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The Best Drink Markers for All Your Holiday Entertaining

We’ve not really gathered for drinks in a long time, and now that we are again, everyone is extra aware of the risks of spreading germs. (We are still making our way out of a global pandemic after all.) No one wants to pick up the wrong wine or cocktail glass because they don’t want to get sick, or they just want to drink their own drink. Understandable.

One great way to make sure everyone only drinks from their own glass is by picking up a set of drink markers. These markers take various forms, but their job is to make sure that each drink is identifiable. Whether this is via a charm or an actual marker that you write with, the same job is done — the glasses are easy to identify, and often, the method of IDing is rather adorable!

If planning a holiday cocktail party, this is a fantastic time to stock up on a few sets of wine and cocktail markers.

1. Sur La Table Christmas Wine Charms


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Keeping track of which wine glass belongs to whom feels extra festive with this set of wine charms. The whole collection of six charms is Christmas-themed, with festive options like trees, wreaths, snowflakes, and so much more holiday fun. Looking to snag the best Christmas gifts of the year? We have you covered there, too.


2. Fred WINER DOGS Dachshund Dog Drink Markers


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Dogs are our best friends, but we really love our wine too. Why not combine those loves into one fun wine glass accessory? This set of six drink markers are silicone charms in the shape of dogs. They securely grip the stemware and come in unique shades, so everyone will know which glass is theirs, based on the cute pup attached! That’s fun and also sanitary for your next party.


3. Rabbit Wine Charms Bottle Stopper


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These wine charms are unique in that they can do two jobs in one. The wine charms will help avoid misplacing or confusing wine glasses, but the charms can also team up to be a bottle stopper. What a fantastic idea for a hostess gift, or to keep in your kitchen for when you don’t want a lot of accessories or gadgets around, but also don’t want to be limited in your gadget uses.


4. Wine Enthusiast Wine Glass Writer Metallic Pens


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Wine markers are used to keep track of your glasses, but there are many ways to mark your glass. This method may be the simplest. All you have to do is write directly on glass, in the color of your choice. Write your name or what’s inside or whatever you want — and even better, it washes right off when done.


5. Drinking Buddies Classic Themed Reusable Glass Drink Markers


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These drink markers are especially charming if having a pool party or outdoor cookout. Each marker is a Speedo-clad muscle man! What a perfect way to spend a boozy night out with friends!


6. True Zoo Wine Glass Markers


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What goes better with wine than cheese? These cheese-inspired set of six wine glass markers are the perfect accompaniment for the next wine and cheese night. As each cheese wedge is a different variety, everyone can make their tag their favorite kind of cheese!


7. Pineapple Model Glass Marker


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Have a tropical theme for your next get-together? A set of pineapple glass markers could be a fun way of sticking with the theme, and these pineapple markers are made of food-grade silicone and come in six shades. Whether your friends choose a pink or yellow pineapple, they’ll love the concept!


8. Genuine Fred Wine Lines Stretchable Silicone Drink Marker Bands


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Oh, what a perfect way to mark an evening when a bunch of fabulous friends gets together for drinks. These drink marker bands fit right around the glass and can reflect each person’s personality, be it snarky or silly. Are they fancy? Fierce? There’s a band for them!


9. Wanda Living Wine Glass Charms


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Fancy things up a bit with these wine glass charms, which artisans craft out of gorgeous agate crystal. As each of these crystal charms is hand-crafted, no two sets will be the same — making these an excellent hostess gift idea as well. Whether someone prefers a pink crystal or a blue, each of the charms in this six-piece set has gold edging and will be a beautiful finishing touch to a cocktail party.


10. Umbrella Drink Markers


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What’s more fun than an umbrella drink? Whether you are going for a tropical theme or a tiki theme, umbrella drink markers just add to the occasion, and this set of six comes in a bunch of fun festive colors.


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