile on your Valentine’s face.

Hazel & Creme Chocolate Mini Pretzel Gift Basket Courtesy of Amazon


7. Seattle Chocolate Company Pink Bubbly Truffles


Yeah, we said it. Pop! Whenever you take a bite of one of these bad boys, these will pop in your mouth the same way your favorite glass of bubbly would. How, you ask? Well, think of these truffles as pop-rock and dried raspberry-filled dark chocolate wonders. Your lover will geek over them.

Seattle Chocolate Company Pink Bubbly Truffles Courtesy of Seattle Chocolate Company


8. Moodibars


Just looking to give your Valentine a few bites of something sweet even when they’re feeling sour? Look no further than the aptly-named Moodibars to set the tone. Yes, you love them, but their emotions can get occasionally turbulent. Set it straight and have them express their mood in the form of chocolate next time around.

Moodibars Courtesy of Amazon


9. The Cravory: Red Velvet Cookies


Although dainty chocolates are very Valentine’s Day appropriate, sometimes we’d rather chow down on delicious cookies. This box of The Cravory’s red velvet cookies takes the childhood favorite to a new, grown-up level with a premium flavor that’s perfect for gifting on V Day. The box comes with 12 cookies in the flavor that makes the most sense for the holiday: red velvet.

The Cravory: Red Velvet Cookies Courtesy of Amazon


10. Barnetts Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket


Another great cookie option is this box from Barnetts. The gift basket is packed with 24 gourmet biscotti in six chocolatey flavors. This box is especially good as a morning gift on Valentine’s Day because biscotti go well with morning coffee. Another pro of these biscotti is that they’re very lightweight and travel better than chocolate truffles.

cookie gift box fancy Courtesy of Amazon


11. Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket


Not sure what sort of sweets your Valentine likes? Go for this assorted gift basket. Along with Ghirardelli chocolates, the basket comes loaded with chocolate-covered sea salt cashews, chocolate-covered pretzels, caramel-drizzled pretzels, peanut brittle and chocolate almond bark (it’s a mouthful, literally). This is a good Valentine’s day gift idea for any snack-lover, but it’s also great as a casual gift for coworkers, friends and family on V day.

snack gift basket valentines day Courtesy of Amazon


12. Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate


Here’s where you really start to treat your Valentine. These chocolates come from the Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus and offer a noticeable upgrade over mass-produced brand-name chocolates. They’re made in Belgium and imported each week, so you’re getting the good stuff, fresh-made. Of course, upper-tier chocolate comes with an upper-tier price tag, but the premium goodies will be appreciated by your Valentine.

chocolate box fancy belgian Courtesy of Amazon


13. Saganom Artisanal Chocolate Truffle Box


If you’re really looking to throw down on some five-star chocolates, go for these Swiss truffles from Saganom. The box only includes 12 chocolates (six milk and six dark), but each one is an experience. Each box is made to order and shipped all the way from Switzerland, presented in an elegant box for “you-shouldn’t-have” level gifting. The best part is that your giftee will never see these in the supermarket — and they’ll surely want more once the box is empty.

fancy chocolates truffles swiss Courtesy of Saganom


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