These Fondue Pots are the Secret to an All-Star Date Night

best fondue pots 2019
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Do you fondue? Because if you don’t due, you should! Understand? What we’re basically saying is that everyone loves fondue, even if they don’t know it yet. Whether you love cheese, chocolate, caramel or some other kind of magnificent creation, covering your favorite treats in a layer of delicious goodness only makes things better.

For the uninitiated who aren’t quite sure what we’re talking about, fondue doubles as a delicious dish and experience. When eating fondue, you dip small items of food into a warm sauce or other mediums, such as chocolate or cheese. Whether your dipping medium is sweet or savory, fondue can form an appetizer, main or, perhaps the most popular of all, a delicious dessert. 

For special occasions, it’s also possible to enjoy a chocolate fondue fountain which cascades your delicious treat over several tiers before you cover your strawberries, marshmallows or pretzels with the delicious outer coating.

To get you into fondue, we’ve put together 13 of the best fondue pots available on Amazon. We’ve included options for at-home fondue as well as larger models for fonduing with friends and a complete fondue fountain for parties and other special occasions, like weddings and birthdays.

Get on board with this delicious food form, and the next time someone asks if you fondue, simply reply “I due.”


1. Oster Fondue Pot


The Oster Fondue Pot boasts over 200 five-star reviews on Amazon, so you know it has all the elements you need to host a great fondue party. It features an eight-fork capacity, meaning there will be plenty of cheese or chocolate to go around. Furthermore, the pot has a unique, titanium infused DuraCeramic, non-stick coating for a quick and easy post-fondue clean up. You’ll also find it has a removable and adjustable temperature control to keep things just warm enough. Plus, there’s an internal fork ring to hold your fondue forks and keep your surfaces clean.

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2. Wilton Ceramic Fondue Set


Are you after an affordable and simple, yet effective, way to enjoy fondue? Then look no further than the Wilton Ceramic Fondue Set. This bright red ceramic melting pot comes with everything you need (minus the cheese/chocolate and tea lights) to enjoy delicious fondue. The two-piece set uses tea lights to warm the pot above while you use the four included dipping forks to cover your delicious treats in a layer of chocolate. The forks are also different colors to ensure you know whose fork is whose.

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3. Evelots Fondue Mugs


If you’re having a small get together or you and your partner frequently like to fondue, the Evelots Fondue Mugs are a good choice. This set includes two mugs which can hold either chocolate or cheese fondue and are heated from below by small candles. The set also comes with four forks and eight votive candles, meaning you’ll get everything you need to start fonduing right out of the box.

best fondue pots evelots Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Zen Kitchen Fondue Pot Set


For a Valentine’s Day treat or a way to celebrate an anniversary, hardly anything beats a romantic fondue presented in the Zen Kitchen Fondue Pot Set. The tealight-lit pot is accompanied by six small heart-shaped dishes to hold your fruits, vegetables or bread. The whole set is made from ceramic which is known for its excellent heat conductivity, ensuring your dip stays warm and flowing. The set is also dishwasher and microwave safe for ease of use.

best fondue pots zen kitchen Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Mastrad Fondue Maker


If you can’t decide between white chocolate and milk chocolate, the good news is that you don’t have to with the super easy to use Mastrad Fondue Maker. This fondue pot allows you to easily make and keep your chocolate fondue warm thanks to the included hot water bath. Simply put some water in the outer bowl, place the inner bowl inside, add the chocolates and microwave. Once melted, the chocolate will stay liquid for about an hour. Four forks are included with this set.

best fondue pots mastrad Image courtesy of Amazon


6. DIY Chocolate Fondue Maker


The DIY Chocolate Fondue Maker is unique thanks to the attached serving tray. The inside pot of this fondue maker is heated electrically to keep your chocolate warm, while the exterior serving tray is left cool so that it can adequately hold your cake, fruit and other accompaniments. Furthermore, one of the best parts of this fondue pot is that the electric element is hot enough to melt your chocolate without any need to put it in the microwave or prepare it on the stove. In addition to the serving tray and heating element, this set also includes four fondue forks.

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7. Good Cooking Dual Chocolate Melting Pot


The worst thing about a one-pot chocolate fondue is having to make the choice between milk and white chocolate. And while we could reason both sides, we think the easiest conclusion is just to have both. Add this Good Cooking Dual Chocolate Melting Pot to your kitchen arsenal, and you won’t have to worry about making that decision either. The kit includes chocolate molds, fondue forks and other tools. Plus, this melting pot is a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day this year.

best fondue pots good cooking Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Nostalgia Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot


While the romance of a fire-warmed fondue is hard to ignore, it does have some drawbacks, like open flames in the home. That’s why electric options, like this Nostalgia Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot, are a great alternative. The shiny silver pot and heater deliver an air of class and also include a handy temperature dial, which allows you to choose the temperature you like and know your food will remain that hot. This pot is ideal for cheese, chocolate, caramel and more, and includes six color-coded forks and cool-touch handles. It also has a three-pound capacity.

best fondue pots nostalgia Image courtesy of Amazon


9. NutriChef Countertop Set Electric Fondue Melting Pot


Whether it’s your first time making fondue or your hundredth, the Nutrichef Countertop Set Electric Fondue Melting Pot is an extremely easy to use option. Simply put all the necessary ingredients in the non-stick bowl and place it on top of the heating element. Turn the heating dial onto the desired heat and allow it to work its magic. Cheese or chocolate will take about 10 minutes to melt, and then you can dig into the deliciousness. As an added bonus, this fondue pot has a massive two-quart capacity, which is large enough to feed the whole family.

best fondue pots nutrichef Image courtesy of Amazon


10. VonShef Swiss Fondue Set


Fondue is a decidedly Swiss cultural tradition, and if you want to bring the pinnacle of that tradition into your home, invest in the VonShef Swiss Fondue Set. Not only is this set red and cream for Switzerland, it’s also made from ultra-tough cast iron for excellent heat retention and distribution. Plus, it has an authentic side handle to move it from the stove to the table. While the set isn’t electric, it does include a flame burner, although you will need to purchase the fuel separately.

best fondue pots vonshef swiss Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Swissmar Sierra Iron Fondue


If you’re far more into cheese fondue than anything else, the Swissmar Sierra Iron Fondue Set is made for you. The pot offers a 1.6-quart capacity and can be used on all kinds of sauces. It’s suitable for both high and low temperatures and is designed in a way to distribute heat evenly, ensuring you don’t get heat spots in your cheese. The non-stick surface makes the pot easy to clean, and the set also includes six fondue forks for easy sharing with friends.

best fondue pots swissmar sierra orin Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain


If you’re going to fondue in public, there’s no better way to do it than with a beautiful fondue fountain like the Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain. As well as delivering a delicious food for your taste buds, the cascading chocolate also provides entertainment for your eyes. This fountain sports three tiers and includes a manual temperature control. The flowing chocolate is ideal for covering things like strawberries, brownies, marshmallows and a whole range of other delicious treats.

best fondue pots wilton chocolate pro fountain Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Bottega del Rame Copper Table Top Fondue Cooker Set


Handmade in Italy, the Bottega del Rame Copper Table Top Fondue Cooker Set is more a work of art than a kitchen appliance. However, it’s highly effective at serving warm chocolate and cheese to your house guests. The cooker is made from pure copper and hammered across all the surfaces. The handles are made from sand-cast brass, and the cooker set comes with an alcohol fire ring to hold most fuel cartridges. This fondue set would make an excellent wedding present.

best fondue pots bottega del rame copper Image courtesy of Amazon


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