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Neighborhood Bar Closed? Mix Up Some Killer Drinks at Home With These Cocktail Making Kits

If there’s something we all need right now, it’s a good drink. It’s a stressful time to be alive, and one way to liven up our lives indoors is to imbibe a delicious cocktail. Unfortunately, a lot of our favorite neighborhood cocktail bars are closed at the moment, and there’s no end in sight. Does that mean we have to go without? Certainly not.

You don’t need to be a master mixologist to whip up a fantastic cocktail these days, all you need is the right equipment and some friends ready for a virtual happy hour. Don’t settle for a simple rum and coke or tequila grapefruit. You can still get all the trendiness and Instagrammability that your favorite cocktail bar menu offers in the comfort of your own home with a cocktail making kit.

We’ve included our favorite overall kits below that will fit any budget, skill level and preferred booze. Get experimental in the kitchen and don’t forget to invest in high-quality mixers, as there’s no way around that one. Also, for our sake and yours, please consume responsibly.

Keep reading and pick one of the best cocktail kits for your home bar.


Just Add Tequila by Mouth


If you’re a tequila lover, first of all, cheers. Second of all, this kit was made for you. In includes mixers and cocktail ingredients custom made for tequila drinks like cocktail salt, pineapple lime mixers, tart cherry grenadine and more. If you or someone you know always defaults to tequila, grab them this kit for making their own batches of agave cocktails from their very own home. And check out our favorite tequilas before you do.

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Courtesy of Mouth

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The Cocktail Box Co. Old Fashioned Kit


Is there anything better than an old fashioned? It’s a favorite whiskey drink among many for its capacity for personalization, whether on the sweeter or stronger end of things. This kit comes with enough materials for drinks for six including flavored bitters, sugar cubes, orange zest and a muddler spoon. Take it with you on the go and mix in your favorite whiskey brand for a drink that’s just the way you like it. The Cocktail Box Co. has some of the best cocktail kits, and the brand’s products include boxes for a variety of spirits.

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Courtesy of The Cocktail Box Co.


A29 Moscow Mule Set


If you’re making Moscow mules, you’re going to need the right cups. These 100% copper mugs are made for this vodka specialty and will keep them at an optimal temperature throughout your drinking experience. This kit comes with four 16 oz mugs, one shot glass for measuring and a recipe booklet to guide you through your mule journey seamlessly. The mugs are built with a smooth lip for sipping and a secure, durable handle for optimal comfort and long-lasting enjoyment.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Te Tonic experience Gin and Tonic Box


Ready to wow your friends with the most refreshingly botanical gin and tonic experience of their lives? These tea bags will help you get there. This kit comes with six different unique gin flavoring mixes including red passion, rose jasmine, yellow citrus, orange energy and white essential. Try a few different ones out in your gin before you add the tonic and ice for an aromatically intoxicating drinking experience.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Cocktail Courier Blackberry Bramble Kit


This kit from Cocktail Courier is a twist on a drink that usually features gin, but with rum comes a rounder, more sophisticated approach to the herbaceous drink. Experiment with an old classic by pairing your favorite rum with this blackberry and lemon twist kit that offers a sweet, refreshing drink perfect for springtime. According to the brand’s website, this kit is rated at a moderate skill level and isn’t too boozy. That means you can attempt it at home without concern of over-serving your guests.

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Courtesy of Cocktail Courier


Mixology & Craft 16-Piece Mixology Bartender Kit


If you have the mixers but not the tools, then why not upgrade your home bar? This is a completely all-inclusive bartending kit with everything you need for making killer cocktails (without the actual alcohol). This set is great for beginners and seasoned drink makers alike with everything from martini shakers to wine aerators, an ice bucket and a muddler. Everything is made from rustproof stainless steel and is unbreakable so your set will keep up with your drinking habits over time. Plus, it’s all dishwasher safe so cleaning is easy. What sets this kit apart from the rest is the quality of the tools. Everything is leakproof and made of high-quality materials that are worth spending the extra money on.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Mixologist World 5-Piece Bartender Set


If a 16-piece bartending kit seems like overkill, we’ve got one more starter kit for you. This simple mixology kit from Mixologist World comes with five essential tools any amateur bartender needs to get started. The kit includes a cocktail shaker, built-in strainer lid, a mixing spoon, muddler, ice tongs and a measuring jigger tool. All the tools are made with durable, leak-proof metal that’ll maintain the taste of your drink and make it last longer. It also comes with an illustrated guide of cocktail recipes for all alcohol types so you can try your hand at a variety and see which one you like best.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Gin and Tonic Cocktail Carry On Kit


Is that $15 vodka cranberry not entirely satisfactory when it comes to cocktails at 30,000 feet? Carry on your own drink kit with everything you need for a delicious cocktail with the addition of a mini bottle of alcohol from the flight attendant. This cocktail kit will coast through security and make it to your seat with you equipped with tonic syrup, a jigger, linen cocktail napkin, a cocktail spoon and a recipe card. Don’t settle for mediocre in-flight cocktails!

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Courtesy of Uncommon Goods