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From Weddings To Graduation, These Flasks Make The Perfect Gift

Whether you’re searching for a gift  or want an easy way to transport your liquor when traveling, flasks are a timeless and functional item that can dress up a drink.

Often given as gifts for groomsmen, we also love flasks for gifts around the holidays, for birthdays, retirement, anniversaries, and more. On the list of our favorite flasks below, we’ve included two options that are perfect for engraving, with the affordable and high-quality flasks going from a great gift to a personal keepsake with the addition of a thoughtful engraving.

We’ve also included a more rugged flask with the Stanley, which is great for travel as well as using while outdoors, when a weekend of camping calls for a celebratory drink after a long day of setting up the campsite. Durable, leakproof and with a lifetime guarantee, the Stanley is the best option for anyone who wants to take their drink on the go without lugging around a full-sized bottle.

From gifts for others to a gift for yourself, these three styles of flasks are the perfect blend of useful and fun.

1. Infinity 8 oz Hip Stainless Flask

The Infinity 8 oz Hip Stainless Flask comes in a set of six flasks, making this the perfect choice for bridal parties, group gifts, and more.

Pros: The Infinity is sold in a set of six 18/8 stainless steel flasks measuring 5″ height x 3-3/4″ width x 1″ depth. The screw cap is attached to the flask, which means there’s no worry about losing it, and the flasks have a smooth matte finish that won’t be smeared with fingerprints. Many customers said that the flasks are excellent for engraving or decorating with stickers or other material, making these perfect for personalizing or for reselling in a small business.

Cons: The flasks don’t come with funnels and the small opening makes them challenging to clean.

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2. Stanley Classic Flask

Leakproof and rustproof, the Stanley Classic Flask is a great option for those who want to bring along a drink while exploring the great outdoors.

Pros: A rugged option, the Stanley is an 18/8 stainless steel flask that won’t rust and is leak proof. The lid is attached with an integrated lanyard and the flask is naturally BPA-free. The 8 oz. Stanley comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Cons: The Stanley comes in eight colors, but is not available in a solid silver finish, making it slightly less formal looking than the other two options. Some customers noted that the flask is too big to comfortably fit in a pocket.

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3. Top Shelf 8 oz. Flask

Packaged in a gift box complete with an easy pour funnel, the Top Shelf Flask is an excellent gift for yourself or others.

Pros: The 8 oz. Top Shelf flask is stainless steel and has a laser-welded leak-proof seal. The screw-down top is attached, eliminating concern over losing the lid, and the flask is ideal for engraving.

Cons: Unlike the Stanley, the Top Shelf has a limited warranty. Top Shelf recommends not leaving alcohol in it for more than three days, with many customers noting the flask changed the color and taste of their alcohol.

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