These Tasty Frozen Veggie Burgers Might Be Better Than The Real Thing

Best Veggie Burgers
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Now more than ever, people are swapping meat for plant-based alternatives, and for good reason: worldwide, livestock is responsible for 14.5% of annual greenhouse gas emissions produced by human activity. Research suggests that meat alternatives have less of an environmental impact than meat, and a 2018 study found that the popular Beyond Burger veggie patty generated 90% less greenhouse emissions, required 46% less energy, and needed less water and land to produce than beef burgers. And while it’s still not entirely clear whether plant-based meats are healthier than the real thing, veggie burgers do boast less saturated fat, contain no cholesterol and can boost your fiber intake, all of which may promote better health in some people.

Plus — and this is true whether you’re a vegetarian or carnivore — the best veggie burgers taste really good!

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While many people are switching to plant-based alternatives for the environment and their health, veggie burgers are notorious for being kind of hit or miss: some are bland, some are mushy, others are dry. But fortunately, as meat alternatives have become more popular, new and better options have made their way onto the market. Now there are a variety of juicy, mouthwatering veggie burgers available that will make you never want to go back to the real thing (or, at least, you’ll want to reach for the plant-based option more often).

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From vegan chicken burgers to juicy grillers, check out the best veggie burgers you can buy online right now. We’d like to note that some of the most popular meatless products, like Beyond Meat or the Impossible Burger, aren’t available online right now. However, you can still stock up on some of our favorite veggie burgers with just a few clicks.


1. MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burgers


We love everything about MorningStar Farm’s popular black-bean patties. The brand makes a variety of plant-based meat alternatives, but their Spicy Black Bean Burgers are far and away their tastiest dish. One of the reasons this is our pick for the king among the best veggie burgers? This frozen burger isn’t pretending to taste exactly like a beef patty. Instead, it has a savory and satisfying taste all its own. This slightly spicy black bean burger is a healthy meat alternative and low in calories at just 110 calories per patty. With healthy ingredients like brown rice, onions, corn and tomatoes, these burgers contain 69% less fat than beef burgers, boast 9 grams of protein, and satisfy 14% of your daily fiber needs.

MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean BurgersCourtesy of Target

2. Boca Meatless Chik ‘n Patties


A SPY favorite, this Boca Vegan “Chik ‘n” patty is surprisingly similar to the real thing. Described as having a “zesty, spicy kick,” these patties are low in calories, a good source of iron and fiber, and high in protein at 12 grams per patty. These burgers can be cooked in the oven, microwave, or on the grill, and they make an excellent sandwich filling or salad topping.

Boca Meatless Chik 'n PattiesCourtesy of BOCA


3. Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger

This Gardein Beefless Burger has the juicy, mouthwatering taste and texture of a real burger, only with 67% less fat. These patties boast 16 grams of protein and contain ten percent of your daily iron needs, and each patty boasts healthy ingredients like amaranth, millet and quinoa. Great for grilling, these burgers are ready to eat in just ten minutes.

Gardein Ultimate Beefless BurgerCourtesy of Amazon


4. Dr. Praeger’s All American Veggie Burger


With a whopping 22 grams of protein, these Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burgers contain as much protein as the average beef burger. Extremely nutritious, each patty satisfies 21% of your daily fiber intake, 8% of your calcium needs, and a whole 30% of your daily iron intake. All the ingredients are vegan, non-GMO, soy-free and gluten-free, making this an allergy-friendly option.

Dr. Praeger's All American Veggie BurgerCourtesy of Instacart

5. Boca Original Turk’y Veggie Burger


Extremely low calorie at just 70 calories per patty, these Boca “Turk’y” Veggie Burgers contain only 1 gram of fat while boasting 13 grams of protein, 6% of your daily calcium needs, and 10% of your daily iron needs. These delicious patties mimic the taste and texture of real turkey burgers but are 100% vegan, meaning they contain no animal products whatsoever.

Boca Original Turk'y Veggie BurgerCourtesy of BOCA

6. MorningStar Farms Grillers Prime


These MorningStar Farms Grillers features a classic, char-grilled taste with a texture that is ideal for grilling and loading with toppings. With no artificial colors or flavors, these burgers boast 16 grams of protein for only 150 calories and 8 grams of fat. These patties can also be cooked in the oven, microwave, or on the stove for a quick lunch or dinner.

MorningStar Farms Grillers PrimeCourtesy of Target

7. Amy’s California Veggie Burgers

These super healthy veggie burgers contain no soy or dairy and are made from nutritious, organic ingredients like bulgur wheat, mushrooms and walnuts. These patties have more of a traditional veggie burger taste than the previous veggie patties on this list, meaning this is a great option for people who don’t like the taste or texture of real meat.

Amy's California Veggie BurgersCourtesy of Amy's