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Drink Coasters Are the Key To Keeping Your Wood Furniture Happy

Drink coasters are often an afterthought — if they’re even thought about at all. And yet, you spent time (and probably a good deal of money) finding a quality coffee and kitchen table. Making sure wood furniture looks good for a long time is important, and the easiest and cheapest way to do that is with drink coasters.

You don’t have to spend too much time and money on a set of coasters, but you also want to make sure the ones you choose aren’t just transferring moisture from the bottom of your glass to the table. That’s why those paper ones at bars and restaurants are basically useless. Some absorbency isn’t a bad thing, though. Coasters that don’t retain any moisture sometimes just stick to the bottom of your glass or get condensed and get the table wet. Or worse, the water just pools on the surface of the coaster and spills onto the table. That’s why it’s good to get one that will capture some of the moisture but dry quickly.

Cork is a popular option because while it does retain some liquid, it quickly dries and doesn’t slip on the table. Plus, it’s an environmentally friendly material. Sandstone is even better at absorbing but not retaining moisture. Silicone, while not absorbent, is another good option because it’s durable and soft. It won’t damage the table if you’re a little careless moving it around.

Of course, another consideration is how the coasters look. Finding coasters that match the style of your home is a good idea. We’ve rounded up simple options that will look good in masculine interiors. Save yourself future headaches with these stylish coasters.

1. ENKORE Coasters For Drinks

This set of 6 silicone coasters has a grooved surface and raised edges to trap water and keep it from spilling onto the table. It comes with a matching holder to conveniently keep them in one place when not in use. The silicone material won’t stick to the table or to a cup.

Pros: Modern design, big diameter for holding large drinks, set of 6 comes with a holder, dishwasher safe.

Cons: Silicone material means moisture isn’t retained and evaporated, so collected liquid has to be dumped out.

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2. YouTheFan NFL Coasters

These coasters are a great gift for sports fans. They have a laser-etched logo that’s available for all 32 NFL teams. The surface is stainless steel and the bottom is cork. The cork bottom prevents slippage and damage to wood surfaces. These come in a set of 4.

Pros: Good gift for sports fans, available for all NFL teams. The company also offers logos for different sports like baseball, hockey, and basketball. Stainless steel surface and cork bottom.

Cons: Cork on the bottom is thin.

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3. Thirstystone Sandstone Coaster

For a modern and sophisticated option, this set of 4 coasters are made from sandstone. Sandstone is noted for its water absorbency, so the coasters won’t become condensed.  If you’re worried about putting a sharp stone on a wooden table, don’t worry. These coasters have a soft cork base.

Pros: Sleek, sophisticated look. Made of sandstone, which is a good material for preventing moisture from transferring to wood.

Cons: Some moisture can still pool on the surface of the coaster.

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